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The King's Cross Church Podcast features sermons from King's Cross Church located in Defiance, Ohio.
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Message from Samuel Andres on July 5, 2020
God tests us to transform us.
Message from Samuel Andres on June 21, 2020
Copy and paste this link in your browser to view the recorded Facebook Livestream of this service: I) Pharaoh’s Dream (41:1-8) II) The Cupbearer’s Solution (41:9-24) III)...
1. Joseph serves from the love of the Lord (not for it) 2. Joseph credits God as the giver of interpretation for dreams Three ways to test a dream (or other spiritual revelation or word) Test it against all of Scripture. Pray about it, but...
To view the worship gathering, copy and paste this link into your web browser........ .......................Yahweh is with His people in prosperity, in tests of integrity,...
I. Fatherly Favoritism and Brotherly Hatred, Gen 37:1-11 II.Brotherly Hatred Is Given an Opportunity, Gen 37:12-28 III. A Father Grieved and Deceived, Gen 37:29-36
1. On issues of conscience, accepting your brother is better than arguing because God has accepted us all. Rom 14:1-2 2. On issues of conscience, don’t despise or judge the motives of your brother. Rom 14:3-4 3. On issue of conscience, develop...
Message from Samuel Andres on May 10, 2020
1. God's kingdom is open to those who realize that Jesus is the King (7:18-28). 2. God's kingdom is open to those who respond to Jesus as the King (7:29-35).
I. Everyone can hear, but not everyone has ears to hear. Luke 8:4-15 II. Take care how your hear the Word of God, Luke 8:16-18
I. Peace in our Fears, 24:36 II. Certainty in our Doubts, 24:37-43 III. Sense of the Scriptures, 24:44-47 IV. Reason to Live that’s Worth Dying For, 24:48-49 V. Power for Be Transformed and Testify, 24:49
Message from Chad Baus on April 5, 2020
Message from Samuel Andres on March 29, 2020
I. Jesus leads us into uncertainty. II. Jesus is a non-anxious person in uncertainty. Luke 8:23-24 III. Jesus is in Sovereign Control. Luke 8:23-24 IV. Jesus wants to toughen our trust in Him. Luke 8:25 V. Jesus reveals more of His glory to...
Main Idea: Jesus is dismissing judgmentalism, not discernment. I. Do away with a judgmental disposition, Lk 6:37 II. Why do away with judgmentalism? 1. We want God’s generosity, not His judgment, Lk 6:38 2. We all have blind spots, Lk 6:39 3....
Message from Chad Baus on March 8, 2020
I . A nice idea, but what does loving enemies actually look like? ( Lk 6:28-31) 1. do good to those who hate you (Luke 6:27) 2. bless those who curse you (Luke 6:28) 3. pray for those who abuse you (Luke 6:28) 4. To one who strikes you on the...
Message from Chad Baus on March 1, 2020
I. What does it mean to be blessed? II. Who does Jesus call the happy, fortunate ones? (6:20-26) Poor disciples, not the rich. 6:20, 24 2. Hungry disciples, not the full. 3. Weeping disciples, not the laughing. 4. Hated disciples, not the...
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