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Author: desertduffer, JScore, and OTP Lefty

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We talk LIV golf, PGA Tour golf, major championship golf, and LPGA golf. A pro golf podcast with less politics, more laughs, and no preaching.
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It's the best (or second best?) golf week of the year, so we recorded an episode where we talk about The Masters. We also check in on JScore's emotional well-being as the endless Fargo winter continues. Plus, OTP Lefty goes on more golf trips, and DD provides a brief litigation update.Also, this episode has been uploaded in its original format. We want to get out in front of this: apologies to Peter Dinklage, Paul McGinley, and anyone else that DD may have offended with his crass and offensive language in reference to little people. He promises to learn from this and to do better going forward.
It's been seven hours and 15 days. Since we took the pod away. But like Pat Perez, we're back, baby. In the latest episode, OTP Lefty and desertduffer report on their trip to South Florida for the LIV Team Final in Miami, where Nothing Compared 2 the 4 Aces. The LLG crew give their thoughts on the most valuable and most disappointing players in the LIV inaugural campaign, and talk about what might be coming in 2023. Plus JScore recaps his trip to Bandon Dunes.
No fighting (but we do have Haters and Losers). Huge episode this week from LLG. The gang starts off with a deep-dive recap of LIV Bangkok and the breakthrough win for 22-year-old Eugenio Lopez-Chacarra. It was also a big week for his countrymen as Jon Rahm won the Spanish Open, and Sergio Garcia captained the Chacarra and the rest of the Fireballs to their first LIV team win. Ball don't lie. Rahm's victory speech made a man want to speak Spanish.We also have a full recap of Tom Kim's win and Cantlay's meltdown at the Shriners Children's Open in Las Vegas, a Jimmy Walker update, and some chatter from the LPGA's fifth visit to SoCal this season.Plus, a perennial candidate finally pulls in his first Hater and Loser of the week title from duffer, JScore goes after the Champions Tour, and we discuss the latest OWGR developments, takes, and mistakes. And of course, not golf podcast is complete in 2022 with litigation updates. So be wise, and keep on!
Does the city know what the city is getting? The crème de la crème of the golf world descends upon Thailand for LIV Bangkok, and the LLG crew has takes, picks, and rants. Last week, only a few yards separated despair and ecstasy for Bryson at the long drive championship in Nevada. Justin Thomas put on his best cool guy clothes and kicks for a trip to 30 Rock to twirl with Jimmy Fallon on the Tonight Show. And OTP Lefty and JScore share some thoughts on the Kyle Phillips design on which the tough guys will tumble between raindrops this weekend. You should know that when you play at this level, there's no ordinary venue.Don't miss this episode. We promise it'll grip you more than any muddy old river or reclining Buddha.
Litigation updates, litigation updates, and more litigation updates. The PGA Tour has answered the LIV suit in California and filed a counterclaim. Does it have any more merit than the defamation lawsuit the dynamic duo of Reed and Klayman have moved to Florida?Also, OTP Lefty ruminates on Rory's master plan, we discuss whether Jay Monahan has any real future as PGA Tour Commissioner, and another episode of The Ratings Game!
Take a break from the spin doctors telling you the Presidents Cup was much closer than the score indicated, and listen to the LLG crew tell you what really happened at Quail Hollow this week. Duffer, OTP Lefty, and JScore watched the the PGA Tour's premier team exhibition so you wouldn't have to. Thank them by listening to this episode. If you won't do it for them, do it for the shield.
Cameron Smith gets his first LIV win at the Chicago Invitational, and Cameron Tringale makes his short pants debut as a professional to mixed reviews. Our man on the ground OTP Lefty takes center stage with a recap of all things LIV Chicago as the LLG gang is back with its third episode in less than a week to touch on our Aussie winner, Catalan pronunciations, and offer sartorial musings on shorts, socks, and ethical belt production.
The Chicago Marathon is a couple of weeks early as the gang powers through the longest episode in pod history. We start by following Jay Monahan's Citation X escapades from Montana to St. Lucia. Then OTP gives us a preview of what to expect at LIV Chicago, including the musical stylings of St. Lucia. desertduffer introduces a new LLG game show -- The Ratings Game (44:40). Eventually, OTP gets a second wind and delivers a very loud love letter to the PGA Tour's Jimmy Walker, leaving JScore and our listeners thoroughly confused about the meaning of Haters and Losers of the week (1:17). There's also a litigation update and a giveaway reminder in there somewhere, too.
In the childhood home county of Harry Potter and Emma Woodhouse, Irishman Shane Lowry wins the DP World Tour's marquee event and self-deprecatingly declares himself "one of the good guys." Duffer, JScore, and OTP Lefty discuss whether it might be time to fit Lowry for a black hat. (He's definitely Slytherin House.) We recap the play at Wentworth West, discuss Sergio Garcia's early return home to Austin, and dissect Patrick Reed's week on the interview circuit.And, in honor of LLG's 10th podcast episode and thanks to our listeners, we're giving away some LIV Golf team merchandise. Make sure to listen and enter before LIV Chicago tees off later this week.
It was a momentous week in central Massachusetts for LIV Golf, as Dustin Johnson won for the first time in the new tour's first playoff. Of course, with success come haters and losers, and the LLG gang acknowledges the week's saltiest, including desertduffer's picks of DJ Pie and Chris "Soly" Solomon of No Laying Up (52:48).
