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The King's Cross Church Podcast features sermons from King's Cross Church located in Defiance, Ohio.
326 Episodes
Outline: I. Sex in Marriage is a Gift from God | II. Adultery Defiles the Gift of Sex | III. Adultery is an Affair of the Heart
Outline: I. The Masterpiece of Man | II. The Immorality of Murder | III. A Motive for Murder | IV. The Resolution for Murderers
How Do We Obey the Fifth Commandment? | I. Honor Your Father and Mother | What is Honor? | 1. Reverence (Respect) | 2. Obedience | 3. Gratitude | II. Honor Your Authority Figures | III. Honor Your Heavenly Father
Outline: I. What is the Sabbath Commandment? | II. Why Obey the Sabbath Commandment? | 1. Creation Principle | 2. Liberation Principle | 3. Blessing Principle | III. How to Obey the Sabbath Commandment? | 1. Work Hard Six Days | 2. Worship On the Lord's Day | 3. Rest in Jesus Christ
Outline: I. What is the Name of the LORD? Ex. 3:13-15 | II. How Do People Dishonor the LORD's Name? | 1. Carelessness About God's Name | 2. Claiming God's Name for an Agenda | 3. Confessing God's Name Without Obedience | III. How Ought We Honor the LORD's Name?
Outline: I. Worship the LORD Through the Word | II. Reject Idolatrous Images | Why? III. He is Jealous for Our Loyal Love
Why Obey the 10 Commandments? |‌ I. Because of Who God Is | 1. Deliverer, 19:1-4; 20:1-2 | Holy (Scary Holy), 19:7-20 | 3. Only God is God, 20:3 | II. Because of Who We Are, Ex. 19:5-6; 1 Peter 2:9
I. Jesus Is the True Vine, John 15:1 | II. The Father Is the Vinedresser, John 15:1 | III. We Are the Branches, John 15:5 | IV. Our Purpose as Branches: Bear fruit! John 15:5, 8, 16 | V. Abide in the Vine, John 15:4-5 | VI. Welcome the Pruning, John 15:2
Main Idea: In Christ, you are accepted, not condemned. | 3 Reasons Why You Are Not Condemned in Christ: 1) Jesus has freed you from the penalty of sin and death. (vv. 1-2) | 2) Jesus has freed you from the righteous requirement of the Law. (vv. 3-4) | 3) The Spirit frees you from the power of sin. (v. 2, 4)
Outline: I. We Really Are Deeply Loved by God Our Father, 1 John 3:1-2 | II. Being God's Beloved Children is Both Our Present Status and Future Hope, 1 John 3:2-3 | 1. We'll Be Made Like Jesus in His Resurrected and Glorified Body | 2. We'll Be Made Like Jesus in His Character and His Love
Outline: I. The Problem with Confidence in Self-Righteous Identities, Phil 3:1-6 | Self-Righteous Identities: Family, Education, Religious Zeal, Religious Performance | II. Finding Confidence in Our Righteous Identity in Christ is Everything, Phil. 3:7-9
Outline: I. Marks of a Messenger: Converted, Curious, Quiet, Kind, Confident, Contextual | II. Before You Share Your Faith: Walk with God, Know the Faith, Memorize Scripture, Prepare Questions, Find a Friend, Pray for Openings
Outline: I. Daily Set Your Mind on Christ and Who We Are in Christ | II. Daily Put on the New Self and Kill the Old Self
Outline: I. A Model of Evangelism | II. A Model of Servant-Hearted Leadership | III. A Model of Sharing Authority
Outline: I. The Wilderness Requires Warfare | II. Our Warfare Requires Intercessory Prayer | III. Our Warfare Requires One Another | IV. Remember the Lord's Victories
Main Idea: Even in our grumbling, God is still gracious.
Outline: I. ‌Sing to Celebrate God | II. Sing Theology About God | III. Sing to Learn Our Story | IV. Sing Adoration to God | V. Sing Hope of What God Will Do | VI. Sing Expressively and Bodily
‌‌When you see you’re helpless to save yourself, you’re ready to see the Lord’s salvation.
Link to "The Ground of Our Assurance — Don Carson" clip that is referenced during the service:
Outline: I. Announcement of the Final Plague (11:1-3) | II. Description of the Final Plague (11:4-8) | III. Reception of the Final Plague (11:9-10)