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A community for people who hate leaving the house but also want friendship. Talking about things we find fascinating or don't understand and almost certainly getting completely sidetracked along the way with well, tangents.
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Grief comes in all shapes and sizes, party people. We've almost all experienced a breakup in some capacity, but what is it about friendship breakups that seem to leave us lost and confused? In this weeks episode we look to the experts to help us put the pieces back together. Whether you've had a friendship fizzle out or abruptly end, whether you were the one left wondering why or the one who walked away - we want to encourage you to never feel guilty for loving yourself the most. Article Reference- this podcast at — Inquiries: & Opt-Out:
We're back on our bull sh*t, trying to figure out where things like Birthdays and the Tooth Fairy came from and why the Easter Bunny lays eggs? I can almost guarantee none of the origins are what you would have guessed. We also take a moment to give you a completely inaccurate lesson on Greek Mythology, just for funsies. Please leave your favorite correct greek mythology tidbit below to educate us because we clearly need it. Articles used for this episode - this podcast at — Inquiries: & Opt-Out:
This is a story about a girl name....BRITNEY B*TCH. The time has come for us to talk about hashtag Free Britney. It is important to note that we are mediocre at best when it comes to researching, remembering timelines and staying on track so if you came here to educate yourself on what is happening with Britney & her conservatorship, we're barely prepared to have opinions so we're definitely not qualified to translate legalities so please take anything we say with the biggest bucket of salt that you can find. We're doing our best to highlight where we think things went wrong and just how terrible the early 2000's were for pop stars & the pursuit to understand the importance of mental health. Alright, now all eyes on us in the center of your screen just like a circus.Support this podcast at — Inquiries: & Opt-Out:
When life gets heavy, we crank up the distractions and humor. Healthy? Definitely not. Effective? Kind of! After our usual 30 minute tangent intro, we're bringing back a beloved game this week and taking turns guessing more Amazon products from creative and satirical reviews.Support this podcast at — Inquiries: & Opt-Out:
It's time for our annual Pride episode and this year we're celebrating YOU! We are so thankful that you allowed us to be your safe space and tell your coming out and transition stories. Our hope is that your words and your experiences will be what makes someone feel seen, valued, heard, loved and at peace. Your journey matters. You are important. You're perfect just as you are. WE'RE PROUD TO KNOW YOU!Support this podcast at — Inquiries: & Opt-Out:
Have you ever wondered if you would still know a song if the lyrics were described like a story? We did and we thought we'd be good at it. Much like the rest of life, we were wrong. Play along with us as we try to name the tunes you submitted! Let us know how well you did or didn't's harder than it sounds!Support this podcast at — Inquiries: & Opt-Out:
Weeeeee'reeeeee tuuuurning, we're turning 30. If you haven't watched Bo Burnham's inside, you're really going to be lost during this episode. As two people who cannot get through anything without humor, we found ourselves fascinated by the way Bo Burnham's mind works. His new special, Inside, sparked our desire to look into using humor as a coping mechanism. So here's that....Support this podcast at — Inquiries: & Opt-Out:
Your cheeks are red, face is hot, palms are sweaty, there's vomit on your sweate- you get it. We're talking about embarrassment- what it is, where it comes from & what the heck the point of it is. We're also sharing some encounters you find embarrassing along the way!Support this podcast at — Inquiries: & Opt-Out:
This is true a Tangents & True Crime with us going into a full mental health check-in for the first half of the episode. Content starts at 39:00- We eventually wrap up the tangents and tell you the true crime story of Diane Borchardt- a teacher who lost her husband after some absolute suspect business. Thank you to the listener who sent this story in as her hometown scandal!Support this podcast at — Inquiries: & Opt-Out:
It's that time again! We asked you guys to share more of your hometown/workplace scandals and MY GOODNESS did you deliver. We appreciate you guys so much for enlightening us to so many things that we never knew about like the conversion from Celsius to Fahrenheit and that you should really double check your Hot & Ready before leaving the pizza shop.Support this podcast at — Inquiries: & Opt-Out:
2, 4, 6, 8 who do we identify with? Are you as frustrated as I am that I couldn't find a rhyming word to make that sentence work? You might be a 2w3 then. WTF does that mean, you ask? On this episode, we try to explain the Enneagram. We’re giving you The Who, What, Why’s to identifying your number and how ours impact our relationships. People are serious about this ish- we’re just doing our best with your good friend, Google.Support this podcast at — Inquiries: & Opt-Out:
CIARA’S HAVING A......It’s the Mother’s Day special and we’dWe’d like to thank us for us. We’d like to gift ourselves the break and relaxation we need by getting in the bath. Yep. You read that right. This episode was recorded in the bathtub. It was a much better idea in theory. In this episode we discuss some more cognitive dissonance in regards to parenting, updates on Ciara’s pregnancy and of course, way more tangents than necessary. Support this podcast at — Inquiries: & Opt-Out:
