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Kelly Cutrara brings 20 years of national and international broadcasting experience to her show – not to mention a razor-sharp wit. Join us as Kelly guides you through amazing stories and interviews with fascinating people daily.
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Kelly talks to Dr. Martha Fulford about the latest pandemic modeling numbers.  Does a seller have to disclose a haunted house? We get the skinny from an expert in stigmatized real estate & Kelly chats with Adrian Raso about his music and how he got involved with Borat.  See for privacy information.
Kelly chats with Councillor Mike Colle about the bike-lanes that will be coming to Yonge Street soon, and get's a call from Councillor Stephen Holyday who is on the other side of the debate. & Goodlife's VP Jason Sheridan tells Kelly why he wants his members to write letter to law makers.  See for privacy information.
See for privacy information.
Kelly talks to Michael Ford who is calling for the province to cap delivery fees. The lead researcher who found COVID in an Ontario dogs talks about the health of our furry friends and Alan Cross explains the struggles of artists trying to make money on streaming alone.  See for privacy information.
We define some epidemiological terms wit Dr. Colin Furness, Kelly talks to the mayor of Milton about what he wants the premier to do before forcing their region to close more businesses & Kelly chats with Sam Abulsamid about the longevity of EV batteries.  See for privacy information.
Kelly get's up to date with Dr. Sumon Chakrabarti, we take a look inside the Toronto Polices Service's new approach to gangs withDet. Const. Ron Chhinzer and the Province is investing more money into skilled trades, will you encourage your children to learn a trade?  See for privacy information.
Kelly talks to Mike Le Couteur about the situation in Ottawa, Dr. Joel Lexchin help explain where things stand with Purdue and Nainesh Kotak talks about your car insurance rate.  See for privacy information.
See for privacy information.
Kelly talks to David Shipley about the Ontario's step towards digital ID and gets an inside look at a controversy at uOttawa from Amir Attaran. See for privacy information.
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Kelly talks to the head of the lab that helped the Toronto police break a decades old cold case and she talks to an engineer turned youtuber who created a working lightsaber.  See for privacy information.
Kelly talks to Annie Kidder about today's announcement from the Minister of Education and asks the head of the pharmacists association about the supply of the flu shot.  See for privacy information.
Kelly talks to Phil Soper from Royal Le Page about the GTA market. She gets the skinny on apps like Uber Eats and what they are charging restaurants to use their service & a lot of the talk about the new Iphone is about what it doesn't offer.  See for privacy information.
See for privacy information.
Kelly get's an update from our man in Washington Reggie Cecchini Mike Stubbs breaks down the new OHL rules for return to play.  & Kelly talks to an MPP who wants to stop all the springing forward and falling back in Ontario.  See for privacy information.
Kelly talks to Professor Maya Goldenberg about the mixed messages from Queens Park.  We get the skinny on the TDSB's big reorganization from Ryan Bird.  Kelly talks to Jason Goemans about the increased demand for appliances through the pandemic.  See for privacy information.
Toronto’s associate medical officer of health Dr. Dubey help's us understand the lay of the land with COVID in Toronto. The Feds are planning on bringing back the immigration lottery and opening the boarder to specific loved ones, Kelly breaks it down with immigration lawyer Guidy Mamman. Get a break down of changes to Canada’s medically assisted in dying legislation from the CEO of Dying with Dignity Canada.  See for privacy information.
Kelly checks in with our Washington correspondent live outside the Walter Reed Medical Centre, she touches base with the Minister of Sport, Lisa Macleod​ about the statues of sports in Ontario as the GTHL hit pause on their season. We catch up with Chair of the Board of Health about the choice to stop contact tracing in the city of Toronto.  See for privacy information.
We get the skinny on the continuing investigation into COVID at the White House from Reggie Cecchini. Chrissy Teigen and John Legend shared the loss of their baby on social media, some say it was an overshare but others think we need to talk more about this kind of loss, Kelly talks to maternal mental health expert Dr. Tanya Cotler. & Nuit Blanche happen this weekend, but the pandemic has forced them to be even more creative.  See for privacy information.
We take a look inside that massive illegal casino bust in Markham. Kelly talks to's John Sinopoli about the statues of Toronto's restaurants and what the government can do to help as they level new restrictions & Kelly chat's with Adam Oldfield about Facebook Messenger's integration with Instagram.  See for privacy information.
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