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Lamer Gamer Travis rounds up the top gaming news from Reddit Nintendo, Reddit Xbox, Reddit PS5, and Reddit PC in the now monthly News Roundup episode! 
What is the MOST ANNOYING thing in a video game? XENOBLADE CHRONICLES 3! (YOU HEAR THAT NOAH?) Sony is mad about Call of DutyWe make fun of reddit top monthly gaming posts. How to Run From Invisible Alligators on Conan Exiles!  AND MORE!
Helllloooo Lamer Gamers this is LamerTravis and Rowdy5000 for the Lamer Gamers Podcast! (Portage Park links below!)In today’s episode we’re going to break down the latest gaming news from the last couple weeks from Nintendo, Playstation, and Xbox. Our Nintendo section will have a fun new sponsor from HGTV’s upcoming totally real and definitely not fake show Animal Crossing Happy Home Hunter! We’ve also heard rumblings about a new acquisition blob monster species in town by the name of Sony! Find out who they ate later in the show, you might be surprised. Rowdy : OOOH OOOH! We should give them a clue like if Sony were pushed off a bridge and survived because someone tied a BUNGIE cord around their ankle when they weren’t looking…Travis : Shhhh, don’t give them good clues. We have to make sure they listen past the first part of the show. It’s like clickbait or a Kotaku headline but we’ll actually tell them later instead of scamming them.Rowdy : Oh yeah, good point. Travis : Towards the end of the news roundup we’re going to make a cup of angry coffee to get ready for discussing the microtransaction hellscape we are now turning this world in to. If you haven’t heard about the latest Diablo Immortals and BMW news then buckle up sunshine because it’s going to be a bumpy, extremely overpriced ride!  Rowdy : BMW, I thought we were a gaming podcast? Travis : Yeah well I thought cars couldn’t have Microtransactions or subscriptions for software based services but I was wrong!Rowdy : After we get all angsty I will be declaring that I am no longer a console peasant and have joined the glorious PC Royalty because I bought a Steam Deck! I’ll give my impressions of the Switch-like Pc known as the Gabe Newell box that our Lord and Savior Gabe Newell has delivered to us. ALL BLESS THE STEAM DECK! Travis : Does everyone have to recite their love for the Steam Deck and pledge to Gabe Newell of Steam when they buy one of these? Rowdy: Yes. Yes they do….peasant. Travis : You are starting to sound like Lord Kromdore The God King of Gaming PCs. I don’t like it…We’ll end the show with a special BONUS POINTS where we asked a bunch of Lamers on Twitter and Discord : “The Real World is Now A Game – What DLC or Microtransactions does or should it have?”All this and more on the Lamer Gamers PodcastTravis : Rowdy, cue the music!    Our sponsor this week (ok…so we normally do joke commercials but we do have a real one this week…) is the Portage Park Development Project - a thriving community in the Upland metaverse.If you are from Chicago, Portage Park might sound familiar. That's because the Upland metaverse is based on real world cities and properties, and Portage Park is an actual neighbourhood in Chicago.The metaverse version of Portage Park is the most developed neighbourhood in Upland with over 700 supportive members and property owners, enjoying competitions, community initiatives and local shops with monthly town hall meetings to connect with fellow Uplanders.And now Racing is coming to Upland! Portage Park are developing a racing team ready to fight for the top step of the podium. We have a training academy for drivers and race tracks in development making the most of our shops and local attractions. We want to show the best Portage Park has to offer.Come join us!Discord - Website - Twitter - Shops:Parkview Memorabilia -… Tarrins -… BE Academy -… Track Maps:GP Circuit -… 1/4 Mile Drag -
In today’s episode we’re heading back to the Exiled Lands and talking about Conan Exiles! We will be doing a deep dive into the upcoming Age of Sorcery update that will hit sometime in the third quarter of this year! Now this is a game that is rated Mature for 18 years olds and up. Some of the content we discuss in the game will be a bit more edgy than our regular podcast content and may not be the best thing to have blaring out loud at your local church’s charity bazaar. You can expect us to conjure up the voices of the dead…or maybe just Skylar and Luis, to help us discuss what Funcom means by the Age of Sorcery. This includes spells, rituals, updates to the building system that make me so freaking happy, and the corruption of the game from a survival online experience to a more hardcore MMORPG with the potential for microtransacted black magic in the form of transmogrification. We also have to proverbially pay some bills so expect some commercials from the markets that you find scattered among the Exiled Lands in Conan Exiles. They are 100% totally real and legit commercials and are in no way made up or suggested by people on the Conan Exile subreddit. 
The Return of the Lamers!

The Return of the Lamers!


Travis – Helllloooo Lamer Gamers this is LamerTravis and Rowdy5000 for the Lamer Gamers Podcast!We’re back for episode 2 of the 4th season! It’s uhhh…it’s been a while. We were just really busy and not on a super secret mission to save the world by… Rowdy: Dude..we can’t talk about that…they’ll hear us….they…they are listening.Travis: Oh..oh yeah…you mean we can’t talk about that covert operation where you managed to take on the world e…Rowdy: What Travis is trying to say is we’ve had a really insane year getting back from pandemic life and haven’t had time to get an episode…Travis : IT’S IN THE WATER…STOP TRYING TO KEEP THE TRUTH HIDDEN…Rowdy: (club to the back of the head…random crashing sfx)Rowdy:Now there has been a lot going on since we’ve been gone but we’re going to pretend that none of that has happened and try to focus on the last couple weeks of gaming news for the News Roundup. (Travis wakes up and randomly yells I’m ok in the distance while Rowdy continues the intro…)In today’s episode we’re going to do a short News Roundup where we’ll talk about a few things going on that we find interesting such as the new Pokemon Scarlet/Violet game announcement. Xbox announced a whole slew of games coming out within the next year. And Last of Us was remastered. Travis: Didn’t they already re-release it or something like that?Rowdy: I’ll explain it to Travis…in simple words so he can properly understand it when we get to that segment. Then we’ll talk about some other announcements such as Dragon’s Dogma 2 and Final Fantasy …uhh…games. Travis: After the News Roundup we’ll have a special REVIEW BOMBS where we’ll read only the best, organic, absolutely pure, possibly even pescatarian and gluten free, 0 star reviews of Diablo Immortal in all it’s glory. We’ll end the episode with our new segment GAMES WE ARE HYPED ABOUT followed by Games We’ve been playing! All this and more on the Lamer Gamers Podcast
2022 - Will it be Lame?

