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DJ Potential interviews celebrities in the music and entertainment industry along with some mixes of endless combinations; EDM, workout killer tracks, energy beats, hip hop, rap, R&B, Dubstep, Trap music, and more.
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Singer and songwriter Destinee Reneé has released "Suave" and is part of the growing future of hot RnB and balanced music. She brings appeal and the relatable girl vibe as she goes in on some topics that are in the mainstream like "Cancel Culture" and respecting other groups of people. Marcus "DJ Potential" Hart is your host.Follow her on IG @destineemusicSubscribe to the Kinetic PE MIXX Show on any podcast app or on YouTube!Sponsored today by North Bay Freight @northbayfreight on Instagram and FacebookBuck Wild T-Shirts - Get you a Buck Wild T-Shirt today!
Is J. Cole really showing us how much mastery real rappers have over the English language? Do we need freestyles that push the limits back in 2021? Drop your comments below.#JCole #rap #music In this episode, Marcus “DJ Potential” Contrell Hart provides you with the latest in music news, a taste of his newest mashup and talks about what people are calling one of the greatest MCs the world has ever seen. Let’s recap this week’s best of the best with your cousin’s boyfriend baby mama favorite DJ!Subscribe to the YouTube!“Kinetic PE MIXX”
Do we need more positive music highlighted? Has the content of what we use to watch and listened to shifted so much from Sesame Street that needs to do better for our children? Learn more now.#BlackPearl #MeltingPotAlbum #musicinterviewAuthor and artist Black Pearl in collaboration with a family company called ZHL Collection, Inc. has created a book from BookBaby publishing. The book is called The Melting Pot Band. She had an album and single out on iTunes. DJ Potential (Marcus Contrell Hart) discusses with Black Pearl race relations in the United States, culture, and skin.Watch the video - to our channel! "Kinetic PE MIXX more from Black Pearl vision of black pearl.Produced by Marcus Contrell "DJ Potential" Hart
Dee2Real outlines the influence Soulja Boy and Bow Wow have had on his career. Dee2Real started off writing for others and then made the switch to rapping. In the interview, he identifies key ways he has been moving through the industry to increase his streams, by also adopting the blueprint of the internet culture for self-promotion and collaboration.Find more information and his music here: here:
The music mix is at with DJ Potential aka Marcus is live as he brings you some of the best rap and hip music to celebrate his new Original Documentary "Journey to Be a Black Podcast Mogul. This replay will be available on Mixcloud and Transform U! Radio where the music copyright is covered.An exclusive phone call to Player Pree the music producer behind the movie's soundtrack.The movie is available on Roku and Transform U! Film streaming platforms. #blackpodcastmogul
Rapper Gwala Man Bambino immediately jumped on the grind and utilized his ability to connect with people universally to create diverse ways of income in the music industry to strive towards building his empire. He has a clothing line "Paper Don't Sleep" and the inspiration to rap full-time came from losing his son in 2014. To better express himself, he turned to music and eludes to how it has been helpful.Find more information about Gwala: this! Kinetic PE MIXX YouTube Channel is the place to find all emerging music artists, Celebs, and top influencers. DJ Potential mixes music and drops new discoveries every Thursday. New content is posted weekly. Subscribe to our channel: out this episode! to our partner channel:
DJ Potential had the opportunity to interview Kendall Spencer and many new reveals were brought forth in this interview. Kendall has been on the scene for a good time period and is seasoned in his craft. His sound echoes the down south persuasion while keeping a unique personality and obvious lyrical assemble of content that is pleasing to those who may not think that down south rappers can hang lyrical with other sides of the globe that has solidified the stake in lyrical ability. The new EP "Total Package" is delivering on its promise and as a family that is also repping the S-Town he is prepared to give you the real. If you want a big uncovering to the hood Kendall is repping for, he definitely recommends you listen to the track on the EP titled "Golden Isles" for a feel of where he comes from. The best takeaway from talking with Kendall Spencer is that he is positioned at the forefront for a potential big wave of underground down south music that will hit the mainstream again as the popular tracks on everyone's playlist.You can find the music for Spencer Kendall on all streaming platform and follow this link for more exclusive updates: Check out this episode! to our partner channel:
