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Author: Pleasance Lowengard Silicki

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Welcome to the LOLA Community Podcast.
An exploration in Well -Being, Yoga, Ayurveda, Meditation, and SOULful SELF- CARE.
Practical tips for living, breathing and THRIVING in our communities, our lives and our world. We use the principles of LOLA. The lil omm life academy ( LOLA) teachings are based on Ayurveda, Attraction, Alignment and Authentic living. Your life. By Design.
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In this episode, My husband, Mel, and I talk about how we do planning retreats to set goals for the family and ourselves. Here's a link to the podcast and biz community Mel was referring to in this episode,, where you can download the Retreat planing guide  right at the website. To do planning in real life with the LOLA Community, OR learn more about THRIVE planning  in our online course AND get our PLAN TO THRIVE GUIDE at ENJOY!  --- Support this podcast:
Self- Care with Rita

Self- Care with Rita


In this episode, Rita talks about what self- care is for her and her life, what she has learned about it and gives some great tips for your real life! Enjoy! Contact Rita at  --- Support this podcast:
This episode gives you a great overview of our biggest take aways and learnings from the National Ayurveda Medical Association Conference that we both attended in April, 2019. This was such a treat to go back and discuss what we learned. You can learn more about NAMA and the 2020 conference ( COME WITH US!) And about THRIVE and our other offers at Feel free to reach out to us with your questions, concerns, reflections and insights!, --- Support this podcast:
In this episode, Rita and I jam on what it means to "do the work." Rita shares her own experiences with growth and development and her big A- HA on  changing her life. I bring in some quotes from Radical Dharma by Rev. angel Kyodo williams and Lama rod Owens. Email us with your reflections,, and find the Self-Compassion Challenge at Thanks for listening and supporting the podcast. --- Support this podcast:
In this episode, Rita and I talk about how we are both processing and moving through difficulties in our own lives. We share some of the learning we are doing from the book Burnout by Emily and Amelia Nagoski and how interrelated everything is.  The pillars and practices that seem to be helping us right now are having meaningful work/ contributing to society outside of our own micro worlds, as well as working with community care and what it means to be in authentic relationships. Lastly, we talk about the stress cycle, sensations in the body, and feeling the feels. Reach out to us with questions or comments-,  You can also joint self- compassion course, here --- Support this podcast:
Loves, It has been 1 year since Rita joined the LOLA, lil omm family- and this episode shares all the behind the scenes of shifts and changes with a year of intentional study and commitment.  YIPPEE the. Self- Compassion Challenge is now available. You can sign up for it, here.  ENJOY! Thanks for listening and sharing. XO, pleasance --- Support this podcast:
Calling all women who are exhausted!!! This episode is for you.  I loved chatting with Karen Brody  about Yoga Nidra, REST AND RELAXATION. Karen is an advocate for deep rest and teaches women in her fabulous book, Daring to Rest, how to take control of their own stress and care with Yoga Nidra. She has gifted us with a 5 minutes guided meditation, which you can find, here. And you can learn more about Karen, her groups and community, here.  As always, if you want to learn more about LOLA and the online and in person offerings that we have, you can find us at or email me, I love to hear from you!  --- Support this podcast:
Here's one of my favorite things to talk about! Today, Licia and I jam about writing and writing practices. Licia is an author, you can find her book here. I love meeting new friends online and digging into our commonalities and then sharing with our community the ways in which we can deepen our writing practices. Licia is a delight and I hope you enjoy this conversation. You can find all of our offerings at or email me at Thanks for listening!  --- Support this podcast:
Goddess Amadea is here with us today! Amadea has been teaching Ayurveda for many years not to mention Polarity Therapy and Nutrition.  She is an incredible teacher, guide and woman who I have loved learning from.  In this episode, we dive into the cycles of women's health and recommendations for each stage. Enjoy! You can learn more about Amadea and get her books and trainings  at  You can learn about our offerings at or email me for private consults and mentorships.  --- Support this podcast:
This is inspired by a meditation that Saylor gave to our families at our Mother's Day Retreat. This is a great meditation to listen to with your children. Enjoy.  --- Support this podcast:
In this episode, Trauma Resolution educator and coach, Rachael Maddox, and I jam on sexuality, pleasure, healing and trauma. Rachael brings a grounded presence and strength that I really appreciated. You can learn more about her work, here.  --- Support this podcast:
This is a very special episode with my mother, Cathy Darling Muir. My mom and I talk openly and honestly about our very complicated relationship and the healing and rebuilding we have done over the years. We wanted to share this with you in honor of Mother's Day and in honor of all the complicated and challenging relationships in our life and the unique identity of Motherhood. Thank you for listening. Email me with questions, responses or reflections,  --- Support this podcast:
In this episode,  Dr. Lindiwe and I chat about health, career changes and shifts, as well as eastern and western medicine.  We met at the Center for Mind- Body Medicine Training and love to talk and share ideas around healing and wellness, advocacy and raising children.  ENJOY!  You can learn more about Dr. Greenwood here. --- Support this podcast:
This woman is incredible!  Dr. Sabrina is a teacher, storyteller, therapist and peace builder. She is one of my favorite humans, and I'm thrilled to have her on the podcast today talking about Ancestral Healing. You can find out more about her at  --- Support this podcast:
I've known Jennifer a number of years from the Kids Yoga and Mindfulness world  and it's my pleasure to chat with her specifically about anxiety. We hope this conversation helps listeners learn some new perspectives and tools for managing anxiety in daily life.  Jennifer is also the author of some great books and resources for classrooms and families, which you can find here.  You can learn more about upcoming trainings and online classes at Little Flower Yoga.  --- Support this podcast:
Jenny Johnston is an EFT ( tapping)  and Past Life Regression Practitioner. I met Jenny a year ago when she did a session with Saylor and then she also helped my husband this Fall. Jenny specializes in integrating EFT and Past Life Regression in order to understand our past challenges and to release them so that we can live a healthy and fulfilled life. You can learn about all of Jenny's online classes and watch her videos here.  --- Support this podcast:
This is a very special episode with my friend Roberta Halpern, author of Courage Reborn: Finding Peace and Purpose after losing my children. Roberta is a writer, healer and mother who shares her story of loss and how her writing has helped her through processing and healing. She has transformed her experience into writing this book and leading grief circles for other parents who have lost children and loved ones.   You can learn more about Roberta's work at  --- Support this podcast:
Self- Healing Meditation

Self- Healing Meditation


In LOLA, our Semester 1 students are learning about self- healing. I recorded this meditation for our community, based on this information from Ancient Chinese Wisdom. It's a great refresh meditation and healing/nourishing meditation for all.  Enjoy!  --- Support this podcast:
This episode is a little different than normal b/c it starts with my just digging into my own experiences with people pleasing and my shifts and changes over the years and in friendships with over caring for others lives AND wanting people to like me. Then, I invite therapist, Francine Ronis,  to join in and go deeper with some of the information I learned when I posted about this on Facebook and felt like we needed to have a deeper dive into what the layers of people pleasing are. Enjoy. You can find Francine here.  --- Support this podcast:
In this conversation with Annie Grace,  the author of This Naked Mind, and I have a conversation about the decision to quit over drinking, why someone would do this and what the real life ripples can be. I read Annie's book over the summer and found it to be the only book I needed to help me stop over drinking and to educate me on the spectrum of drinking habits that we don't really talk about. I'm beyond grateful for Annie's work and clarity on those of us who don't identify as  "alcoholics", where do we fit into society?  You can learn more about Annie, here. And of course, email me your comments, questions and feedback. I love to hear from you, --- Support this podcast:
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