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Libertarian Matt Kibbe puts aside politics to have mostly honest conversations with mostly interesting people. Mostly because it’s really hard to be honest and interesting at the same time. Mostly because we want to have some fun, even as we argue about things that really matter — you know, things like beer. Kibbe digs a little deeper with guests from all over the political spectrum: Right, Left, and libertarian; smart, independent people who don’t give a damn about your preferred political tribe. Let’s listen and learn together. Subscribe to Kibbe on Liberty, the counter-counter-revolution of social media. Because endless virtue-signaling is a total buzzkill.
40 Episodes
Matt Kibbe sits down with John Wood Jr. from Better Angels USA to talk about political polarization in America and the importance of listening to each other. They discuss Wood’s effort to unseat Rep. Maxine Waters, the influence of the intellectual dark web on free speech, the problem of identity politics, and how jazz is a perfect metaphor for how society functions.
Economist and social activist Gloria Alvarez sits down with Matt Kibbe to discuss the popularity of Marxist ideas in Latin America. She explains how young people are indoctrinated into feeling like victims and associate the free market with corruption and imperialism. She articulates her vision for a big-tent libertarianism that embraces anyone who is skeptical of authoritarianism and top-down control.
Matt Kibbe and Rep. Justin Amash team up at America’s Future Foundation’s Laissez Fair for a special live edition of Kibbe on Liberty. Amash discusses his break from the Republican Party, Donald Trump’s impeachment, whether or not Tulsi Gabbard is a Russian spy, and his potential run for president.
Matt Kibbe talks to Sen. Rand Paul about his new book, “The Case Against Socialism.” In it, Paul takes on the myth of kinder, gentler socialism from progressives like Bernie Sanders and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, pointing out that the ideology is, and has always been, one that leads to poverty, suffering, and death.
Author and celebritarian Julie Borowski sits down with Matt Kibbe to discuss her new children’s book, “Nobody Knows How to Make a Pizza.” Inspired by Leonard Read’s classic essay “I, Pencil,” the book is a concise and fun explanation of economic cooperation and collaboration. Julie also reflects on the disintermediating influence of the internet and how anyone can reach out and find an audience without having to appeal to government gatekeepers.Nobody Knows How to Make a Pizza:
Matt Kibbe is joined by Lyn Ulbricht, CEO of, to discuss the cruel and unusual punishment inflicted on her son by the criminal justice system. After founding Silk Road, a free market trading website, Ross Ulbricht was sentenced to more than two life sentences in prison despite not having hurt a single person. After seven years, she continues to ask anyone with a sense of justice to step up and help free Ross.Sign the petition to free Ross Ulbricht:
Alexandre Pesey, founder of Institut de Formation Politique, joins Matt Kibbe to talk about the state of liberty in France. In their conversation, Pesey reveals the truth about the Yellow Vest movement, why the government is cracking down on free speech, and how some of America’s worst ideas originated with French thinkers.
Venezuelan expatriate Daniel Di Martino talks to Matt Kibbe about what it was like to grow up under the government of Hugo Chavez. While young people in America are flirting with democratic socialism, Martino explains how these same policies catapulted his country from prosperity to almost unimaginable poverty and oppression. Will America learn this lesson before it’s too late?
Reason magazine's Elizabeth Nolan Brown joins Matt Kibbe to discuss presidential candidate Kamala Harris' fluid understanding of her own time as a California district attorney. Despite what she may say in presidential debates, the former DA has a clear record of viciously prosecuting victimless crimes and lobbying to keep the innocent in prison, giving rise to the popular "Kamala is a cop" meme.
Matt Kibbe is joined by Naomi Brockwell, Avens O'Brien, and Free the People CEO Terry Kibbe, three of the leading lights in the modern liberty movement. Together, they discuss the potential of blockchain technology to change the world, the power of storytelling, and how education doesn't have to take place in a classroom. Oh yeah, and they also all happen to have red hair.
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Jim Lipinski

Great episode. I checked out Backwordz and I am impressed. Downloading their albums now.

Jul 19th
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