The biggest takeaway from the interview: "Build up Your Own Self-Love to Support Your Successes" --- We sometimes fall into the trap of thinking we need outside validation when the biggest issue with accepting support from everybody is not knowing their intentions and motives. Therefore, rather than crave this build mental toughness and love for self so that your support never runs out.Featured Guest Conducted Interview by About the guest:It's The Real Jay Anthony An Upcoming Motivational Speaker From Arkansas & Founder Of BYST™. He Brings A Unique Style To His Video's That's Is Country, Being Goofy & Bringing Knowledge To The Table.Other Social Media:(@itsthereal_jayanthony – IG) YouTube: It's The Real Jay Anthony (Youtube Version of this episode)Check out this episode! to our partner channel:
The music industry is saturated with many artists looking to copy each other and be the next Biggie Smalls or Pop Smoke. Originality is hard to find in mainstream music.New York drill rapper Dra$tic Meau$ure$ has found his own voice through a philosophy he lives by. He highly recommends that whatever you are already doing that is a passion that makes you happy, that you avoid the outside noise and embody your willpower to the fullest.Dra$tic Mea$ure$ newest single is "2 Things" and is loaded with a nice balance and flow for easy listening. You can stream the song on YouTube or any other music streaming platform.Find more information about this artist here: Kinetic PE MIXX YouTube Channel is the place to find all emerging music artists, Celebs, and top influencers. DJ Potential mixes music and drops new discoveries every Thursday. New content is posted weekly. Subscribe to our channel: out this episode! to our partner channel:
Exploring the inner and the outer worlds this artist will take you on a journey in his music that will help you focus and increase the betterment of life. whenitsmytime is an indie/pop/rock project born in NYC. It was started in 2020 by Andrew Krivtsov, an immigrant from Russia, long-time New Yorker, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, author, and producer.The central idea of the whenitsmytime is to reflect on our most complex feelings such as nostalgia, alienation by internet technologies, fear of failure and death, and others. It is to take them into focus to eventually work out and find peace and betterment for your life. It is a challenge to break free from the fears and complexes that run our lives like the threads of a puppet, from being a battery in the consumption culture. It is punk wrapped into a pop form. It is to look deep inside yourself and fight the inner demons to own your life again and be truly happy. When it's finally gonna be your time? Here's the hint: it is now. Right here and right now.January 27 there will be the release of a new song called "Void". This is officially where the journey and the new sound start, after 2 transition tracks released in 2020 during the lockdown.For more information about this artist and project: Kinetic PE MIXX YouTube Channel is the place to find all emerging music artists, Celebs, and top influencers. DJ Potential mixes music and drops new discoveries every Thursday. New content is posted weekly. Subscribe to our channel: out this episode! to our partner channel:
An anthem for the streets has arrived with the new song Redemption. Ty TooFly mentions that his upbringing in Brooklyn inspired his new level of consciousness to decide to try out his versatility in this new project. Ty TooFly brings new energy into the industry and the collaboration with Casanova has equally complimented the hard work and dedication he is contributing to the culture of hip hop. This social justice tribute will definitely inspire and bring awareness to the issues at hand while enjoying the beat and lyrics artistically assembled.Find more information about Ty TooFly by following on Instagram:, check out the music on YouTube and all other streaming platforms.The song redemption will be rotated on WTLB-DB Transform U! Radio https://transformuradio.comThe Kinetic PE MIXX YouTube Channel is the place to find all emerging music artists, Celebs, and top influencers. DJ Potential mixes music and drops new discoveries every Thursday. New content is posted weekly. Subscribe to our channel: out this episode! to our partner channel:
A multi-Instrumentalist, Producer, and Vocalist Caleb bought his first Digital Studio (DAW), FL Studios, at the age of 18, Caleb had only known he enjoyed making music thanks to making beats with his friend Jared from school. With no previous training he delved into the world of music and Youtube with guidance from his 2 musician friends, his favorite music, and the world of the internet before him, these tools taught him everything he had come to learn up to this current moment. Recently investing more time in studying all things music composition, he tries to delve into every genre as he loves every genre, and pulls inspiration from groups ranging from all sides of the spectrum such as Yuki Hayashi, Coldplay, Sigur Ros, Kanye West, Porter Robinson, Imagine Dragons, Knife Party, MGK, and G Dragon, just to name a few. His mood often dictates the style of music on his mind for creation. With a background from Rap and Hip hop to World and EDM and Even Orchestral, It is easy to get lost in the library of variety you see Caleb has explored and publishes from his tracks.For more information visit: : : : : : MUSIC : : Kinetic PE MIXX YouTube Channel is the place to find all emerging music artists, Celebs, and top influencers. DJ Potential mixes music and drops new discoveries every Thursday. New content is posted weekly. Subscribe to our channel: out this episode! to our partner channel:
