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Author: Bill Kinder Productions

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We invite you to grab a cup of coffee and come into the camp-house for outdoor talk that will get your weekend going. Enjoy Big Billy, his TOP Pro Staff PLUS special celebrity guests as they gather around the campfire with tips and stories sure to inform and inspire. Kinder Outdoors is heard on stations across the country and on SiriusXM-Channel 147-Rural Radio, Saturdays 9:00am (EST).
225 Episodes
Special Guests:   • Larry Weishuhn, Pro Staff  • Pete Delkus, Pro Staff  • Master Chef Jon Bonnell, Pro Staff  • Corey Mason, Dallas Safari Club
Special Guests:   • Ronnie Smith & Suzanna Love, Smith Kennels  • John Payne, Tejas Ranch & Game Fence  • Anthony Pace, Freedom Hunters Founder  • Joey Meyers, Bay Block Creator/Owner
Special Guests:   • Owen Fitzsimmons, TPWD  • David Gray, Dove Blasters  • Kyle Chambers, Pro Staff  • Ray Sasser (1948-2018)
Special Guests:   • Rufus Luttig, HuntSA Founder  • Sean McLelland, ED-Outdoors Tomorrow Foundation
Special Guests:   • Mike Brasher, Sr. Waterfowl Scientist-DU  • Lt. Wayne Saunders, ED-IWC  • Tom Dokken, Pro Staff  • Dr. Cody Palmer, ED
Special Guests:   • Brian Lynn, Sportsmen's Alliance  • Steve Osterholzer, Founder "Of Mountains & Men"  • Lauren Conklin, TTHA  • Kyle Chambers, Cinnamon Creek Archery
Special Guests:   • Dillon Tabish, Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks  • Corey Mason, DSC CEO  • Master Chef Jon Bonnell, Pro Staff  • Tom Dokken, Pro Staff
Special Guests:   • Jay Stine, Quail Coalition  • Pete Delkus, Pro Staff  • Kyle Chambers, Pro Staff  • Ronnie Smith, Pro Staff
Special Guests:   • Joe Milo, Owner - Joe Milo's Trading Co.  • J.C. Knighthawk, Director Fish & Game  • Lauren Conklin, TTHA
Special Guests:   • Jimmy Tidmore, Author  • Wally Marshall, "Mr. Crappie"  • Ray Sasser (1948-2018)
Special Guests:   • Gary Klein, Bass Fishing ICON  • Jimmy Houston, Bass Fishing ICON  • Hank Parker, Bass Fishing ICON  • Mark Davis, Bass Fishing ICON
Special Guests:   • "Pigman"-Brian Quaca, TV Host  • Jeff Scott, Cinnamon Creek Archery  • "Barefoot Bob" Richardson, West Texas Legend
Special Guests:   • Jim Kern, "The Amazing Emu"  • Scot McClure, Outdoors Tomorrow Foundation  • Jim Shockey, Outdoor ICON
Special Guests:   • Robyn Sandoval, A Girl & A Gun
Special Guests:   • Edwin Evers, MLF Pro Angler  • Larry Weishuhn, Pro Staff  • David Wynne, Caribsea  • Ron Miskin, The Buffalo Wool Co.
Special Guests:   • Larry Weishuhn, Pro Staff  • Kevin Welborn, Managing Director-Joshua Creek Ranch  • Joe Kercheville, Owner-Joshua Creek Ranch  • Gary Klein, MLF Pro Angler
Special Guests:   • Tom Lang, Director-Texas Freshwater Fisheries Center  • Karl Gunzer & Keith Schopp, Purina Pro Plan  • Will Davis, Jr., Bassmaster Elite Pro Angler  • Master Chef Jon Bonnell, Pro Staff
Special Guests:   • Dr. Ruthann Lobos, Sr. Vet-Nestle Purina Pro Plan  • Will Davis, Jr.-Elite Pro Angler  • Joel Kolander, Rock Island Auction
Special Guests:   • Brian Lynn, Sportsmen's Alliance  • Larry Weishuhn, Pro Staff  • Roy Holdridge, TrueLife Taxidermy  • Ronnie Smith, Pro Staff
Special Guests:   • David Schuessler, Ducks Unlimited  • Karl Gunzer, Pro Staff  • Tom Dokken, Pro Staff  • Corey Mason, Dallas Safari Club  • Ray Sasser (1948-2018)
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