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Hosted by Hollywood producer and political media strategist Ben Mathis, KickAss News is a twice weekly podcast that features the most interesting personalities and thought leaders in politics, entertainment, tech, business, science, and more.

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Bob Balaban Puts the "Character" in Character Actor
Bob Balaban has been a delightful part of many of the best movies and TV shows of the past 50 years including Moonrise Kingdom, A Mighty Wind, Gosford Park, Capote, and Seinfeld.  This Oscar and Emmy-nominated actor, director, and producer shares how a character actor can have a much longer career than a movie star, why he sometimes enjoys auditioning for a role more than actually getting it, and why he likes to study the famous directors with whom he works from Stephen Spielberg to Wes Anderson.  He recalls his family’s early roots in the golden age of Hollywood, his first break playing Linus in the original production of Your A Good Man Charlie Brown, and how he ended up playing Francois Truffaut’s translator (both on and off screen) in Close Encounters.  Bob Balaban discusses reuniting with his old friend William Hurt for the miniseries Condor, getting to play his first role as a "bad guy" in ages, and what this remake of Three Days of the Condor says about America’s growing paranoia the so-called “deep state.”  Plus we talk about Bob’s career as "six degrees of Warren Littlefield," why strangers still come up to him pitching ideas for television, and how to shoot a film about the richest woman in the world on a shoestring budget. Condor airs Wednesdays at 10PM ET/PT on ATT Audience Network and Direct TV.  Visit to learn more. Follow Bob on Twitter at @BobBalaban.  Today’s podcast was sponsored by Legal Shield, Grasshopper, and Travel Guard.
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Donnie Welshimer III

Mr. Cranston is BY FAR one of if not my outright favorite actors. Thank God for Bryan Cranston ! #HeIsTheOneWhoKnocks

Jun 14th

uncleSam isaterrorist

talk about disappointment these guys suck

Jun 8th

Norman Ninneman

politics,religion,science ,sports, abortion. stolkholmswedenlutheran,cstholiço.k.blessing of abortedfeces,andabortioknist. trump,wantsnkfederalfundingallowedforhisantiabortionstand.skirting supreme court desi I on.

May 18th

April Myers Andress

But people’s eyes don’t literally pop out of their head. That is super rare and it would likely be one. Not both. It would be a medical emergency.

Apr 28th


what is the number

Mar 12th

### Unknown ###

please tell me how people on the internet telling other users their theories breeds authoritarianism? Cass sounds like he\she doesnt know as much as they think they know

Mar 8th

Craig Ryan

did Ali Saddiq just admit to murder on this podcast when he went to prison for drug possession?

Feb 27th

Larry Douglas

your podcast doesn't play?

Feb 24th

Angelia Wells

I don't really follow football

Feb 6th

Mike Kane

I don't know what this fucking channel is about.

Jan 25th

William Licciardi

Mike Kane fuckef

Feb 19th

سوق الشيوخ ssadk


Jan 11th

Yona fall

really enjoyed this

Jan 4th

Jacoby taylor

its boring!!!!

Dec 8th

Craig Henderson

Jacoby taylor you're boring.

Mar 30th

Joey Chambone

"Baldwin" = ... next podcast please!

Nov 11th

Michael Versteegh


Oct 26th

Cb Davidson

the. cub need to chock up on the bat it change the throw of ball and mess his throwing arm

Oct 18th

Tammy Hamilton

I love her

Sep 23rd

Dolores Millay

This podcast has a fun, informative and diverse mix of guests. It's not just riffing. I feel like I actually learn something.

Sep 15th

Dustin & Piper Severson

Jeremy Causey Only people with the highest intelligence use the the phrase 'libtard'. So sophisticated. Bravo!

May 14th

Jeremy Causey

Dolores Millay if you want to learn make believe bs. a Hollywood politician, that just what we need, 1 more libtard

Feb 25th

iTunes User

Kickass politics is a breath of fresh air compared to the usual NPR schlock on iTunes. This show makes politics fun and it tackles issues that many of the other news podcasts miss. I like the host a lot and the guests have been very interesting. Good job!

Aug 31st

iTunes User

How did a new podcast snag so many top tier guests? I just listened to the Ben Carson interview. Great stuff.

Aug 31st
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