Check out the music for this artist here: is an alternative artist from Minneapolis, MN. Kobenz has never felt that he fit in with his peers and was ostracized for being different for most of his life. In June of 2020, Kobenz spent a brief time in a psychiatric hospital following a traumatic relationship with a severely mentally ill partner. During his road to recovery, he began composing poetry and music as a means of therapy. He wanted to confront his deepest emotional pain and embrace it rather than pretend it never happened. His first song and self-titled debut single, Kobenz, was released in August of 2020. It received critical acclaim for its raw authenticity, and has garnered tens of thousands of streams, radio play, and has grabbed the attention of multiple brands, blogs, and celebrities.Find more information here:
Check the music for this artist right away by heading to support the track at: artist XO is harnessing the power of good vibes and her inner Brandy by giving us the secret to and insight behind her newest track "Don't Got Time" which gives both empowerment and inspiration to those looking to move past the drama that comes out of relationships. It's not your typical RnB song and it brings back that 90s and early 2000s groove with a hint of Biggie and Brandy vs Monica in t. You will enjoy this track and the energy that XO is bringing in this interview.Find more information about XO here:
Check out the video version of this interview here: Pesos is an American Hip Hop and R&B artist known for his versatile style and catchy hooks. He has over a decade of experience and has definite insight into what steps you should be taking as an artist to make it in the industry. Rich Pesos has been influenced by big names such as 50 Cent, Young Jeezy, Smiff and Wessun, among others. His newest project Conflicted is a very personal one that many others will be able to resonate with.You can find Rich Pesos music on Spotify and follow him on all social media platforms @richpesosmusic.
Check out more music and exclusive artist at our radio station site! https://transformuradio.comGot Cashapp? Contribute any amount to $TransformULive and then email us at for a free gift.YungGlitzyBoy (Cory Campbell) known as “Btr Cory” AKA “King Of Doin It All” is straight from Chicago, Illinois who is 18 years old who first started off as a actor on tv shows and movies that are coming out this year. Then started doing YouTube on free time because he was told by friends he was a comedian and he gained a fan base on YouTube under “BTRCORY” then took a break because he has found the amazing talent to be able to rap which gained him lots of followers and supporters on Instagram once he uploaded a freestyle which gained 1,000 views and 250 likes and comments from big artist saying he has pure talent. He continued on with it and quickly gained fast clout on dropping his first song viral moment remix because it was made for people who suffer from depression and anxiety. He’s also dropped 2 other songs “Doin Me” and “Lifestyle” which has landed on the website “Genius”, and got radio play. He’s built lots of connections and even got features with big signed artist, he’s definitely off to a good push being verified on every music platform. He plans to continue to drop music for not just his fans but because he loves it. Lastly, go follow him on Instagram at “YungGlitzyBoy” for freestyles and to stay in contact with him.Check him out by simply searching on Google! the
Check out the video version of this interview here: and raised in Ann Arbor/Ypsilanti, Michigan, Jevon Alexander started his music career at the age of 12 by making beats for his friends to freestyle over. From there, he realized that he wanted to share his voice with the world, and began producing his own songs.Inspired by artists Andre 3000, Drake, 50 Cent, early Will Smith, and Kanye West, Jevon has a unique sound that meshes R&B and hip hop to create good vibes that you can ride out to. His relatable, curse free lyrics talk about family, God, and his views on being on the come up. He also dances around the subject of women and how being the good guy hasn’t always worked out for him.Jevon Alexander’s debut EP “Chasing Failure” dropped in early 2019, and was a good introduction to who he is and what he represents.More information about Jevon:
Check out the radio website for the video version of this episode here:"Big T the host of the I KAN'T MAKE THIS UP PODCAST we're I interview my guest, we have open dialogue discussions and share stories from our lives."For more information about Big T and his show:
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