DiscoverLET'S HAPPY TALK! "Because I'm Happy!" With Nadia Sahari
LET'S HAPPY TALK! "Because I'm Happy!" With Nadia Sahari
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LET'S HAPPY TALK! "Because I'm Happy!" With Nadia Sahari

Author: Nadia Sahari

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Let's Happy Talk! What's Your "HAPPY TALK" Today?

Monthly on Friday Noon EST
75 Episodes
Billy Cruz loves his God and all the love from God. Loves his family, and friends.
This is the time to look up and remember who God is. Have you forgotten his name? Talk to HIM, Pray and ask Him for forgiveness and healing. He never leaves us. He will heal all of us. He loves us. Be positive, be happy, Ask and you shall receive. This too shall pass...
Prayer and asking God forgiveness, to protect us, will make miracles happen. Let's all pray together, spread the word, spread the love.
FEARLESS HEART, New Show about Toxic Relationships, Who are they without the mask? What to do when you find out, and how to say good-bye!
Are you living in the past? Do you know how to get rid of it? Listen to this and be happy!
A thriller of my life and the life of others who have experienced life in Hollywood, the good, the bad, and the ugly.
Jon Pirincci is so happy and so funny! He loves all that he does. Happy man, happy life!
Neville Diony, Just got his car repaired and he's happy that the repair job was not the NYC price. He's positive about life, and he shares it with us.
Karlyle Tomms, Encourages all to be kind and life can be more fulfilling and peaceful.
Gina Gardiner, Life Coach, and Relationship Coach loves nature, the trees, the sky, the clouds, all of what God created.
John Michael Ferrari, Loves his ranch, the view, the air, the animals and writing song lyrics.
Cindy Yee Kong loves animals and is happy giving them shelter, food, and adoption. How does she do it?
The Downeys Happy Talk

The Downeys Happy Talk


Angela and Ken Downey, Entrepreneurs. Love growing their business. What makes them happy?
Erika has border collies and she loves them! They make her happy!
Stephen Carbon, Musician, Poet, Singer and Guitarist in Hawaii. Loves life and sharing his talent.
Fiona Drake-New Career

Fiona Drake-New Career


Fiona Drake, loves her new career, her clients, and her destiny!
Dr. Erin, Creator of Good Morning LaLa Land! Shares her happy waking up at 4 am! What does she do?
Rebecah Ruth loves fashion and giving back! Find out what she's doing next!
Dr. Darnise Martin a Professor happy with all her students' way of thinking and doing life!
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