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The King's Cross Church Podcast features sermons from King's Cross Church located in Defiance, Ohio.
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No day is neutral. Be busy killing sin by the Spirit, or sin will be busy killing you. I. The penalty for sin has been paid and we owe the flesh nothing (Romans 8:12) II. The power of sin must be slayed and the Spirit comes with a sword (Romans...
I. What is praying in the Spirit? 1. Praying in the Spirit is not praying in the flesh. 2. Praying in the Spirit is not praying intellectually or doctrinally. 3. Praying in the Spirit is not merely praying our lists. II. What is the value of...
I. As a church, together, we ought to pursue being filled with the Spirit. II. We cannot manipulate the Spirit, but we can caught up in Him. III. We can be “not-full” of the Spirit, so we must seek to be filled. IV. The Spirit’s influence...
I. The "Must" of New Birth II. The Miracle of New Birth III. The Mystery of New Birth
I. The inevitability of troubled times. Daniel 12:1 II. A better hope for troubled times. Daniel 12:2-4 III. Questions that remain in troubled times. Daniel 12:5-13 IV. The hope that changes everything.
I. As Christians, we are exiles. Jeremiah 29:4 II. As exiles we are present, yet distinct. Jeremiah 29:4-6 III. We make the Kingdom of God visible by blessing and praying. Jeremiah 29:7 IV. Discern who you trust, and reject lying prophets....
I. Fasting and prayer sharpen our spiritual senses (Daniel 10:1-3) II. Visions are windows into the unseen spiritual realm (Daniel 10:4-10) III. Angels are messenger-warriors in the unseen realm (Daniel 10:11-14) IV. Earthly conflicts of kingdoms...
I. What does repentance look like? 1. Repentance looks like lament and sorrow over sin. 2. Repentance looks like confessing sin as wickedness, not explaining it away. 3. Repentance looks like trusting the Lord’s love and mercy. II. What does...
I. Optimism is not always in order (Daniel 8:1-8, 15-22) II. God's people have been and will be oppressed (Daniel 8:9-14, 23-25) III. Yet, there is no shortage of hope for God's people
I. Real Problems with Beasts, Daniel 7:1-8 II. Real Victory through the Son of Man, Daniel 7:9-14
1. Daniel's rise to rank (6:1-3) 2. Conspirators plot against Daniel (6:4-9) 3. Darius sentenced Daniel to death (6:10-18) 4. God's deliverance and exaltation (6:19-28)
I. The Pride Before the Fall, Daniel 5:1-4 II. The Writing on the Wall, Daniel 5:5-12 III. The Meaning of it All, Daniel 5:13-31
I. God Seeks After Proud People, Dan 4:1-18 II. God Calls Proud People to Repent, Dan 4:19-27 III. God Will Sooner or Later Humble All Proud People, Dan 4:28-37
I. The Situation (Dan 3:1-7) II. The Accusation (Dan 3:8-12) III. The Interrogation (Dan 3:13-15) IV. The Execution (Dan 3:16-18) V. The Salvation (Dan 3:19-25)
I. God alone can reveal history’s mysteries. Daniel 2:1-23 II. God’s kingdom alone will endure forever. Daniel 2:24-45 III. So seek His Kingdom alone. Daniel 2:46-49
I. Nobody Wants to Live in Exile. Daniel 1:1-7 II. It Takes Courage and Wisdom to Live by Conviction in Exile. Daniel 1:8-16 III. It’s God who gives the courage and wisdom to live faithfully as exiles. Daniel 1:17-21
I. We have interdependent gifts, empowered by one Spirit. 1 Corinthians 12:1-11 II. We are interdependent parts, harmonized by one Spirit. 1 Corinthians 12:12-13 III. Every gift and part is indispensable and important. 1 Corinthians 12:14-24 ...
Message from Chris Boeyink on January 3, 2021
I) A heart of belonging in the Spirit (Rom. 8:8-10) II) A heart of battling in the Spirit (Rom. 8:11-13)
Message from Chad Baus on December 24, 2020
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