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King Falls AM centers on a lonely little mountain town's late-night AM talk radio show and its paranormal, peculiar happenings and inhabitants.

New shows available the 1st and 15th of every month! Be sure to start from Sammy's first show (May 1st, 2015) to stay up to date with all your King Falls favorites.
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King Falls AM Update

King Falls AM Update


Kyle, Eric, Noah and Trent give a King Falls AM, Make Believe Show & Patreon update in light of COVID-19.
FULL SPOILERS!!! Join Trent, Noah, Eric & Kyle for a Beyond The Falls examining Christmas (Baby Please Come Home),  Phase Two & the much-needed hiatus. 
The Sammy & Ben Show’s 4th Christmas Special. Please stay tuned after the credits.
Sheriff Troy gets some much needed help from a new batch of deputies and a certain passage from Death By Damnation has our heroes up in arms. 
Come watch Beyond The Falls Live: 2 at PodUK 2020, in Birmingham, UK on February, 1st 2020. Additional events include a Meet 'n Greet with Kyle, Eric Noah & Trent, PodUK panels, workshops, and Q&As from King Falls AM, as well as the other esteemed podcasts and speakers. 
Sammy & Ben find out about not-so hidden messages going out on-air and catch up with the 2011 Salesman of The Year. 
A disturbance at Howard Ford Beauregard The 3rd’s is the talk of The Sammy & Ben Show.
Troy lays down the law regarding what he can & can’t do regarding The Science Institute & the boys have an interview go off the rails. 
Sammy & Ben finally talk to a coworker who has been lying low and trouble rears it’s head across town. 
The team deals with the fallout of the Science Institute’s actions the past few weeks from an undisclosed location.
The station suffers playback issues during Chet Sebastian’s Jazz Corner and our favorite Hepcat has to call an audible live on the air. 
The team splits up, with Ben searching for a very specific book while Sammy & a guest host navigate the airwaves. 
Sammy & Ben search for information on Emily’s troublesome book until a superhero calls from the local SuperCenter. 
Beyond The Falls: Live!

Beyond The Falls: Live!


Come listen to BEYOND THE FALLS: LIVE! In this special edition of the show, Kyle, Eric, Noah & Trent are live (pre-recorded) from UCB in Los Angeles. The boys are accompanied by maestro Cameron Chambers, and several of the King Falls AM cast. Lots of music, lots of laughs and lots of fun! Regular episodes can be found at:
The boys deal with fallout from Emily’s “situation” two weeks ago and continue to get applicants for the morning show spot. 
Sammy & Ben continue to deal with the blue-eyed terror traumatizing the town and Emily picks up an additional shift at the library. 
Sammy & Ben get a stern talking to about how to act regarding their friend getting to come back home. 
Sammy & Ben speak to an old friend and end up getting information from an unlikely source.
Ben invites an interesting guest into the studio in hopes of gaining some much needed information regarding The Science Institute.
Be sure to listen to the debut episode of The Make Believe Show this Tuesday, May 7th, as the boys discuss the question, “What inspired you as a kid?" Subscribe and follow @MakeBelieveShow for new conversations every Tuesday. Let’s Play!
Comments (315)

Ivan Brooks

I've listened to this podcast so many times, but finally got curious about Esther's favorite band, 'All Possible States' and it turns out they're real, and the song is 'Hai'.

Dec 9th

Kristen Huselton

this has to be one of my favorite character interactions so far in this series

Oct 27th

Ellie Mcmurrin

god I'm in class, I can't deal with this emotional turmoil.

Sep 26th

Ellie Mcmurrin

4th relisten. When no other podcast helps me destress and sleep, this is my go to.

Sep 1st
Reply (2)

sweet dee is azor ahai

the characters are a bit too annoying, sorry. does this get any better?

May 4th

Jackie Kuykendall

Sorry if it has been said before, but does anyone else think Lilly sounds like Tina Fey. Mind you, I know it's not Tina Fey, but sometimes the inflection of her voice/her voice just in general sounds so much like Tina Fey to me!

Feb 19th

bethany love

Ben is such a baby. Like, you are a gorwn up. Learn how to deal with your feelings, instead of unleashing them on everyone else. I can't even listen to this podcast anymore.

Feb 13th

Andrew Rouse

just realized Pete is also Kevin from Kevin's Cryptids.

Feb 2nd


feeling sad that the show got cancelled, it's pretty good at times

Jul 11th

Elizabeth Joiner

Yeah, that's exactly right.

Mar 16th


That song! LOVE IT!!!!!

Aug 26th

Connor Rosa

King Falls AM has been officially discontinued for anyone that was unaware.

Aug 3rd

Sabrina Costilla

tenth time listening love it will be my go to podcast when I need a good mood lifter

Jul 26th
Reply (1)

Laura Searles

You guys did such a good music writing job, and Ben is SO good!!! I am pretty new to #KingFallsAM but I LOVE this episode.

Jun 24th
Reply (1)

Rae Nex

so sad this is canceled but I absolutely loved it. it gave me company on many bus rides home from university and during those wait times between classes

Jun 19th

Ellie Mcmurrin

"Ben, shut the fuck up." tell him Emily.

Apr 19th

Ellie Mcmurrin

good for Sammy. I would have just hung up on Cynthia.

Apr 13th

justin gilbert

nothing since March 2020? Update? anything? Please!

Apr 10th
Reply (1)

Ellie Mcmurrin


Apr 6th


This is just like....amazing. It’s amazing.

Dec 10th