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LAPTIME with Lauren Lapkus

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Hi, friends!

Enjoy a sample of my new podcast on Patreon that changes from week to week. Improv, conversations with friends, and watch alongs! I'm also putting out videos of some of the episodes on there as well.

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Enjoy the show!
4 Episodes
Mary Holland

Mary Holland


Taking a little Baby-Sitters Club break to chat with my dear friend and brilliant actor/comedian/writer, Mary Holland! We talk about our kitties, times we have had accidents in public, and how Mary sleeps. It's always fun when Mary's around! Follow Mary on Twitter and Instagram and check out the full season of Robbie on YouTube! You can also hear Mary as a droid on the Star Wars game show, Jedi Temple Challenge! For a bunch more convos, improv and fun (including an entire podcast series about the Netflix show Baby-Sitters Club), subscribe at!
Bryan Safi

Bryan Safi


I absolutely adore Bryan Safi!! He is the host of the hilarious and informative podcast, Throwing Shade, and he also hosts the super fun podcast, Groceries. He is a regular on 911 on Fox and is an all-around wonderful person!! For the first part of this episode, we chat about our lives and how we're faring in quarantine, and for the second half we do an episode of the Toddcast. Bryan plays Todd's social studies teacher, Mr. Bonnetts! For more Laptime, go to
Say hello to your friends! It's time for episode two of The Baby-Sitters Club, and this episode is all about Claudia! How cute is her style?! Today Lauren is joined by gifted improviser/TV writer, Shaun Diston! The two discuss the parallels between BSC and Star Wars, Shaun's childhood summers in Jamaica, Kirsten Dunst's interesting connection to this series, and we find out which character best represents Shaun. Check out Shaun's Patreon and go watch ROBBIE on Comedy Central and YouTube (the entire season is up for free)! For more Laptime, go to
Hi, friends!  I've created a free feed for my Patreon so I can regularly share episodes with everyone. If you're new to the show, each week I host a variety of episodes including improv with some really talented people, watchalongs of TV shows and movies, conversations with friends, and so much more!  To hear all the episodes and see videos of the recordings, go to XO!
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