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Life's too short not to say what you mean.
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Writerly habits, daily writing, and setting personal goals.
Q & A with Keira Marcos
Because he really should've fucked off shortly after Chained but okay, Tony, okay.
A bullet should've been enough. Also: We're sorry, Stargate. It's Emmeline's fault.
Tonight we're going to talk about common tropes, the 7 (or 9) plots, and how fandom breeds similar concepts constantly. It's about inspiration and the hive mind, really.
Tonight we're going to explore various concepts in Sentinel fusions.
There's going to be some ADULTING.
Prior to writing These Small Hours during NANOWRIMO for 2019, Jilly bounced the idea as part of the Conversations series.
Brainstorming and developing a premise into a full-fledged idea.
Writing a sequel is a delicate balance between informing your reader of the previous story and bludgeoning the reader with 30k of exposition they don't need.
Brainstorming the concept of elementals as an AU you can drape over any fandom canon. We had technical difficults near the end so this ends kind of abruptly. But we'd finished the topic and gone off into the wild blue yonder discussing dog movies that made us cry anyways.
Sometimes, something so outrageous happens in the canon of a show or movie series that the whole fandom just stutters. We're going to talk about it.
Writing with another author can be daunting, writing with a large group can seem impossible. That's why planning is key.
Bitch Craft: Creative Focus

Bitch Craft: Creative Focus


Finding and keeping creative focus can be difficult. Tonight we're going to talk about it.
Sexual chemistry, on-screen chemistry, and character's relationships.
Our challenge: To create thematic concepts that can be laid on top of any fandom.
-Series bibles and style guides -Character creation and keeping track -Weaving major events into your narrative -Project organization -Crossover V Fusion -Chaptering and pacing in your narrative -Artificial pace and gimmicks -Decision trees and zero drafting -Character chemistry -OTPS
Your character roster depends on the structure of your work -- be it novel, novella, or episode series.
Does it have to be inexplicable?
Margaret asked: How do you separate a complete whole into smaller parts and how do you know where to cut it at?
Comments (26)

Jaded Havok

"am I not merciful" was that an Illuminae reference?

Dec 1st
Reply (1)

Melanie Cusson

this is amazing! I can now podcast you while working on major projects at work!

Oct 2nd

jean cantor

Love the new avi!!

Sep 25th

Nichole Stewart

I attended school with the RL Matthew S. He was a lovely, kind person.

Aug 25th

Nichole Stewart

Povidone-iodine (PVP-I)

Aug 24th

Cece Rocks

I'm a reader, so I really appreciate knowing how damaging asking for more means to the author. I think this is something everybody needs to hear. I'm a ghost reader too so when I comment its asking i would love to see but i was just trying to show my appreciation. Its good to know that saying that isn't okay for most authors. This is my second podcast I've listen and its awesome. Thanks!

Aug 20th
Reply (1)

Ellen Allen

Re: getting rid of the adults - a large part of that trend in kids and YA books is down to the pervasive influence of Enid Blyton, who was great at it. Also Mary Poppins gaslights the children - what do you mean, having tea on the ceiling? Such imagination!

Aug 15th

C. Dwyn

Someone might've already pointed this out somewhere else but the USMC doesn't have doctors, they borrow from the Navy. Don't know how relevant that is but I've always found it interesting anyway :)

Aug 9th

Alison Keys

Interestingly, in the Dark is Rising sequence, Susan Cooper deals differently with the awkward adults situation. Will is at the centre of a very loving family, but it's huge so his parents are flat out just dealing day to day with work & running the household. That's what allows him to work around them. Plus, you know, stepping outside of time....

Jul 15th

Jessy Nelson

For anyone that has seen Doctor Who, would you consider the "timey whimey, wibbly wobbly" explanation about time travel a lampshade or a handwave? They also did a thing where The Doctor would make a crazy advance device and the explanation of how it worked was "it goes ding when there's stuff".

Jul 6th
Reply (1)

Morgana Lafay

I prefer to write Alternative Universe because it gives me more freedom. But I’m open to trying canon divergence. When I write AU I it’s because I have problems with the canon. And don’t take this in a bad way but isn’t being sent to the corner the enforcement ya use to make sure people follow the rules?

Jun 22nd
Reply (2)

Mia Garrett

There is a lot of skipping around the 30 minute mark.

Jun 19th
Reply (1)


Steve and Tony get lost on an island and have to huddle together for...dehydration. :D Perfect! Great 'cast, thanks.

Jun 17th
Reply (1)


QB is an amazing achievement!! Congrats to everyone!! Carson's retrovirus was what converted John (the girl Wraith stole it from Carson, then she scratched John). Danny would be fun to explore as a leader. Not the least reason he would drive Rodney absolutely bonkers. :D

Jun 16th
Reply (1)

Deb Morrissey

I just wanted to let you know that your intro music kept playing for the first two minutes of the podcast, while you were talking. You might have forgotten to put a cutoff time or something. So you know for the next one.

Jun 13th
Reply (1)


Wow, HP fans are even more entitled than I realized. I've been known to create whole new writing pseuds to get away from fans' expectations. Often, I don't come back.

Jun 10th
Reply (1)
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