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A weekly breakdown of the the biggest trending topics in gaming. Hosted by Tim Gettys, Greg Miller, Blessing Adeoye Jr. and a rotating cast of the Kinda Funny crew.
New episode every Monday!

A Kinda Funny Show.
348 Episodes
Tim, Greg, Blessing, and Andy breakdown everything from Far Cry 6 to Watch Dogs Legion to Assassin's Creed Valhalla.
Tim, Greg, Blessing, and Imran look back on all of their old predictions and make a few for the future. Time Stamps - 00:00:00 - Start 00:03:00 - Best Mario Platformer 00:08:50 - Vita vs Wii U What Have We Been Playing? 00:17:02 - Trivia Royale 00:25:15 - Peggle 00:26:00 - Who Is Winning Predictions So Far Halfway Through the Year & Predicting The Rest of Summer Game Fest
Tim, Greg, Blessing, and Imran come together to talk Smash Bros, Cyberpunk 2077, Star Wars Episode 1 Racer, and more. Time Stamps - 00:00:00 - Start 00:05:00 - Ghost of Tsushima and Iron Man Update 00:07:00 - Super Smash Bros. Min Min 00:14:28 - Star Wars Episode 1 Racer 00:23:10 - Cyberpunk 2077 00:30:10 - Game of the year so far 00:34:30 - Who Won “E3” So Far?
Director and co-writer Neil Druckmann, Ashley Johnson (Ellie), and Troy Baker (Joel) join Greg to talk about EVERY DETAIL of The Last of Us Part II. SPOILERS AHEAD. Game provided by PlayStation.
Tim, Greg, Blessing, and What's Good Game's Kristine Steimer give their FULL SPOILERS take of The Last of Us Part II. Game provided by PlayStation. FOLLOW KRISTINE STEIMER: Time Stamps - 00:00:00 - Start! 00:03:30 - Spoilers! 01:34:56 - Post Show
Greg joins Tim, Blessing, and Andy to breakdown everything from Skate 4, to Star Wars Squadrons, to Apex Legends, to Josef Fares, and more
Tim, Greg, Blessing, and What's Good Game's Kristine Steimer FINALLY give their review of The Last of Us Part II. Game provided by PlayStation. FOLLOW KRISTINE STEIMER:
Nic Scarpino joins Tim, Greg, and Blessing to recap The Last of Us Part 1 and give their thoughts 7 years later. Time Stamps - 01:09:00 - Discord crashes 01:20:18 - Left Behind 01:30:50 - American Dreams 02:07:06 - Post Show
Tim, Greg, Blessing, and Imran go over people's most controversial hot takes. Time Stamps - What Have We Been Playing? 00:05:13 - XCOM 2 00:18:45 - Maneater 00:14:55 - Minecraft Dungeons 00:19:00 - Topic of the Show: Controversial Gaming Opinions 01:11:10 - Post Show
Tim, Greg, Blessing, and Imran debate what is the greatest year video games have ever seen. Time Stamps - What Have We Been Playing? 00:03:10 - Spider-Man 00:07:15 - Assassin’s Creed 00:15:00 - Last of Us 00:21:00 - Huntdown 00:25:10 - Topic of the Show: What Is The Best Year In Gaming History?
Tim, Greg, Blessing, and Imran discuss what they have been playing and how much games should cost. Time Stamps - 00:02:30 - Julian’s Story 00:07:12 - What Have We Been Playing? 00:43:45 - Topic of the Show: What Is The Value of a $60 Game?
Tim, Greg, Blessing, and Imran talk about all of their favorite game launch memories. Time Stamps - What have you been playing? 00:04:40 - Streets of Rage 4 00:08:50 - Supernatural VR 00:15:00 - Persona 5 Royale 00:23:40 - Game Launches We Were Most Hyped For
Tim, Greg, Blessing, and Imran reflect on the predictions they made a few months ago to see how crazy they were.
Tim, Greg, Blessing, Imran, and Barrett discuss Persona 5 Royal, Doom Eternal, Ori, Resident Evil 3, Animal Crossing New Horizons, Final Fantasy 7 Remake, Half Life Alyx, and more!
Tim, Greg, Blessing, Imran, and Andy fully spoil Final Fantasy 7 Remake.
Tim, Greg, Blessing, Imran, and Andy review Final Fantasy 7 Remake. Time Stamps - 00:04:30 - How far are you in the game? 00:06:00 - Personal history with with FFVII 00:11:45 - Our impressions!
Tim, Greg, Blessing, and Imran give their thoughts on the latest Resident Evil from Capcom.
No Clip's Danny O'Dwyer joins Greg to talk about their time in Valve's newest installment in the Half-Life franchise.
Blessing, Andy, Imran, and Nick give their review of Doom Eternal.
Greg and Joey sit down to review Animal Crossing New Horizons on the Nintendo Switch.
Comments (37)



