DiscoverLabeled: "The Stories, Rumors, & Legends of Tooth & Nail Records"
Labeled: "The Stories, Rumors, & Legends of Tooth & Nail Records"
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Labeled: "The Stories, Rumors, & Legends of Tooth & Nail Records"

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Go behind the scenes of one of the generation defining indie record label in this tell all podcast. Matt Carter and Toby Morrell of Emery, along with help from Aaron Lunsford from As Cities Burn take on the task of setting the record straight through story telling and reporting on what really happens behind the scenes in the music industry. Exclusive interviews with bands, managers, touring crew, producers, record label employees, and the man who started it all - President and Founder of Tooth and Nail Records, Brandon Ebel. Subscribe to “Labeled: The Stories, Rumors, and Legends of Tooth and Nail Records” today.
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The Rise of Cornerstone
Chapter 4 As it turns out, Cornerstone Festival had a lot more than a good lineup of bands; it has its own rich history and undergirding philosophy born out of The Jesus People USA and John Herrin, the festival’s director. Much of this philosophy and the festival’s audience was a direct inspiration to Tooth and Nail Records. Brandon Ebel traveled there in 1990 with a backpack and left with the clear notion that there needed to be more of what was going on at Cornerstone. Support Labeled on Patreon Join Labeled on Facebook    SONGS YOU HEARD ON THIS EPISODE: Resurrection Band:   "Irish Garden" Zao "Free The Three" Ghoti Hook "My Bike" As Cities Burn "The Hoard" The Drowned God "Catholic" Jeremy Camp "Take My Life" mewithoutYou "In a Sweater Poorly Knit" Further Seems Forever "The Sound" Morella’s Forest "Gentle Go The Hours" Family Force Five "Dance Or Die" Showbread "Mouth Like A Magazine"   MORE FROM THIS EPISODE:* The Drowned God - “Catholic” Music Video:* Follow The Drowned God on Spotify:   MORE FROM TOOTH & NAIL:* Labeled: Music From The Podcast:* DISCOVER IT: New Tracks from T&N Records:* This Is Solid State: New Tracks from Solid State Records:   * Tooth & Nail Store (LABELED Patreon members get 20% off everything):

The Rise of Cornerstone


Comments (2)

Cindy Osborne

This has become one of my favorite Podcasts! What's the deal? All my favorite Podcasts are hosted/co-hosted by current or former members of Emery. Whatever. I can dig it.

Sep 19th

Nick Sparrow

I love this podcast so much, it's amazing listening to the stories of tooth and nail and hearing updates and even stories behind these bands. Can't wait for the early days stories.

Feb 1st
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