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Kickin' it with Koz

Author: Anthony Koz

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Kick it with Comedian Anthony Koz while he talks about wild stories, idiots on the internet, and anything else that's bouncing around his ADHD brain. New episodes every Wednesday!
11 Episodes
Today I talk misleading song lyrics, Alvin & the Chipmunks, Zombie Apocalypse, Why Left handed people are living a lie, and much much more. 
The title is supposed to be read as an Angry New York Italian Dad... otherwise it's not as funny. Anyways, today we talk horse pills for covid because that's a real thing I somehow didn't make up, the time I got severely concussed, Gary V being Gary V and much much more. 
EP 8 > CLB and Donda | How to stop getting unsolicited wee wee pics, I got flexed on by an 11 year old, Wild relationship stories, and much more. Quit reading, and go LISTEN BABY!!!!!
EP 7- I Got Lost at Sea

EP 7- I Got Lost at Sea


Not clickbait... timestamp for the story is about 34:54-59:25. Anyways, I talk Jake Paul somehow winning another fight, Drake, how many 7 year olds I can fight, why I would marry a mint Oreo, and much more. Longer episode today because I couldn't shut up so enjoy! 
I know right, what a title... talk about an attention grabber. I like to think my High School English teacher would be proud of that title. Anyways, Only fans bans the only content people use Only fans for... great idea. Why "Back to the Future" was one scene away from making a VERY different movie. Plus, Elon Musk decides to speed up the end of the world with his new Humanoid Robot.... and much more.  
Dorothy, from The Wizard of Oz, was definitely on shrooms, why being married to skydiving is the same thing as being bi-curious, and much more... honestly too much but you're gonna love it regardless. B T dubs, the "Kyle" bit is from 12:00-15:09 in case it feels slow to you and you wanna skip. Only reason I'm adding that is because although the bit is very funny it's a little slow paced for my ADHD brain. Anyways, stop reading you friggin nerd, and just listen to the episode!  
SKIP TO TIMESTAMP 13:40 IF YOU DON'T CARE TO HEAR ABOUT MY LIFE.... Btw sorry about the slight audio glitch around 2 minutes. Not really sure how that even happened. Anyways, today I talk pet peeves, zombie apocalypse, bullying celebrity children, and I get a "little" aggressive about my stance on proper Chipotle pronunciation. Enjoy the episode, and always remember "If yuh ain't first, yur last" -Ricky Bobby (That'll be funnier when you get to the part about the olympics) 
What fast food mascot do you think could kick my a*s? And why is it Ronald McDonald? I also talk Simone Biles, Da Baby, and more!
If this is your first EP, sorry I'm all over the place I was running on like 2 hours of sleep. Anyways, I talk Olympics, Lil Nas X, and whether or not I would have sex with clone me... yeah it's an interesting episode to say the least. 
Wild stories about my construction days, my dog gets cancelled, and I talk sh*t about WAY too many people. 100% Chaos with a 100% chance of you being entertained. 
Trailer Koz

Trailer Koz


Stop looking up the podcast. It drops on the 17th.... now leave me alone.
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