2022 - Will it be Lame?


Kirby and the Forgotten Land, Pokemon Legends Arceus, PS5 VR2, PS5 VRR Soon, Stalker <3's NFT's (but nobody else does), Cross-Platform Censorship, Rowdy Tries to Buy an Xbox and more! BONUS POINTS: What are you most excited to see in gaming in 2022? 
THE RETURN OF LAMESTRODAMUS! We ask Lamestrodamus will there be a new Smash Bros and will Cyberpunk 2077 next gen update come out Q1 2022! Squeenix blames Crystal Dynamics Impressions #ForzaHorizon5, #FarCry6 #ItTakesTwo #AnimalCrossingDLC and more!
The Lamers Gamers Travis and Rowdy talk about the Nintendo Direct and try to determine...was it lame? Also featuring BONUS POINTS where we asked a bunch of Lamers the question - Who would you cast in the new Mario Bros movie? Impressions of Tales of Arise, Cruis'n Blast and more! 
LamerTravis reviews Psychonauts 2 in a spoiler-free way and attempts to answer the ultimate question about the game.  Is Psychonauts 2 Lame? You'll find out the answer along with a brief history of Tim Schafer and Double Fine Productions, a glimpse into the controversy surrounding the game, and why this game is more than just another platformer! 
CONAN EXILES : IS IT LAME? Travis and Skylar review #ConanExiles and act out answers to the Bonus Points question from r/ConanExiles!BONUS POINTS - LAMER THEATER "What was your first purge like?" 
The Lamer Gamers *featuring Lord Kromdore the ruler of the PC Elite) pit the Steam Deck against the Nintendo Switch in an attempt to determine if the new Steam console will be a Nintendo Switch killer! Also, we have a July 2021 Gaming News Roundup featuring Nintendo, Sony, and Xbox/Game Pass news! All this and more!
Jank Alliance

Jank Alliance


Review Bombs + Impressions for Dark Alliance, Mass Effect LE Funny Commercial, Top 3 Janky Games, BONUS POINTS - What is your favorite Janky Game? Plus we angered THOR during the episode!
LamerTravis gives you some tips on how to avoid getting scammed when purchasing an Xbox Series X/S or Playstation 5! Look for the video on Youtube later this week!
The Lamer Gamers tell you when to look for the best E3 Conferences including Nintendo, Microsoft/Bethesda and more! We also talk about the latest rumors floating around the internet for games like Elden Ring, Starfield, Elder Scrolls 6, and a bunch of other games! Followed by a special BONUS POINTS segment where we asked a bunch of lamers on Twitter what secrets they know about E3. All this and more on the Lamer Gamers Podcast!
A Bevy of Lamers!

A Bevy of Lamers!


-MK8 Best Selling Racer-A Bevy of Xbox/Game Pass News-Rowdy Rants about PS5 PS NOW + Video Rumors-CONSPIRACY THEORY - Balan Demo Disappearance-REVIEW BOMBS : Truck Championship Racing-BONUS POINTS: Nintendo + Microsoft Rumor-and more...
SIDEQUEST! Lamer Brew: The Quest for Epic Coffee is the first part of a new sidequest series where the Lamer Gamers talk about how they went from coffee lamers to coffee snobs (also lamers!)  Each episode features a video game to pair your coffee with that they give their impressions of. This episode pairs Ethopia Uraga Tebe Haro Wato pour overs and High Brew coffee with Donut County!
Kneel Before the PC Elite

Kneel Before the PC Elite


KNEEL BEFORE THE PC ELITE! PC Gaming News ft Lord Kromdore! Nvidia DLSS vs AMD Fidelity FX Jousting Match. Does Travis Apologize to Todd Howard?. Valheim. Game Pass PC + Auto-HDR. BONUS POINTS : PC or Console Gaming?. How to fix Avengers Saves (funny)and more!
The Microsoft Acquisition

The Microsoft Acquisition


THE MICROSOFT ACQUISITION! NEW EPISODE 3/16-Should Microsoft make Bethesda Zenimax games exclusive? (Bonus Points)-AI Voice Acting makes Travis Question Reality-Bravely Default is Good-Watch Dogs Legion is not Good-LotW : Harvest Moon is a Lie! -Epic Fake Commercials-more!
The Acquisition - A fake movie trailer by the Lamer Gamers Podcast for the episode "The Microsoft Acquisition". 



NEW EPISODE 3/1 - SCAPEGOAT SIMULATOR!-Dragon Age now single player rpg-xbox fps boost-ps5 storage upgrade this summer-Politicians Scapegoating Games...again -State of Play-Nintendo Direct after 530 Days-Pokémon Presents-Diablo 2 Resurrected-Cyberpunk Complaints Dept.-BONUS POINTS: How would you change Nintendo Eshop?-Game Pass March-Playstation Plus March-& MORE!
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