Jul 12th

Justin Bedford

zx 88 q a3 j

Jul 6th

Kevin Padua

Greg you went DEEP!! LOL Definitely enjoyed listening to this. I was conflicted with feelings that I won't spoil here but to hear your guys perspective on it is in one word relieving. This game was awesome!!!

Jul 1st

Samuel Vernon

Tim: 'all this show is about is bringing the same shit up again and again every episode' Last time I checked, Pokemon isn't a 'dead franchise'. Yet they keep mentioning Pokemon games and nothings being said about that. All the great franchises that have been buried for years and yet these fuckers can't just put Pokemon to bed for at least 1 episode. Boring.

Mar 9th


just a bunch of ps fanboys. jerking off over an old game

Mar 3rd

Samuel Vernon

'Fortnite is perfect' 'the gameplay is so good' All jokes aside, how can you even consider Fortnite to be a 10/10 experience? In what area of critique does that even apply in? Greg has lost it

Feb 28th


Not a fan of these impression videos showing up in this feed.

Feb 16th


Rapidash in Galar is Rapidash.

Dec 2nd

Tyler Yeatman

Vice City over San Andreas?!???!!? You guys are INSANE.

Nov 13th


I can see Tim pulling his hair out during TOTS...give him Crash dammit!!!

Nov 11th
Reply (1)

Samuel Vernon

Judging from what every other 'critic' has been saying. Greg has gone off the deep end with this one. One too many times has he presented his opinion on a game and it's been the complete opposite of what the other 98% of reviewers say. I think I just have to let Greg's thoughts on a game I care about now slide indefinitely. His track record is so inconsistent. One other big example of this is Red Dead 2. I'll never get over the fact that he didn't click with that game. It's an extremely well paced, story focused game that pulls you along with an amazing set of characters, yet he didn't even care for it. I don't know what to think of Greg anymore, when it comes to reviews anyway. *A reminder for anyone who regularly listens to the show* Greg sounded like he had more of an interest in playing Fallout 76 when that was the talk of the town, despite it being a load of dogshit at the time, and still is might I add.

Oct 28th
Reply (1)

Nathaniel Stigen

God the Pokemon Go section just reeks of Boomer Juice. I usually like this podcast, but this was cringey af.

Jul 17th
Reply (1)



Jun 24th

Michael Mcelhaney

The audio was pretty bad, I was unable to listen more than a few minutes. I'm sure it's due to the complexity of a live show at E3, oh well I'll try again later.

Jun 17th
Reply (1)

Kevin Horwitz

it says this is Bethesda but it's Microsoft

Jun 11th


This is not it... Kinda Funny is going downhill. And this is coming from someone who has followed them since the beginning.

Jun 6th

Damian Rizo

This shit is not working

Jun 3rd

Mark Knight

they only read and answer paying subscribers questions/comments on patreon right?

May 14th

Zach ODonnell

You guys were feeling the spoilers today

Apr 17th

Pete Brown

stop talking over each other. so annoying

Mar 19th
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