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92Β Episodes
One day, Zoey was out doing all of her chores. She had no idea the new friend she would meet that day.
Rian is needed to save the towns food supply when it catches on fire. But he’ll need some extra help from his water breathing dragon!
Kora and Leo discover that all the rainbow ice cream has been stolen. Have the Purple Ninjas returned??
Walker is learning how to be a super hero when Captain America asks for his help to save the world!
Alex needs help from his new friend Buffy to stop the Frogman and his team from getting the invisible Apple!!
Gregory lived on a planet very far away and needed to use his special skills to save the day when his friends got stuck.
Jake was a famous Shark Racer who was in the middle of a race around the world when he had to make some tough choices. What is he going to do??
Tyler and his partner, Perry, have to act fast to save the world from another evil plan of Dr. Stinky Breath
Mabel and Lincoln are on vacation at a farm when they hear a spooky sound. What could it be??
Lorenzo and Gia find a very sad dragon who lost his pet praying mantis. His sad years are made of lava and are burning the trees. They need to work together to find his friend before something terrible happens
Ava and Amia were playing in their backyard when they stumble across a time traveling door! What a crazy adventure as they meet all kinds of friendly dinosaurs!
Sadie the Unicorn was a very good teacher. But when she was given a new job of teaching baby bees, she was a little nervous if she was going to be able to teach them how to fly and make honey!
It was Elliotts birthday which meant his best friend Boggy the froggy was coming to visit. While they played at the park they learned about a missing baby turtle that needs to be rescued!
Ellie finds foot prints in a rock. Did these come from a lava monster?? She needs help from the SciGuy to learn about what caused this mystery.
Dominic and Owen are both scuba divers who need to use their special scuba skills to solve the under water mystery.
Brooke and Hannah are going to Clark Lake to explore, when they discover that all the trees are missing. Who is stealing all the trees??
Last night, someone stole all the candy! Jack and Harper must solve the mystery of who is the bad guy??
Pearly White needs to find the magical tea to make Ryders party amazing!
Derek starts to wonder why stars glow at night but don’t during the day. Who turns their light out? Let’s explore why with The SciGuy
Malachi is confused why all the leaves have turned different colors. He’s worried that something is wrong, but learns an important lesson from the SciGuy about how trees eat!
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