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with Nashwan Saadoon
I. Christ ascended to the Father to reign as the Supreme King II. Christ ascended to intercede for us as our eternal high priest. III. Christ ascended to prepare a place for us in His Father’s house.
I. Jesus Arose from the Grave, so Believe Him! Luke 24:36-42 II. Jesus Fulfilled the Scriptures, so Study Him! Luke 24:44-45 III. Jesus Sent the Spirit for His mission, so Obey Him Luke 24:46-49
Main Idea: The resurrection proves that God's plan of redemption was always the person of Jesus. I. The Plan of Redemption Revealed (Luke 24:13-27) II. The Person of Redemption Revealed (Luke 24:28-35)
I. The Jolting Finality of Death, II. The Unexpected Reality of the Empty Tomb III. The Journeys to Embrace a Miraculous Reality, Luke 24:9-12
Q: Who was responsible for the death of Christ? I. The Mockers who Shamed Jesus, Luke 22:63-65 II. The Jewish Leaders Who Do Not Believe, Luke 22:66-71 III & IV. The Politicians who Clung to Power , Luke 23:1-5, 13-25, Luke 23:6-12 V. The Mobs who Clamored for Crucifixion, Luke 23:18-25 VI. The Guilty One who Received Grace, Luke 23:25 VII. God Himself
I. We are weaker than we want to admit. Luke 22:31-34 II. Jesus is stronger than we realize. Luke 22:35-46 III. Some who seem to follow Jesus will betray Him. Luke 22:47-53 IV. Some who seem to follow Jesus will deny Him yet return. Luke 22:54-62
Main Idea: Worldly troubles are a sign to be awake and a witness to Jesus. I) In this world you will have trouble (21:5-24). II) Jesus has overcome the world (21:25-36). III) Therefore, be awake and a witness to Jesus.
Main Idea: The more we remember what Jesus has done for us, the greater our response will be to his mission. 1. Remember that the enemy is always at work. (22:1-6) 2. Remember that Jesus is always in control. (22:7-13) 3. Remember that Christ has already accomplished salvation. (22:14-20) 4. Remember that Christ has left us a mission to carry out (22:21-30)
I. Questioning Jesus on Politics, Luke 20:19-26 II. Questioning Jesus on Speculative Theology, Luke 20:27-40 1. The resurrection is for real. 2. The resurrection body will be invincible. 3. Marriage, as we know it, is momentary. 4. Resurrection life will be of a more glorified order. III. Jesus’ Question about His Supremacy, Luke 20:41-44
I. The Reception of King Jesus, Luke 19:28-40 II. The Grief of King Jesus, Luke 19:41-48 III. The Authority of King Jesus, Luke 20:1-19
I. One Life and One Gospel II. The Two Judgements 1. Judgment of Commendation 2. Judgment of Condemnation
Main Idea: Jesus came to seek and to save lost people, not people who think their religion has saved them. 1. Jesus loves the unlovable. 2. Jesus saves the unsavable. 3. When Jesus brings salvation to your house, your life will be changed forever.
I. Pray like a sinner not like a saint. Luke 18:9-14 II. Depend on God like a baby. Luke 18:15-17 III. Follow Jesus into the impossible. Luke 18:18-30 IV. How Jesus met our greatest need. Luke 18:31-34
I. A Story of Two Sad Lives, Luke 16:19-21 II. A Conversation in the Afterlife, Luke 16:22-31 Implications of this parable for your life and afterlife: 1. There is regret in hell, but there is no repentance. 2. What we do with our wealth shows where we’re placing our faith. 3. Wealth can be dangerous because it can blind us to needs. 4. The witness of Scripture is sufficient to save you.
Main Idea: In God's Kingdom, investing in people yields a greater return than a personal expense account. I. The Parable (Luke 16:1-8a) II. The Point (Luke 16:8b-13)
Parable 1: A Lost and Found Sheep, Luke 15:3-7 Parable 2: A Lost and Found Coin, Luke 15:8-10 Parable 3: Two Lost Sons, Only One Found, Luke 15:11-32 I. Two ways to be lost: irreligious and irresponsible or religious and responsible. II. Two ways to view God: Ready to make us pay, or ready to receive us with joy. III. Two ways to respond to God’s love: Accept it knowing you don’t deserve it, or reject it thinking you’ve earned it.
I. Three challenges for disciples and would-be disciples Challenge #1: Jesus must be our preeminent relationship. Luke 14:26 Challenge #2: Jesus’ mission is the way of the Cross. Luke 14:27 Challenge #3: Jesus’ claim to our possessions is total. Luke 14:33 II. Three illustrations to drive the challenge home 1. building a tower, Luke 14:28-30 2. waging a war, Luke 14:31-32 3. unsalty salt, Luke 14:34-35
I. The Kingdom of God is Expanding II. The Kingdom of God is Exclusive III. The Kingdom of God is Inclusive
I. God’s Legitimate Grievances, (AKA Festivus) Zephaniah 1:1-3:8 II. God’s Extravagant Promises, (AKA Christmas) Zephaniah 3:9-20
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