DiscoverLRC Presents: All the President's Lawyers
LRC Presents: All the President's Lawyers
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LRC Presents: All the President's Lawyers

Author: KCRW, Josh Barro, Ken White

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There are so many lawyers, lawsuits and legal news surrounding President Trump that we needed to call our own lawyer. In this special weekly series from Left, Right & Center, Josh Barro and former federal prosecutor and criminal...
39 Episodes
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Jeffery H

Informative and to the point in cutting through the partisan feedback loops cultivated by tribal biased news that act as mouthpieces for their party's.

Dec 13th

Eric Skattebo

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Oct 7th

Jordan Fay

it's only a public forum when the govt. officials post.

Sep 13th

Terri Hunt

what are the chances Trump knows he's going down and he's trying to see if/ when the rest of the GOP will actually stop him? just a crazy thought...

Sep 6th

Mantis Toboggan

So if Twitter is a "public forum", then why are they allowed to ban people? Is Milo not allowed to respond? The answer is that Twitter is not a public forum and this is a harassment case. Y'all have gone nuts

Jun 6th

Simon B

Mantis Toboggan it's a private company which allows the ability to hold public forums, yet allow for their own rules of conduct to be held. Example, Milo and his pedophilia ideals can violate terms of use due to potential harm/violence against children. That's an example, not a fact, not exactly why, but something that could be cause for being banned. Keep in mind individual terms per platform will vary from company to company etc. Laws have yet to keep up with technology. Tech changes quickly, getting laws passed takes a lot of time as we've seen in Congress during any term.

Jun 7th
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