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Lady Business Radio with Jessica Kupferman

Author: Jessica Kupferman interviews today's top women entrepreneurs.

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An exclusive podcast for women entrepreneurs, covering both the business and the lifestyle of being a lady business owner. Jessica Kupferman interviews today's most knowledgeable and successful (and fascinating!) lady business owners. Topics include anything - business, technology, parenting, success, money, press, health, and leisure time. Check out the podcast for inspiration, encouragement, entrepreneurial advice or just a good laugh. Also for show notes, links learn more about the show and/or our guests or just a general good time, check out And as always: keep taking care of your Lady Business.
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Galit Breen

Galit Breen


Deborah Davis doesn’t want you to tell her what an inspiration she is at the grocery store, and I agree. She has achieved a successful career in sales and marketing, training, educating, advocacy, mentoring and public speaking - inspirational in itself - and done it all from her wheelchair. In this episode, we talk about diversity, inclusive business imagery, disability and why it’s not a good enough reason to be inspired by someone - or count them out.
This episode was ridiculously fun for me to prepare for. Michele had agreed to allow me to find examples of bad copy and read them out loud, and then analyze whether or not they could be saved. Of course, I had a field day. Hear MANY examples of what not to do, as well as the difference between fear and pain-based marketing, time management tips, and the best writing advice you’ll hear.
Her mom may not be happy about it, but Nicole Antoinette’s business, Life Less Bullshit, is helping tons of people ditch what they think they SHOULD do and pick up what they WANT to do instead. In this episode, learn why your biz should bring you JOY, even if it’s not fun all the time, the myths of motivation and perfectionism, and how to redefine your relationship to hard work.
This is my second interview with Liz DiAlto, but her business and life has changed so much, I had to have her back. In this episode, we hear all about her transition as well as open up the floor for questions from her community about what’s really been going on.
Alexia Vernon has TONS of street cred when it comes to coaching speakers and getting PR, as well as organizing super fancy TedX events. However I DIDN’T know that she recently had a little bambino, or that the after effects of postpartum depression were nearly crippling. In this episode, learn why most of us are hiding, how she found her purpose and how babies and business CAN mix once you have the right tools.
Sylvie di Giusto is what’s called a “people packager” - she basically makes sure that your image and style project one of leadership and professionalism. In this episode, learn how Sylvie self-published and super-succeeded with a self-published book, her best image tips and how you can create power with your appearance.
Sometimes the unending obligation to “be positive” or spread positivity is overwhelming. Is it really everyone’s duty to be a positive force in the world ALL the time? Or are some of us bound to do something else - like expose truth, even if it’s negative? Listen to today’s solo show and let me know if you think every situation needs to be discussed - and resolved - in a positive way.
Meet Allie LeFevere, a girl who is NOT a web designer but DID design her own website. Allie has this great way of making you comfortable from the second you start talking, and in this conversation we cover some fun stuff - namely being a “yes” or a “no” person, bad and horrible habits, swearing, burlesque dancing and building community.
One of the biggest annoyances on social media, in my opinion, is being constantly guilted into caring about everyone else’s cause. People push their charity and their fundraising pages almost as often as they launch products. Is it the right thing to do? How do you respond to people who only want to talk to you if you donate to their fund? Listen here to find out the right - and wrong - way to market your charity.
When I first came across Tonya’s work a few years ago, her concept of french kissing life left me imagining people wandering around with their tongues out. During this call, we had a great time discussing how to make our lives EASY and why women make everything so HARD - and it finally resonated with me. Enjoy our thought-provoking discussion about everyday ecstacy, self care, and home environment. Great stuff!
Last week, I found myself swimming in the last place I go looking for - political stew. In this episode, hear the behind-the-scenes of why and how my daughter’s leggings got on the news all over the country, as well as the main types of people who bother to comment on political issues online.
From afar, I’ve been seriously admiring Illana Burk as a badass. I got to know her in a small Facebook group where she quickly showed herself to me as someone who never lets anyone walk on her, let alone clients and always seems to put up boundaries in a way that’s professional and even polite. But that’s not even her genius. In this episode, we’ll talk about unconferencing, only doing tasks you like and what branding REALLY means - to other people.
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