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Welcome to Kelly Corrigan Wonders, a place for people who like to laugh while they think and find it useful to look closely at ourselves and our weird ways in the hopes that knowing more and feeling more will help us do more and be better.  Author of 4 New York Times bestsellers about family life, Kelly wonders about loads of stuff: is knowing more always good? Can we trust our gut? How does change actually happen?  We only book nice people who have a sense of humor and know things worth knowing. Each episode ends with Kelly’s shortlist of takeaways, appropriate for refrigerator doors, bulletin boards and notes to your children.
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Jody Weverka wrote this sweet eulogy for her Auntie Marge - a woman who made everything from crafts to meals to gardens to family life better for everyone.  
A young friend of mine, Sophie G, shared this speech that she had saved from her high school graduation week.  It was given by Dr. Chris Cunningham, then at Lawrenceville, now at Whitfield, who gathered 10 takeaways for the students that are actually quite useful to every one of us.  To receive our weekly takeaways or share feedback, shoot us a note at  
Krista Tippett, informed by decades of inquiry through her super-project, On Being, sits with Kelly to consider what’s in flux, what needs will never abate and what we might rediscover in new forms. In this moment when everything is broken open, when institutions are received with less reverence and more skepticism, where should we point our minds and hearts? What practices serve us best? This is a conversation to share with every thinking friend in your life and use as fodder for your own search for a spiritual home. (Previously aired)Thanks to our many friends at the Aspen Ideas Festival for making this interview possible.
We all have things we do to help us manage grief.  Today's episode is a look at one of the ways that Kelly handled the loss of her beloved dad, Greenie.  In the year following his death, she wrote and sent emails out into the ether - to connect with him in a small but very meaningful way.  We want to wish a Happy Father's Day to everyone from us all at Kelly Corrigan Wonders. 
A special episode dedicated to Kelly’s dear friend Liz Laats who passed away 8 years ago - and the friends we have all lost. Liz’s birthday would have been on June 19th. (Previously aired)
This is one of my favorite groupings of guests ever. Sometimes the chemistry is just so right. For the last episode of the 10-part series on Well Being, I knew we had to talk about the psychology of making change. For that, we needed the leadership of Angela Duckworth, who wrote Grit and is always thinking and rethinking how we understand ourselves. She’s been a guest before and her lab is devoted to surfacing actionable advice for parents and teachers based on science. Joining us are two friends of the show: Fulbright scholar and entrepreneur Dreme Flynt and a kid from Prattville, AL who is about graduate from Harvard and move to Arkansas to work as an economist at Walmart Will McQuiston. Dreme and Will bring real world challenges to the conversation about habit formation. You can watch any episode of this series any time at You can receive our weekly takeaways here. And please be in touch. Emails help us shape our show. We read everything that comes in to
Hi all - this is Tammy writing.  This past Tuesday, June 4th, 2024, I had the honor of attending the funeral service for Kelly's mom, the indomitable Mary Corrigan - lovingly known as "Jammy" to her six grandkids.  I also had the privilege of witnessing a very tight, special family gather around their remarkable matriarch at the end of her life.  We all have that one friend whose mom was maybe a little bit intimidating when we were younger but who we respected the hell out of and wanted desperately to like us - that was Mrs. Corrigan for me.  I was thrilled that as I got older, she actually did seem to like me.  I remember one time when I stopped by in recent years, she invited me to sit in her beautiful living room at 168 Wooded Lane and proceeded to ask me questions about my life, and talked with me for over an hour.  Another time when I visited, she sat me at her kitchen table and showed me how, when watching football on TV, I could look at the little arrows on the scoreboard to determine which team currently had the ball - I felt like I had hit the lottery.  When Mary Corrigan shined her light on you, it was unforgettable.One thing (among many) that the Corrigan family does very well is honor and celebrate family.  GT, Booker and Kelly each delivered a moving, intimate, often humorous eulogy for their one-of-a-kind mom, in front of the hundreds of people who filled St. Thomas of Villanova church to honor her this past Tuesday. Today, we're sharing Kelly's.
Go To on Smile Therapy

