DiscoverKudzu Killers: Homicide and Sweet Tea
Kudzu Killers: Homicide and Sweet Tea

Kudzu Killers: Homicide and Sweet Tea

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Kudzu Killers is a true crime podcast featuring a couple of honest-to-goodness southern gals discussing compelling tales of southern style homicide.
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When Steven Stayner was kidnapped in 1972, the world watched as police and his family searched for him. Then he emerged a hero in 1980 when he rescued little Timmy White from suffering the same fate of torture, molestation and rape he'd endured for 7 years. Steven was hailed a hero. And then there was Cary, Steven's older brother...
With lethal injection and electrocution pretty much off the table in most states, some are reconsidering firing squad as a form of capital punishment. Is it really more humane than other methods of execution? You be the judge.
Little is known about the case of Mississippi Serial Killer Gregory Davis, but Lark pieces together his crimes and the aftermath. Ever feel like you were being watched through the stacks? Promo for Harpy Hour podcast.
When two female hitchhikers were murdered in separate incidents on the same day back in 1982, the only evidence was some blood on a glove and a tissue. It took 39 years and many man-hours of genetic genealogy tracking to finally identify their killer. A man was arrested last week for their murders. More and more often, genetic genealogy databases are helping solve long-cold crimes. Tune in for the story of these two young women.
Joe Arridy's IQ was 46, meaning he had the mental capacity of a 6-year-old. When he was arrested for the rape and murder of 15 year old Dorothy Drain in 1936, he didn't understand what was being asked in his interrogation. There were so many things indicating Joe's innocence, yet he was still convicted of murder and sentenced to death. This is Joe's story, and it begs the question, should those with diminished mental capacity be eligible for the death penalty?Promo: For Nerds by Nerds
What happens when a respected veteran medical examiner is found to have missed something major on an autopsy? Do you call into question every autopsy he performed in his 40 years of service? That's a decision being mulled over in Fort Worth, Texas as Dr. Marc Krouse faces suspension and inquiries into his reports after missing a vital piece of information in the examination of a murder victim. All opinions expressed are our own and in no way reflect any official information.
When Sylvia Likens's parents dropped her and her sister, Jenny, off at the home of Gertrude Baniszewski for a few months while they traveled, they never imagined the horrors their daughter would go through. Starvation finally claimed Sylvia's life, but not before months of horrendous torture at the hands of her substitute "mother." This is not one for the faint of heart. Listen with caution. Many triggers including torture, abuse, and starvation.
Sorry, folks. No Forensic Friday episode this week. Here's why, and have a wonderful weekend. See you next week! Stay safe and warm.
Christy Mirack was violently murdered in 1992 as she was getting ready for work. But who would kill the beloved 25-year-old school teacher? No one knew the answer for over 25 years. Then genetic genealogy stepped in.
In this story, that's still developing, Lark discusses the Facebook face-off of a small town police chief's mistresses, their comparing of notes, forged paperwork, and the downfall of a small town officer of the law.
A series of unsolved homicides between 1986-1989 that still haunts us today. Young couples in love, going to their favorite parking spots, never expecting to be the next victims of a sadistic serial killer. Will we ever know who the killer really was? promo for Leave the Lights On podcast
Instead of Forensic Friday, today we have Funny Friday. Stories of criminals being dumb. Really dumb.
When three teenagers decided they wanted to make a human sacrifice to the devil in the hope it would make their heavy metal band famous, they chose the purest girl they knew: Elyse Pahler. But how they killed her, and what they did to her body afterward were truly horrific, and all done in the name of Satan. Promo for Riddle Me That! True Crime Podcast
There is a term for women who fall in love with serial killers on death row: hybristophilia. From Ted Bundy to Richard Ramirez, some women go for the ultra bad boys. It's a complex psychological issue that Lark explains in this episode of Forensic Fridays.
This is the story of Gypsy Rose Blanchard, who was physically and emotionally abused by her mother, who suffered from Munchausen's by Proxy. After years of fear of her mother's punishments and abuse, Gypsy made a deadly plan to escape.
When a hiker identified only by his trail name, Mostly Harmless, was found dead in his tent near the Florida everglades, the mystery surrounding his true identity grew. Was he a dying man trying to complete his bucket list of a hike from New York to Key West? Was he someone who was trying to live off the grid for fear of his life? The speculation grew, until a genomic lab in Texas identified him over two years after his remains were found.
What happened when Christine "Tilly" Walker came home early on December 19, 1959? Who was at the home who would rape and murder her, then wait until her husband got there 30 minutes later and slaughter him and their two young children? Was it all tied to an infamous case which took place only a month prior? In this very short episode we discuss the details of the murders, police theory, and the possible suspects, who had famously committed the murder of another family in their home.
Twenty-one-year-old Alisha Bromfield was 6 and a half months pregnant when her boss, who had verbally and sexually harassed her for five years, murdered her and her unborn daughter. He claimed he was too drunk to know what he was doing. Alisha's mother worked to make sure that defense was never used again. A compelling story of obsessive love, murder, and a mother's fight to make sure something good came out of her daughter's death.
When their child's circumcision went horribly wrong, the Reimers were told by Dr. John Money to raise him as a girl, and his twin brother as a boy. Bruce became Brenda. But Money's nature versus nurture experiment was a failure, and the results were tragic.
Bobbie Jo Stinnett was 23 years old and about to become a mother on December 16, 2004, when she was murdered and her baby ripped from her womb by a woman named Lisa Montgomery. Montgomery is set to be executed on Tuesday, January 12, 2021. This is the story of her crimes.
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