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Labyrinths: Getting Lost with Amanda Knox

Author: Knox Robinson Productions

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Everyone is navigating their own personal maze, complete with winding paths, dead ends, short cuts, and Minotaurs. In Labyrinths, Amanda Knox and her partner Christopher Robinson delve into stories of getting lost and found again through compassionate interviews, philosophical rants, and playful debate with fascinating people. Expect dark and hilarious misadventures, nagging and controversial questions, and above all, expect to arrive at unexpected places.

32 Episodes
Amanda was accused of orchestrating a sex-game gone wrong that ended in murder. But what does a sex-game gone right look like? To find out, Amanda and Chris connect with Mistress Cyan and Goddess Genesis and enter the world of BDSM.
Sperm counts are dropping; miscarriage rates are rising. Renowned environmental and reproductive epidemiologist Dr. Shanna Swan alerts us to the global infertility crisis, while Amanda and Chris find something to hope for.
The labyrinth of infertility has many dead ends. The miracles of science are not a guarantee, and even adoption can be an insurmountable challenge. At what point does a couple give up and accept that they will never have children?
Nearly half a million babies are born each year thanks to assisted reproductive technologies like in-vitro fertilization. But modern science is a double-edged sword, providing hope to the hopeless, but at the cost of financial peril, physical pain, and sometimes, endless frustration.
It's a club nobody wants to join, and one few people talk about. These brave women are helping destigmatize pregnancy loss, and searching for hope after their bodies have betrayed them.
Amanda and Chris thought it was a straight-line from unprotected sex to baby. They were painfully wrong. They relive their miscarriage and step into the labyrinthine world of infertility.
The pandemic is ending; the world is reopening. What should we leave behind, and what should we resurrect? And what about raging parties? Amanda and Chris jump into the deep end of social life and meet some strangers in this brave new world.
Mark Olshaker is a writer masquerading as a detective, tracking down serial killers with John Douglas (Mindhunter), and tracking down infectious diseases with Dr. Michael Osterholm (Deadliest Enemy). Those worlds have more in common than you'd think!
Obie Anthony served 17 years in prison for a murder he didn't commit. On Oct 4th, 2011, he was released, the very same day as Amanda, his exoneree twin.
Long before Curb Your Enthusiasm, Cheryl Hines was thirty, waitressing, and stuck in a rut, her biggest acting credit, a small role on Swamp Thing. Would she ever be successful, or happy?
Jack was a rising stand-up comic and single dad, but then he started crumbling, piece by piece, due to an unknown illness. Amanda and Chris learn how he lost himself, and how he found himself again as the world fell to pieces.
Hot Shit (Jason Flom)

Hot Shit (Jason Flom)


Jason Flom leads a double life. He's a founding board member of the Innocence Project, but also the CEO of Lava Records, with wild tales of rehab and rockstars.
Amanda and Chris got married on Leap Day 2020, just before the pandemic hit, in a wild sci-fi time-travel costume-ball. Hear all about it, and solve some puzzles in this episode to unlock their wedding photos.
Amanda and Chris tell their own meet-cute story, read some love poems from their book, The Cardio Tesseract, and talk with Amanda's grandparents, Bill and Mildred, about the secret to sustaining a 67-year love affair.
The Day Amanda got out of prison, a former FBI agent was there to help her escape Italy. Special Agent Steve Moore takes Amanda & Chris on a tour of his 25 year career.
Amanda went to prison despite having a spotless record. The irony! Now she interviews Chris about all the times he's broken the law.
When defense attorneys Shannon Smith and Molly Blythe agreed to represent Olympic doctor Larry Nassar, who pled guilty to sexually abusing young gymnasts, they were accused of betraying womankind.
Happy New Year?

Happy New Year?


The world is still on fire, sort of. Amanda and Chris offer some thoughts on the New Year, and a hint of what to expect from Labyrinths in the coming months.
Amanda and Chris step through a crack in the space-time continuum with LeVar Burton, who is simultaneously Kunta Kinte, Geordi La Forge, and the host of Reading Rainbow.
Amanda's friend Tom finds himself separated from his pregnant girlfriend by a pandemic, politics, and thousands of miles of Pacific ocean.
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Amazing podcast.

Dec 8th
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