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When someone suggested we do a tier ranking episode, we decided to rank the only thing we would consider ourselves experts in - millennial nostalgia. You sent in your music, games, toys and tv shows for us to score on the scale from “eat my shorts,” to “all that and a bag of chips.” If you’re a mother Cusper on the gen x or zillennial side, you’ll still probably be able to relate to more than half.! We all felt some type of way about the fever dream that was the 90’s and 00’s - listen and see if you agree with our rankings! And if you don’t…talk to the hand.
Since our 2 Girls, 1 Ghost sleepover extravaganza was more tangents that creepy kids, we decided to combine some of our ghost story and creepy kid submissions to produce a Spooky Stories episode! We simulated what it would be like going to a scary movie or haunted house with us in both this and the exclusive episode coming out on Friday. What would that look like? Inappropriately timed jokes and uncontrollable laughter. Apologies if you wanted this to actually be spooky.
It is time for our annual Mother's Day Special! This year we brought on a special guest to help us share your stories - Erika from The Judgies! Erika and her husband/co-host Christian are expecting their first child and we thought it would be so kind of us to gently traumatize her before she writes a birth story of her own. We experienced some technical difficulties with this episode, but as one of you so kindly pointed out, we're parents and it represents the normalcy of being a f*ck up. Bless you!
You know that feeling at end of a long shift or a long drive where everything starts to blur together and anything can be funny? That's the kind of episode we needed this week. We took a dive into the interwebs to find stories and scripts written by "bots." We're pretty sure that in our absolute trash journalistic style that we came across the human author of these bot scripts, Keaton Patti. Put some respect on his name because this idea is comedic genius. Bot Link- WE'RE ON PATREON - MERCH- FOLLOW ALONG WITH US ON SOCIAL MEDIA @ladiesandtangents
CW/TW - SA, Emotional & Physical Ab*se, Homoph*bia, Transph*bia This is one of the hardest episodes we've ever recorded, while also feeling like one of the most important episodes we've been able to record. We feel so lucky to be able to process growth with all of you and in this Faith 2.0 episode, we do just that. It has been 2 years since we recorded the first Faith episode and because of so many of you and the social climate of the world as of late, we have come back around to this topic to express our more current thoughts and feelings. You'll find for one of us they're severely different. In this episode, we share stories sent in from our Patrons and reveal our own journeys along the way. We value your experiences and your emotions and thank you for trusting us with your stories.  
The scandals on this ep would fall into the dramady category of a netflix playlist. There's romance, there's space travel and there's a tiny toilet in Wyoming. Buckle up because as soon as we get done recapping one of the most anticlimactic getaway weekends, we are taking you all on the ride of your life. SPRING BREAK ON SAD B*TCH ISLAND - Hang out with us at our May 1 Momenthouse Digital Experience! Tickets at WE'RE ON PATREON - MERCH - FOLLOW ALONG WITH US ON SOCIAL MEDIA - @ladiesandtangents
Just a couple 30 year olds going off about a Disney movie....nothing to see here. We saw the requests, we watched the movie and we are here to share some of our thoughts and opinions about the surprisingly controversial Turning Red.
What's up, everyone! We are so excited to share this bonus episode with you from US Bank. Being able to use our podcast to shine a line on inequities and injustices is one of our top priorities. The episode we're sharing with you is about people who are doing the work to make sure people in power are held accountable when it comes to creating a more equitable and diverse workplace. One of our personal favorite discussions is about the idea of a finishline ally- truly a mic drop moment. Give it a listen and let us know what you think! If you like what you hear, you can find more episodes like this by subscribing to the Real Good podcast! 
We are so excited to hang out with you and our friends Corinne & Sabrina from the 2 Girls, 1 Ghost Podcast at our first virtual slumber party! You know we love trauma dumping and getting really real, really fast and what better way to initiate our first slumber part guests than with a game of We're Not Really Strangers! Grab your favorite beverage and play along as we navigate our eerily similar lives and write our one woman broadway show. This is a 2 part sleep-over so stay tuned for when we drop in on the 2 Girls, 1 Ghost podcast and share some of your creepy kid stories!
This is a story all about how our patreon voted for another drunk episode. We pre-gamed harder than we thought and had to order pizza to sober up before we even started recording. Knowing this information, you can rest assured knowing that virtually none of the story is told succinctly or accurately. Please enjoy this sloppy retelling of Persephone and the pomegranate jail cell of hell. To be a part of future episode votes, join our patreon! MERCH- FOLLOW ALONG WITH US ON SOCIAL MEDIA- @ladiesandtangents
Welcome to the Wish version of Two Hot Takes. If you can sit through 10 minutes of two 30 year olds trying to figure out a matchbox 20 song, you’ll be handsomely rewarded with our newest business idea and solicited opinions about your AITAH submissions!
CW- SA, Emotional & Physical Ab*use, Neglect, Miscarriage, TraumaApologies in advance for the emotional whiplash we're giving you between this week and last week's episodes. We like to offer full service friendship around here so to counteract the drunken girls night we had last week, we thought we'd dive deep into our feels and discuss something everyone has but may not fully be aware of- trauma responses. Join us as we go through the 4 different types of trauma responses and how each can manifest in both healthy and unhealthy ways. We're all healing from something and we hope that this episode can be another tool to help you build yourself back up better than before.Resources-
ALRIGHT ALREADY! It's been almost 3 years since we've been able to drink together and the time has come for us to fulfill one of our highest requests - we present to you, Hammered Herstory. Think Drunk History, but not so we don't get sued. We fully committed to this episode and got nice and toasty before reading through a listicle of history facts. Spoiler alert - this is your worst idea yet.WE'RE ON PATREON - ALONG ON SOCIAL MEDIA - @ladiesandtangentsHERSTORY FACTS -
Welp- it was bound to happen. We read the results incorrectly and thought that cults won when really, the community voted for Roommate Stories! Last minute we asked for your stories and DAMN did you show up again! This is your what not to do guide for living with both strangers and friends. These stories are all over the place and will not disappoint! WE'RE ON PATREON - MERCH - FOLLOW ALONG WITH US ON SOCIAL MEDIA - @ladiesandtangents
It's Black History Month and we wanted to highlight an incredible story of three women who were the backbone of NASA in the 60's. We cannot wait to tell you all about Katherine Johnson, Mary Jackson & Dorthy Vaughan. These people went above and beyond to break barriers for black women in STEM & the workplace in general during the civil rights movement. It is important to keep telling these stories so that generations to come don't have to wait 30 years before hearing about them. Representation matters and it's an honor to tell their story! RESOURCES -  
HAPPY HEART DAY, LOVERS. This is our 3rd Valentine's Day Special with guys who put the Gents in Tangents, which officially makes this a tradition according to Shane. We took things up a notch this year and answered some pretty intense questions and opened up about ourselves and our relationships through the game We're Not Really Strangers. Stay until the end to hear the guys answer questions sent in by our Patrons and Instagram!
We're still calling this a scandal episode, but we've decided these are more ~WoWzA~ stories than scandals. After hearing these, you'll understand what we mean. While we're addressing the wowza stories, if anyone has any lead on who was behind the tiny plastic baby epidemic, we'd really like some answers. WE'RE ON PATREON-
You've been asking and we are finally ready to dive back into true crime our way! We found a tiktok (shocker) and had to do a deep dive on the unexplainable mystery that is the Pollock Sisters! There's lots of theories surrounding the events of the sisters from reincarnation to maternal imprinting, let us know what you think happened! WE'RE ON PATREON- FOLLOW ALONG WITH US ON SOCIAL MEDIA - @ladiesandtangents MERCH - RESOURCES-
We heard you loud and clear and this week we're deep diving into Encanto with you. In this episode we are talking about Bruno-no-no and the characters that we connected with the most! You know we love thinking way too hard about Disney movies and this is no exception. Tell us who you connected with the most! WE'RE ON PATREON - MERCH - FOLLOW ALONG WITH US ON SOCIAL MEDIA - @ladiesandtangents Resources-  @Jessica Flores
WE LAUNCHED OUR PATREON! Serving you up a healthy helping of validation in this weeks episode and teaching you about Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs. We've heard of the food pyramid, but did you know there's a pyramid of physical, social and emotional needs that also need to be met in order for you to reach peak levels of humaning? Well there is and knowing about it can be the difference between setting sail on the SS Self Loath to Sad B*tch Island and staying firmly planted on Peace Peninsula. I did just make that up and I have been thinking way too hard about it. Let's just let Peace Peninsula exist for the sake of the description, ok? Thank you. MERCH!! FOLLOW ALONG WITH US ON SOCIAL MEDIA- @ladiesandtangents
Comments (10)

