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Keez was raised in Harlem but lived in the Bronx Spotify Play
Artists Name: RunningWolf1989Native Name: Hanta NashobRecord Label: Savagely Twisted Records, LLCRunningWolf1989 is a Songwriter, Composer, Music Producer, Scriptwriter for TV and Films, TV an Film Producer, Lawyer, Publisher, Radio Station Owner, Author, Life Coach, Promoter, Marketer and Podcast Host. RunningWolf1989 started in 1988 after graduation from high school, plays 23 different real instruments and has composed and produced music for various artists, including Solomon Childs of Wu Tang Clan, The Legion, StepBackJ, Duals, Young Leaf, and more. RunningWolf1989 was introduced into the music industry by Chuck Burt. Connect and Network with is available on:
Guest Speaker Vitamin318

Guest Speaker Vitamin318


Vitamin, born Cierra Turner, is a thriving and dedicated female rapper from Monroe, La. As a kid, she always was tapping into different creative talents from drawings, dancing, poetry, you name it. Among all her talents and activities growing up, music was the only thing to purely bring young Vitamin joy.. throughout her childhood she learned and played a variety of instruments and studied her favorite MC’s at the time. From there, she was able to began her journey of molding herself to be the artist she is today. Regardless of where life has taken her, she would always remain faithful to her love and passion for Hip-Hop. In 2013, after finishing up her contract with the US Army, she decided it was time to consider her music more seriously than just a hobby. She’s been working with multiple artists and Grammy award winning engineers throughout the years. Vitamin has the delivery, versatility, and Charisma to capture your attention and keep it on her. The journey has been bright but the future is starting to look even brighter for this vicious “Fem-Cee”. Spotify -
2 DA MAX GIRL TALK is giving Business Women a place on the Internet to Market, Advertise and Promote their Products and/or Services. "Host Erica Roberts"Self love is the best love you can ever have and sometimes we struggle with learning how and when to put ourselves first in life. No one is going to love you better than you ever will. This book will change your life. Remember to always love you, flaws and all. Self Love is the best Love, and people, have to understand that they need to put themselves first not in selfish way but a healthy because if they don't love themselves they cannot truly love someone else. "Author Mahogany Clark"Music - No Love by Jay Buggs
The Journey is about the Life of Author Erica Roberts told via an eBook and soon to be an Internet Movie Series in 2020. Featured Music is the "Core" by Jay Buggs"The Journey is about a Woman who grew up as a young girl in the project, with both parents and suffered with Asthma all her life. She experienced a lot of short comings in her life but the one thing you will hear in the audio book is she never gave up on herself. She experienced things like a man walking out of her life, domestic violence, etc but she always found a way to pick herself up and keep moving. She became this lady that know what she want out of life and she go for it."
Vic Nice is and up and coming solo artist from Burlington,NC. Currently he's promoting his single called "Waybach" from his soon to be released EP. called "Untold". This single was recently released on Apple Music. , Tidal, Spotify, Deezer, Amazon ,and all online streaming services. "Waybach was released as a single to give you the listener another story from the life of Vic Nice. Also it showcases Vic Nice's lyrical talents as an Artist.Spotify -
Sherri Scott-Wilder is from the Rochester, NY area. Sherri Scott-Wilder is an aspiring songwriter trying to make a mark on the music map. In hopes that a mainstream or upcoming Artist would be interested in singing a song written by me. Sherri Scott-Wilder is a very detailed person. Sherri Scott-Wilder is a hard worker. Sherri Scott-Wilder is not shy about asking questions. Sherri Scott-Wilder believes Knowledge is Power!
Independent Recording Artist KEEZ MC talks about new and previous music projects with Host Yvonne Wilcox
Experienced Social Work Advocate with a demonstrated history of working in the Nonprofit Organization Management Industry. Strong professional skilled in Nonprofit Organizations, Microsoft Word, Nonprofit Consulting, Event Management, Social Media and Volunteer Management.
The artist known as “Da2ndletter” won’t let anything stop him from getting his music heard. His recent street campaign has helped to promote his latest music project titled “100 Rack¥.” Those who follow him through social media were able to watch when he enlisted video cameras to document his hustle. He went from “mom and pop” shops to Wichita-based radio stations which have the ability to put his music into regular rotation. “I wanted to show that I’m out here grinding,” says Da2ndletter. “It was important for me to make myself more visible.” With most independent musicians relying solely on social media to get the word out about their music, Da2ndletter, wanted to step outside of the box. He’s glad to know that people are taking notice of him and feels he’s helping to set the standard for how fellow independent artists get their music into the hands of consumers. Da2ndletter, originally from Denver, CO, has performed as an opening act for Do or Die, RZA from Wu Tang, Beanie Sigel and has toured with the Outlawz and Johnny Richter of the Kottonmouth Kings. Although garnering some new fans, Da2ndletter has also ruffled some feathers with his criticism of local DJs. He has expressed his belief that DJs don’t properly support indie artists.I Told Em Studio Session
Projects released by Omar Jefferson professionally known as Spank Master Boogie: EDM Producer, DJ, Percussionist Ricardo Del Rio is based out of Italy and has performed in London, Spain, Mexico, South Beach Miami, Dominican Republic, New York. His latest project entitled "The Remix Album" features Elan Noelle, Spank Master Boogie, Anita Reader and has tracks from house, electro, dubstep & funky songs like Bere Vino and the ambient For Her.
Don Rousell is truly an artist. He's primarily an electric bass player and if you ask...he'll tell you that "I dabble on the piano a little". Which is where he writes, arranges and composes most of his music.
Lyrical Union describes the group's genre as Hip-Hop, Rap, R&B and Christian Rap. There are three members in the group: Young Noah Da Champ, Rhymefluid and Bozo. Lyrical Union was Co-Founded by Noah Da Champ and Rhymefluid. Lyrical Union has been a group for over a decade, earlier in the beginning Lyrical Union only focused on having fun with music. Lyrical Union has a previous music project titled "Lady" which was released in 2018. The lyrical storyline behind "Lady" is people talk about the love and respect they have for a Woman. People live in a generation where the word respect is not used in most relationships anymore. Lyrical Union decided to remind all Women, that love and respect will come in the right form. Lyrical Union describes the mood of the "Lady" single as Sexy and Intriguing.
The Executive Show with Yvonne and Anton covering the music industry today and services provided benefiting not only music artists but business as well. The industry professionals cover a number of topics ranging from marketing and advertising and the benefits of artist investing into their careers. Providing a rare and unique opportunity two individuals and search have a productive successful team. The music industry is constantly changing and with the services provided by these industry professionals artist producers and DJs are able to connect and benefit with their career. Now is the time if ever with the influx of Technology and the opportunity of monetizing for Independent Artists and businesses to capitalize.
Gospel Recording ArtistA young girl with a huge sound bellowing over the airwaves in church and community choirs starting at the tender age of five. Iva’s booming voice is a outward reflection of her heart and love to encourage others through the word of God.
MusicByBlaise at the end
Tony Owens, known professionally as Tea_L is an American R&B singer writer, producer, arranger, and performer. Tea_l has been singing and performing on stage since the age of five. He's the lead singer of the hit singing group formerly known as 4-U. One of their most popular singles was titled “Home.” They've enjoyed a number one single on Billboard's 'Bubbling Under' charts, and a number two single on Billboards R&B charts. Tea_L was up for a Soul Train Music Award along with many other successes.
We talk about 3 singles from the Afro Sal Soul Volume 2 Album
Release of the "Will Jr." Album August 1st
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