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Céire and Hazel take an unexpected train journey to bring your episode 8- our final episode of Season 1! Many thanks to this week’s cast: HOST: Hazel Johnson Age 9 NEWS REPORTERS: Emily O’Sullivan & Robert McCulloch Age 10 & 8 NEWS RESEARCH: Renee Power Age 11 AROUND THE WORLD: Isabel and Clara Hermira Donnelly 12 & 9 MYSTERY SOUNDS: Cormac Farrington Age 8 QUESTION: Austin Casey Age 6 ANSWER: Sophia Erwin Age 7 JUNE BLAKE’S GARDEN: Ruby Craul Keating Age 9 JOKE: Ferdia Mac Eoin and Reiltin Nic Eoin Ages 9 & 6 DID YOU KNOW: Bryan Carr School of Performing Arts, Kerry VET: Pete Wedderburn HIGH FIVE: 1. Jack & Grace, 2. Juliette, 3. Rhys, 4. Chloe 5. Emily, Julia and Jacob at Betty Ann Norton Theatre School
This week Céire and Seán parachute from the skies to bring you Episode 7 of KidCast! Many thanks to this week’s cast: HOST: Seán Travers (Age 11) NEWS: Charlotte Rose & Juliette Maguire (Age 10 & 8) AROUND THE WORLD: Bebe and Astrid Weinert (Age 9 and 7) CHOIR: Vancouver Children’s Choir MYSTERY SOUNDS: Isaac Glynn (Age 8) QUESTION: Emma Keane (Age 10) ANSWER: Sarah Keane (Age 8) FEATURE: Harry Brady & Joseph Wiley (Ages 11 & 9) JOKE: Seán and Rory (Age 9) DID YOU KNOW: Drama Den, Donabate Co. Dublin ILLUSTRATOR: Sheena Dempsey HIGH FIVE: Grace, Aoife & Darragh, Lily, Harry & Hugo, Harrison, Donncha & Rian
This week Céire and Rachel blast into space to bring you Episode 6 of KidCast! Many thanks to this week’s cast: HOST: Rachel Flynn (Age 8) NEWS: Stacey O’ Flynn and Sean O’ Callaghan (Ages 10 & 8) AROUND THE WORLD: Isaac Nolan (Age 6) MYSTERY SOUNDS: Eva Walsh (Age 8) QUESTION: Cailín Grothe (Age 10) ANSWER: Chloe McLoughlin (Age 9) PETS CORNER: Muireann Gilbert (Age 8) JOKE: Eliza Brunnock (Age 7) DID YOU KNOW: Act One Drama School, Donegal (Jake Mc Laughlin, Robyn Mc Laughlin, Ethan Bourne, Lucy Fabisiak, Lauren Gildea, Harry Hegarty, Conor Glynn, Gray Osborn Ages 8-11) ACTOR: Aoibheann McCann
This week Céire and Noah crawl through a cave to bring you Episode 5 of KidCast! Many thanks to this week’s cast: HOST: Noah O’Riordan (Age 9) NEWS: Jack Gavin and MacDara Flavin (Ages 10 & 11) AROUND THE WORLD: Erik Heffernan (Age 9) MYSTERY SOUNDS: Robyn Clinton (Age 6) QUESTION: Hasini Tummidi (Age 7) ANSWER: Jack Britton-Keena (Age 11) COLOUR GUARD: Cara O’Rourke (Age 11) JOKE: Ben Clinton (Age 8 ) DID YOU KNOW: Little Duke Theatre Drogheda and Trading Faces Galway (Mable, Seren, Eoin, Roisin, Saoirse, George, Kai, Eoin, Grace Ages 6-8) WRITER/AUTHOR: Sarah Gilmartin
This week Céire and Clodagh gallop to studio to bring you Episode 4 of KidCast! Many thanks to this week’s cast: HOST: Clodagh Saez Walsh (Age 10) NEWS: Hannah Dunne (Age 10) AROUND THE WORLD: Ned and Dot Hampton (Age 11 and 9) MYSTERY SOUNDS: Abigail O’Riordan (Age 8) QUESTION: Ben Clinton (Age 8) ANSWER:  Ivy Carty (Age 7) BAKE WITH ME: Mia-Michelle Grant (Age 10) DID YOU KNOW: Temple St. Hospital School (Mathew, Emily, Noah, Ciara, Anna, Denis, Sheenagh, Dora Ages 6-15) ANIMATOR: Sean O’Reilly, Kavaleer Productions
This week Céire and Xander loop-the-loop by rollercoaster to studio to bring you Episode 3 of KidCast! Many thanks to this week’s cast: HOST: Xander Harford (Age 10) NEWS: Christopher McCoy (Age 12) AROUND THE WORLD: Robert and Anna Bodtker (Age 11 and 9) MYSTERY SOUNDS: Ava Kelly (Age 6) QUESTION:   Lily Ward O’Keefe (Age 9) ANSWER:  Jude Villegas-Phelan (Age 9) MOVIE MADNESS: Charlie McManus (Age 9) DID YOU KNOW: Stageschool Galway (Yassin, Diarmuid, Davy, Stevie, Rosie, Izabele, Molly, Fiadh Age 7-10) DOCTOR: Niamh Murphy HIGH FIVE: Cara, Cian & Dara, Hasini, Isabelle, Lily & Saoirse
Céire and Fia swim the Irish sea to bring you Episode 2 of KidCast! Many thanks to this week’s cast: HOST: Fia Walsh (Age 8) NEWS: Kate & Diarmuid Donelon (Age 11) AROUND THE WORLD: Lara & Amelie Caffrey (Age 9 & 7) MYSTERY SOUNDS: Bobby Vavasseur (Age 6) BRILLIANT BOOKS REVIEW: Siobhan De Lint (Age 9) DID YOU KNOW: Dramarama Academy of Performing Arts Cork (Sebastian Graham, Cian O’Regan, Kate O’Sullivan, Sam Allen, Hugo Allen, Milly Mulcahy, Jessica Mulcahy, Beth Geary Age 8-11) TAOISEACH: Micheál Martin
Céire & Harry scale a mountain to discover didgeridoos, logolepts, a drone champion and much more! Thanks to this weeks cast:  HOST:  Harry Williams (Age 11) NEWS: Caoimhe Quinn (Age 8) AROUND THE WORLD: William Visser (Age 8) MYSTERY SOUNDS: Jamie HarfordAge (7) MIND MY MIND: Aisling Walsh (Age 5) DID YOU KNOW: Theatrics Naas (Natalie, Alfie, Sophie, Heidi, Ben, Zoe, Sofia, Marcos Age 5-6) DRONE CHAMPION:  Enda Walsh Mountain climbing 00:00 Riddle 02:51 News (What is the budget? Kenyan Elephants, Super Mario Game, Ed Sheeran's 2022 Tour)  03:36 Around the World Interview with William in Australia 06:44 Mystery Sounds with Jamie 12:00 Minding you Mind with Aisling and Harry's mindfulness tips (including yoga) 14:42 Longest word in the English dictionary and Did You Know...Word Facts!  18:17 When I Grow Up Interview with Irish Aviation Drone Champion Enda Walsh 21:24
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