Go To on Smile Therapy


It was a bad day in a bad week. And then, there he was, The Husband, trying a trick we used to do with the girls. Smile therapy. Is it real? Did it work? Thoughts on forcing a mood shift by moving your facial muscles… (Previously aired)
How does spirituality factor into well being? Do people of faith have better mental health? Here’s a warm and expansive conversation with several surprises. Dr. Alexis Abernathy, daughter of a preacher and devoted scientist, studies patience, comfort and strain in the context of cancer, disordered eating and depression. Enriching the conversation at every turn are friends of the show, W. Kamau Bell (comedian and producer) and Dr. BJ Miller (palliative care doc and author). Thanks to PBS for supporting this series. You can watch any episode any time on We love hearing from listeners. Please share your thoughts in an email to
Lean Macfarlane wrote this exquisite eulogy to honor her husband Brian. It's a beautifully intimate portrait of the man Brian was and how he lived his life but also a look at the close and loving marriage that Leah and Brian shared.  An attorney, Brian had a sharp legal mind and used words precisely.  He often used the legal term "ad idem" to describe their relationship and marriage - Leah uses it here in the most poignant and lovely way. 
I’ve been asked to give many graduation speeches. This one was a favorite, making a case for one very simple move that changes everything. Always happy to hear from you. Write us here: Sign up for the Wednesday Takeaway email here.
Is nutrition a legitimate medical intervention for some mental health disorders? Absolutely, says cardiologist Dr. Bret Scher, whose research focuses on metabolism as a driving force in unwellness. Joining us for the conversation about genetic predispositions, childhood eating habits and the role of medication is pediatrician and allergist Dr. Michael Lenoir and educator and artist Cava Menzies.Thanks to PBS for supporting this series. You can watch any episode any time at please be in touch with feedback, questions or suggestions. We read every email sent to
Pete Bidstrup wrote this heartfelt tribute to his dad Lawrence “Larry” Otto Bidstrup. Larry was a husband, father, grandfather, Marine, teacher, coach, mentor, athlete, fisherman and friend. He had a way of laughing at himself, almost never missed a day of work and was always there when he said he would be. He was most definitely the kind of man anyone would want their kid to have as a teacher or coach and after many years spent as a very successful wrestling coach, Larry had no issue at all when his own son Pete decided to play another sport. Larry “fought the good fight” and his currency was of the heart. (Previously aired)
From Kelly’s graduation speech at The University of Richmond, 67 legit reasons for optimism even now. (Previously aired)
We need big fat fluffy hippocampi and there’s a really clear way to make this happen: move your body. We can flood our own brains with the neurochemicals that help us thrive. That’s one of the thrilling messages from Dr. Wendy Suzuki of NYU in this roundtable with friends of the show Manoush Zomorodi (host of TED Radio Hour) and Mahogany L. Browne (poet, educator and activist). Here’s a session that debunks the most common misunderstandings about what movement counts based on the research from Wendy’s lab.Thanks to PBS for supporting this series. You can watch any episode any time at us anytime with feedback, questions or suggestions at
Kelly shares an excerpt from Jessica Fein's new book Breath Taking: A Memoir of Family, Dreams, and Broken Genes. In Jessica's words, the memoir is "The story of building, loving and losing a family.  How I learned to live in the present and create a world of joy and beauty in the midst of loss and tragedy."  The excerpt shared here is, "A Girl's Best Friend" and is the story of Jessica's daughter Dalia's very special dog, Blackie-O, a loving canine companion who essentially trained himself to be Dalia's service dog.  
Things we know about touch and why it is so important, from my own recent experiences and through this conversation with Gretchen Rubin. (Previously aired)
Quick afternoon nap? Gummies before bed? Hitting snooze? Here’s a thorough look at how to get our sleep right with one of the world’s most informed sleep experts: Dr. Matthew Walker. Why? Sleep is our super power. Put less positively, poor sleep maps terribly closely to poor mental health. Joining me for the conversation are previous guests and friends of the show cognitive scientist and podcaster Maya Shankar, and comedian/producer W Kamau Bell. You can receive our weekly takeaways here. You can watch this conversation anytime at or stream on the PBS app. Many thanks to COOP for making the best pillows and sheets to help us get a really solid night’s sleep and for sponsoring this episode. Get 20% off with the code KELLY20.
Today is the last of our special 5-part series about moms in honor of Every Mother Counts. Christy and I recently spent an unforgettable Saturday afternoon talking to the singular force of nature that is Spike Lee about his mother, Jackie, who died when Spike was a sophomore at Morehouse College. Spike has 134 directing credits over four+ decades, in each case imploring us to Wake Up. Here’s a chance to understand something about the development of this legendary voice. Please share. This series hopes to raise $100,000 to support safe and respectful pregnancy, delivery and postpartum care in 9 countries through Every Mother Counts, founded in 2010 and led every day since by Christy Turlington Burns. Please join us with a donation here. Maternal health is a human right. Love it? Don’t like it? Have an idea? We love to hear from listeners. Write us anytime — - or sign up for our weekly list of takeaways here.
Today is #4 in a special 5-part series about moms in honor of Every Mother Counts. Today we talk to the iconic Cindy Crawford, an old friend of Christy’s (you may have seen them together in the Apple TV docu-series The Super Models). Cindy is a Midwestern girl, a high school valedictorian who started at Northwestern on an academic scholarship to study chemical engineering before her career took her around the world. She is also the daughter of Jenny, a young bride who had four children and lost one to childhood leukemia. This is a candid and loving conversation about the realities of family life. Please share. This series hopes to raise $100,000 to support safe and respectful pregnancy, delivery and postpartum care in 9 countries through Every Mother Counts, founded in 2010 and led every day since by Christy Turlington Burns. Please join us with a donation here. We know that maternal health is a human right; let’s help make it ubiquitous. Love it? Don’t like it? Have an idea? We love to hear from listeners. Write us anytime — - or sign up for our weekly list of takeaways here.
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Peter McGarvey

looking for the 10 or so take a ways from the toundup of podcast.

Feb 27th

Kathi Mills

Wise, funny and enlightening, as always! This pod is like being part of a conversation with great friends. Love you, Kelly!

May 4th

Kenya Crawford

This is such an excellent conversation.

Jan 14th

Molly Doyle

the best one yet. god I love Kelly Corrigan!

Oct 15th

Adrian Paschal ‘Yobi’ Blumberg

The Joked about but very implied "single most effective way", and do not misunderstand me, I love this Podcaster and show, is to be the wife of one of the richest people on Earth. That is the most effective way to change everything is to be rich yourself or let the rich do it. I am saying this because last year I confirmed Google is always listening, then either trying to duplicate your voice for their own purposes or not, and they are getting a reference voice file they can have in the archives for their use for as long as they exist. I know this because I have to go into my google account and continually turn the permission to record my voice off monthly. Then I attempted to get back on FB after a sabbatical and FB messed with me for 6 mos before letting me back on. During this, I had my partner, Sabrina, who has 2 masters degrees and is completely literal. She will not bear witness unless it is irrefutable, which has the downside of her volunteering unnecessary info in a matter be

Mar 23rd