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Welcome to the podcast of Kerri Weems, an insightful discussion designed to provide thought-provoking content to enhance your life. To find out more, visit
17 Episodes
In this final episode of the series, and Season 1 Finale, Kerri Weems answers more intriguing questions Women in Ministry are Asking.
This week, Kerri Weems answers more questions that women in ministry are asking!
In this episode, Kerri Weems answers questions that were sent to her from other women in ministry.
Sisterhood Spotlight

Sisterhood Spotlight


Pastor Karla Adcox with Special Guest, Malki Wilbur chat as Mailki shares her heart around the importance of both Jews and Gentiles.
In this episode, Kerri Weems takes a look at the Emotional Intelligence tactic, Self-Perception.
Q&A with Karla Adcox

Q&A with Karla Adcox


Kerri Weems has a special Q&A with Karla Adcox, Jax City Pastor and Sisterhood Director at Celebration Church.
Kerri Weems continues to unpack how to give a proper apology with guest, Clay Baird.
In this episode, Pastor Kerri Weems discusses how to deliver a sincere apology with Pastor Clay Baird.
Speaker and author, Kerri Weems, discusses how to write a book in this series.
Speaker and author, Kerri Weems, continues her instructional series, So You Want to Write a Book.
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