LLG has boots on the ground in central Massachusetts as World #2 Cam Smith leads an impressive international contingent of new signings at LIV Boston. desertduffer has all the highlights from the introductory press conferences, and pulled himself away from the lunch buffet in the media center to walk alongside Smith and Marc Leishman in their first practice round as LIV golfers. duffer also gives the lowdown on the Australian spider situation as told by Leishman's Mum. OTP and JScore give us their betting picks, and update the team shakeups, and the gang discusses how important these signings may be to the future of international golf.
desertduffer provides an update on the antitrust case in the N.D. Cal, as four players drop from the lawsuit, and one upstart golf tour joins. The LLG gang discusses whether the new PGA Tour changes will be a win for the fans, the tour, or neither. And just who are the Raine Group, and what do they want with pro golf? Plus, OTP Lefty professes his undying love for primetime sim golf.
Patrick Cantlay wins the Due Diligence Invitational in every fictitious person's favorite state, but the big news out of Delaware is the semi-secret meeting at the Hotel du Pont. Depending on which paragon of journalistic excellence you're inclined to believe--Alan Shipnuck or Eamon Lynch--Tiger and his acolytes either planned to remake the PGA Tour into a LIV-light, for-profit corporation, or have planned a series of one-day trick shot competitions.OTP Lefty, desertduffer, and JScore (via remote from Las Vegas) also debate the greatest sporting events in Delaware history, run down Patrick Reed's defamation suit against Hall of Fame Hater and Loser Brandel Chamblee, and discuss the claim to fame of Scott Stallings’s hometown of Worcester, MA. 
With no new legal developments since the last episode, the "LIV Bots" talk golf this week. desertduffer calls in from a potato somewhere in the Boston area looking for the Northern Trust Open, and the gang discusses Willy Z's win in Memphis, the dastardly conspiracy against Cameron Smith, the OWGR, and Akshay Bhatia's hair.We also name new Haters and Losers of the Week, JScore shouts out the golf illuminati, and OTP Lefty gives us the latest odds on the next players to jump to the LIV Tour.
After a marathon unbillable session watching the TRO proceedings via Zoom in Mickelson v. PGA Tour, Inc., desertduffer shares the bad news about the LIV players' failed efforts to crash the FedEx Cup playoffs in Memphis. The LLG crew discusses what's next for Gooch and the gang, and whether there's any escape route from Judge Labson Freeman's courtroom.We also talk Murifield, OTP Lefty's charity golf scramble, and JScore's progeny's weak constitution. Plus, bonus Big Sur content!
The shroud of the PGA Tour's dark side has fallen! The legal war for the future of golf has begun in the form of Mickelson v. PGA Tour, Inc. LLG's resident lawyer desertduffer is back with OTP Lefty and JScore to recap the initial skirmishes at pro golf's legal Lexington and Concord, to predict what might come next, and to remind you that the good stuff is always in the exhibits.
On the heels of being stripped of the Ryder Cup captaincy, Henrik Stenson wins the LIV Bedminster Invitational by two strokes over a resurgent Matt Wolff and Dustin Johnson. The LIV Laff Golf crew dissects Henrik's win, and debates whether the 4 Aces juggernaut can be stopped. desertduffer compares the Torque GC with the mid-80s St. Louis Cardinals baseball team. Is Julie Crenshaw the current day Joaquin Andujar?The gang also speculates about the potential LIV future of back-to-back PGA Tour winner Tony Finau, OTP Lefty waxes poetic about Muirfield, and we learn how Captain Lou Albano relates to the Ryder Cup.



The inaugural episode of LIV Laff Golf sees desertduffer, OTP Lefty, and JScore make their picks for LIV Golf Bedminster. OTP chooses one of golf's sacred cows as his Hater of the Week; JScore wonders if being Ryder Cup Captain is really that great a gig; and desertduffer shares some rumors about the timing of impending antitrust lawsuits. Plus, bonus discussion about Brandel Chamblee's companion on his 60th birthday boondoggle through Scotland!
It's The Night Before the Open Championship, and the LLG gang is ready to Get Back to it. It's been a busy couple of weeks in pro golf, and The Things We Said Today include a discussion of the return of Jay Monahan to his job as the nominal head of the PGA Tour. But the Nowhere Man has yet to be seen in Merseyside this week.Duffer, OTP Lefty, and JScore touch on the performance of The Fools on the (Capitol) Hill sent in Jay's place, Jimmy Dunne and and Ron Price. Dick Blumenthal's main line of inquiry: Tell Me Why the deal had to be with the Saudis. The obvious answer, of course, is Money (That's What They Want). Jimmy and Ron had little to say about the terms of the deal before the deal, other than We Can Work it Out later. The DOJ will certainly have its say about What Goes On, as will the Taxman when it comes to dealing with the 501(c)(6) issues.As for the Open, as usual, everybody's talking about Little Lord McIlroy, who's fresh off his win at the Scottish Open. But I've Got a Feeling you know what the gang thinks of Rory's chances of winning. Baby You're a Rich Man, but you won't be a winner at Hoylake, Not a Second Time. He and his many media fanboys will just have to Wait until next year, just like they've been doing for 8+ years now.The End. 
We're back, with tolerable audio to talk about the PGA Tour Papers Twitter document dump. Duffer explains how he came upon the documents, his plan to test the media, how Sports Illustrated got them, Tiger's response, and more. Then the gang gets into the substance of the documents, and what they may mean for the future of the tours and the proposed merger. Finally, OTP Lefty leads a recap session of an exciting weekend of golf on both major men's tours.
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