Stephanie O'Neill-Miller

my word of the year is honest

May 4th

Brooke Rhodes

everything about this have me chills and brought back so many awful memories but they're so important #traumashit

Apr 26th

Melanie Petterson

you galls have too really stop defending yourselves. I happy to hear you tell this story not just for black women but even for WOMEN. let alone a black woman. rock chicks.

Mar 8th

Melanie Petterson

Omg I have not laughed so hard and long this episode was freaking hilarious.

Feb 21st

Kayla Adams

I love you both you remind me of me and my cousin but you could say we took the way around our 20's. now in our 30s still don't know if we straight but we trying. I love you girls your my morning meditation. and so relatable cause I also have ADHD, PTSD etc on top on health problems any way love u do ur thing

Nov 23rd

Kayla Bopp

decided to look up a simplified version of free market. the US is a free market right now. that guy who privately bought all the insulin and hiked up the price was practicing free market.

Nov 21st


"with dead bahdeeees" killed me 😆😆😆

Nov 10th


my last name is Yule, this was hilarious.

Aug 24th

Nena Bray

I just wanted to say that this really hit me in me in the center of my heart and I'm going to share it with all the women in my life.

Mar 30th

Kelsey Whitehead

I like the fact you were vulnerable because I don't have many people to talk to that understands where my head is at. I needed this, thank you.

Mar 5th
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