In a constant effort to completely rewrite the pathways of our brains, we introduce to you a conversation about cognitive dissonance. If you've ever enjoyed listening to R. Kelly's Ignition and felt guilty because of who he is as a person, you've experienced cognitive dissonance. If you have seen a documentary about the toxic materials in fast food or the mistreatment of animals, but still went to Wendy's later that week, you've experienced cognitive dissonance. Cognitive Dissonance is the beam of mental gymnastics and we are here to help call ours out and help shed light on how to challenge these moments of discomfort in our brains. Don't worry- we still don't even get into this until 30 minutes in so there's plenty of tangents to warm you up!Support this podcast at — Inquiries: & Opt-Out:
CIARA GOT ENGAGED! We're sharing all things proposal, wedding & family planning in this weeks episode. It's been a long journey to get here and we couldn't be more excited to share it all with you. Thanks for being here with us during so many huge life moments. Cheers to many more!Support this podcast at — Inquiries: & Opt-Out:
It's time to make conspiracies fun again. We've heard you and we are finally giving you the answers you've been looking for. We're talking about Feral People. After watching a couple documentaries and typing two words into google, we believe we've cracked the case. This might be disappointing, but we're not so sure that the research points in the direction you may have hoped. By the end, we may have you convinced that the real people responsible for the disappearances in our national parks aren't people at all, but we'll let you be the judge. Support this podcast at — Inquiries: & Opt-Out:
Toxic Positivity has a sister and her name is Imposter Syndrome. In 2019 we discussed what Imposter Syndrome is and how it effects our lives. Within the last 2 months, more people have shared and messaged us about this topic than anything else. To be honest- we forgot a lot of what we said. After re-listening to the episode, we decided that it was time for an update. In today's episode, we discuss how we feel about the versions of ourselves who recorded Imposter 1.0 and if we still identify with them. It shouldn't come as a surprise that times have changed and 2020, the year of forced reflection, has taught us more lessons than we realized.Support this podcast at — Inquiries: & Opt-Out:
It's time for the second installment of our series where we channel our inner "Dear Abby's" and give you the unqualified, yet completely solicited advice that you've been waiting for. Covering topics like transitioning to college, long distance relationships and battling the ever persistent imposter syndrome. If there's one thing we love to do, it's tell other people what to do, but we must remind you that we are not professionals. We are just two ladies with the internet, so take any and all advice with a huge spoonful of salt. Also don't eat salt. I did that once and I was finding it in my pores for weeks like the salted rim of a margarita. Cheers!Support this podcast at — Inquiries: & Opt-Out:
*TW/CW anxiety, self harm, panic attacks, depression, toxic relationshipsHave you ever thought that maybe Debbie Downer is down for a reason? Has she ever tried to tell you that reason? Did you listen? Have you ever stopped to ask “Debbie, why so down?” or did the usual “stop being such a downer” roll right off the tongue? It’s funny! It’s helpful to just remind people that the sun came up again and the world is....the world and that happiness is state of mind- right? Not really. Today we’re talking all about Toxic Positivity and how the “good vibes only” movement has left little room for any other vibes at all. It’s a recipe for shame, guilt, self hatred and isolation for so many people- including Debbie. We hope you listen with an open mind and leave the conversation feeling like all vibes are good vibes. FOLLOW ALONG WITH US ON SOCIAL MEDIA-@ladiesandtangentsVideos referenced-  @Vanessa Van Edwards @Cinema Therapy @Kati Morton @Dr. Allison Answers this podcast at — Inquiries: & Opt-Out:
It's no secret that we're obsessed with Hamilton. We've been waiting for the perfect topic to allow ourselves to become completely immersed in the world of a new nation. The time has come- we have found it in an article about the secret sex lives of our founding fathers & mothers (hell yeah, ladies.) We're sharing letters between lovers and allegedly debunking the myth that only straight men have inhabited the white house. We love this for us- all of us. Support this podcast at — Advertising Inquiries: Privacy & Opt-Out:
CONTENT WARNING-*We are not professionals*We are sharing our journeys with self love, body image, disordered eating and recovery.If you are triggered by sexual trauma, disordered eating, body dysmorphia, self harm or toxic relationships- please feel free to skip this episode.If you are suffering, please seek out help. We have linked some resources below. We love you and we cherish you. On this week's episode we ask Rachel Rosche from @forbetterandworsepodcast your questions about Self Love & Body Positivity. From COVID weight gain- to feeling confident in your style- to healing from trauma, we're discussing it all. We're all on this journey together, learning to accept ourselves one day at a time. Be f*cking patient with yourself and remember to be in constant pursuit to find the value you have outside of your body.SELF HELP RESOURCES- Support this podcast at — Advertising Inquiries: Privacy & Opt-Out:
Comments (2)

Nena Bray

I just wanted to say that this really hit me in me in the center of my heart and I'm going to share it with all the women in my life.

Mar 30th

Kelsey Whitehead

I like the fact you were vulnerable because I don't have many people to talk to that understands where my head is at. I needed this, thank you.

Mar 5th
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