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The Kids Listen Activity Podcast is a collaborative effort from members of Kids Listen. While kids across the globe are unexpectedly home from school we’ll be packaging and releasing daily episodes. Each day will be a favorite episode of a new Kids Listen Show, including an activity suggestion to help parents and kids engage more deeply and get the most out of these days. Kids Podcasts can help with learning and fun (which should go hand in hand).
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Whether you find them cute or creepy, it's hard not to have a strong feeling about this week's topic...Spiders. Why are so many of us afraid of these arachnids? And what does it say about us  as humans that something so small can be so terrifying?  We'll unravel this web and more on this episode of Unspookable. 
In this episode, you will hear from Stoopkid Stories, a new kid's podcast of original stories written and narrated by Melly told through the eyes of 7 young and amazing characters. This episode is about the dancing duo, The BB Twins, who became a viral sensation from posting one of their dances on the internet. Keep listening to see what happens!
REACH: A Space Podcast for Kids is a weekly, family friendly exploration of our galaxy (and beyond!) with hosts Brian Holden and Meredith Stepien. Exoplanets with Ashley Walker & Marc Evan Jackson On this episode of REACH  Brian and Meredith ask the questions "What is an Exoplanet?" and "What does #BlackinAstro mean?" of expert Astrochemist and Planetary Scientist Ashley Walker. Then we get a very special visit from our closest celestial neighbor on a segment entitled "Did You Know...?"
You are just in time to join Digger the Dog, Birdie, and Angie for a trip to the County Fair!!! We will eat some great food, go on some fun rides and even win a BIG prize!!! Sing along to "The County Fair Song" and then laugh along to some jokes about the fair. Y'all are gonna have a SPECTACULAR time!!!
This episode features 13 year old creative rockstar Jasper’s story seed about a 74 foot tall detective. His author match: Chris Grabenstein, author of the NYTimes bestselling Mr. Lemoncello’s Library series! Join our host Betsy Bird and listen in as Jasper visits Chris Grabenstein’s NYC apartment where they collaborate on this tall tale story idea. Then sit back as Chris unveils the original story he grew from Jasper’s story seed: “The World’s Biggest Detective.”
Today, Lindz talks to Lily and Kaia, the masterminds behind The Butterfly Effect, a national art project bringing awareness to child detention. They talk about how to use art as a tool for activism, how they started The Butterfly Effect, and, of course, their favorite animals! After Lindz talks to Lily and Kaia, we'll make our very own butterflies!
Cool Facts About Animals presents Thorny Devils. Discover cool facts about the thorny devil, including what it eats, what it poops, its unique way of drinking water, and its many, many defense mechanisms. You'll also learn about something called capillary action. Even if you don’t think you know what that is, you’ve seen it in real life, every day.
This week in the multiverse, we're making song parodies, and you can too. It's easier than you think. Head over to for a full lesson/instruction for making your own. You'll probably want to do a bunch! 
This Week in the Multiverse is a podcast of skits and stories about alternate Earths. Recommended for the middle-grade set, ages 8+. More info at This special Kids Listen Activity edition of the show springboards from a live interview we did with SpiderMan (not the one you're thinking about). Afterwards, a final lesson on world building writing exercises for kids. Please give it a listen, then head to for more details. Also check out for printable worksheets!
Cat and dog, fish and hamster, Four animals I love to look after, That's the truth, now let's sing along, To the animals we name in this song! (This episode is a fun one amigos!)
Did you know that scientists need our help tracking Bumblebees?  In this episode, we talk to Rich Hatfield from the Xerces Society about why tracking Bumblebees is important, why scientists need help doing it, and what WE can do to help them. And yes, there’s an app for that! Also, in this episode, Chuck Darwin gives us the definition of the word Pollinator and tells us who they are, Jack answers a listener’s question about whether bumblebees can sting, and Tito gives us some weird facts about bumblebees that even I didn’t know This is a buzzing good episode you won't want to miss!
Today we're with Marjorie from Best Day Yet and taking the kayaks out for a turtle hunt. Want to come along? Here are today's affirmations: I respect everyone around me, but most of all I respect me. I love my friends and family, but most of all I love MYSELF. And if someone doesn't like me, it's totally okay because what matters most is that I like MYSELF.
Hola Amigos!  Today we'll be venturing out into the wonderful world of feelings and emotions!  We'll have a fun lesson together, followed by a very special song song, and last but not least we'll join our friends Mrs. Elephant and Mr. Mouse as they look at pictures from when Mr. Mouse was just a baby!  
A song from April Eight that you can make your own! Add as many instruments as you want, or as you can remember! Is it a song or a game? You decide! 
This episode features the story of Annie Edson Taylor, who was the first person to successfully survive Niagara Falls in a barrel. Also, how’d they even start building the first suspension bridge over Niagara? You might be surprised. Also featuring Mick's version of Cole Porter’s song “Don’t Fence Me In” Learn more about the Annie "Eggson" Taylor activity at  
This Week in the Multiverse is a podcast of skits and stories about alternate Earths. Recommended for the middle-grade set, ages 8+. More info at This special Kids Listen Activity edition of the show springboards from a story, "Scary Monkeys with Clown Faces," into a lesson on world building writing exercises for kids. After you give it a listen, head to for more detail. Also check out for printable worksheets!
This episode centers around the fear of the number 13, "triskaidekaphobia."  Host Lynn Hickernell discusses this phenomenon, and other superstitions and phobias, with an excerpt from the Kids Listen podcast, "Unspookable," a "Say What?!?" segment about the expression, "Break a leg," a "Do Over" with family therapist Emily King about "The Dress Shoes," and regular segment, "GET IT?!?!?"  The episode concludes with the poem, "The Supper Superstition" by Thomas Hood, read by "Just Us Weirdos" creator and host, Charlie White.
Have you ever thought you'd like to do more for birds than just fill up the bird feeder? Today, we are making a Bird Home Improvement Center. It's a little like a store where birds can come and get some building materials to assist with their nest building. I call it the Bird Home Depot. Or, maybe I should call it the Bird Nest Depot. Build one for your back yard and hang it where you can watch your customers come in and help themselves to home improvement essentials! Also, in this episode, Chuck Darwin gives us the definition of the word AVES, Jack tells us what REALLY goes into Bird Nest Soup (hint: I will not ever be ordering this), and Tito introduces us to a bird with a discriminating eye for decor. I could use that bird's services if he ever decides to go into business!
Let's go back in time to 1825 and visit the Erie Canal! We will ride on the back of our friendly tour guide Sal the Mule and learn all about the history of this man-made river. We will sing a fun river tune and learn about how water lock systems work! 
It’s one of those moments in history when we’d just rather escape in a giant peach. It’s a discussion of Roald Dahl's first book for kids "James and the Giant Peach." Public radio’s Cash Peters is celebrity reader. Students from Equitas Academy Charter Middle School discuss the book with host Kitty Felde.
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