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John Bolton tells MSNBC that Senior FBI Officials in Michael Flynn Case “Engaged in Very Questionable Behavior;” Are Indictments coming in Russia Collusion investigation; United Airlines Warns It May Furlough 36,000 Staff Trump’s Approval Rating Among Republicans Drop in Poll; ‘Hate Crime’ Hoax: Oregon Political Candidate, Jonathan Lopez, Admits He Wrote Racist Letter to Himself; Selective Media Reporting Further Fuels Our Racial Divide
NHL’s Chicago Blackhawks Announce They Are Standing By Their Name Soccer coach calls kid’s T-shirt “racist.” It had American flag and said “Land Of the Free Because of the Brave;” Rapper Snoop Dogg calls Herman Cain (bachelors in science, masters in computer science) part of the “coon bunch;” NFL player apologizes for anti-Semitic posts on social media–said he didn’t know that posting the ravings of Louis Farrakhan were anti-Semitic.
Ford employees ask if company should stop building police vehicles; NYPD limits retirement applications amid 411% surge this week; Obama vs. Obama on racism in America; Supreme Court Says Employers Can’t Be Forced to Violate Their Pro-Life Religious Beliefs; 1619 Project Founder Nikole Hannah Jones–And Her 1995 Racist Screed Against Whites
The Washington Office of the Superintendent of Schools says they will prioritize black students over white in getting them back into the classrooms. How can this possibly be legal; “Hamilton” creator responds to demands to cancel the play because of Hamilton’s ties to slavery; Halle Berry flees transgender role after backlash; ‘cisgender’ celebrity sorry for considering job; Eagles Player apologizes for his antisemitic post, said he was “just trying to uplift my people; Snoop Doog calls Diamond & Silk, Candace Owens and Herman Cain a “coon bunch”
House ‘Squad’ members unveil bill to defund police, pay reparations; Trump administration notifies UN of withdrawal from World Health Organization amid COVID-19 pandemic More tremendous feedback on “Uncle Tom”; 150 writers and academics sign a letter defending ‘open debate’ against cancel culture; Brit Hume Blasts MSM on 4th of July Trump Speech Coverage: Most Dishonest and Biased I’ve Ever Seen
Fighting Racism & Inequality Are Important to Nike and NBA–Except When It Comes to China; Amid Percentage Of Deaths Having Declined, CDC Admits Coronavirus On Verge Of Non-Epidemic Status; NYC Crime Explosion: NYPD Need Help Solving 2 Broad Daylight Executions, 14 Year Old Shot in Neck; New York Times’ lies about Reagan and the allegedly “racist Southern Strategy” he supposedly used to win the presidency; Brazil’s Jair Bolsonaro Tests Positive for Coronavirus: President of South America’s largest country had been ordered by a court to wear mask; Atlanta Mayor Lance Bottoms Test Positive for COVID-19
Martin Luther King’s 1958 advice to a closeted gay teen would today get King labeled “homophobic.” Cancel King; What about Sir Elton John and all those songs about heterosexual love he composed and sang before he came out? Cancel Elton; Eagles Star DeSean Jackson Promotes Louis Farrakhan, Conspiracies About Jews And Coronavirus Vaccine–Mainscream Media Yawns
Interview Kurt Schlichter: The 21 Biggest Lies about Donald Trump (and you!); 4th of July Trump Speech Media Coverage: Dishonest and Biased; Gingrich unloads on Biden: Most ‘anti-American’ campaign speech ever. Meanwhile, media condemned Trump’s homage to nation as ‘dark,’ ‘divisive.’
Expert: 80-85% of Texas Hospital Patients Have Nothing To Do with COVID-19; Father, after the murder of his daughter, praises Trump for calling him and offering condolences; CNN reporter refers to Mount Rushmore as a monument to two slave owners, praised Rushmore when Obama and Hillary Clinton visited; Georgia Governor Brian Kemp To Deploy 1,000 National; Guard Troops To Atlanta After Democrat Mayor Keisha Bottoms Fails To Stop Violence; Baltimore councilman tweets about removal of police memorial; Nearly 80 People Shot In Chicago, 15 Of Them Killed, In July 4th Weekend Violence Since Late Friday
Monuments: What about Confederate generals who changed after the Civil War; California schools can no longer suspend elementary, middle school students for disruptive behavior; P. Diddy Promotes Anti-Semite Louis Farrakhan’s Independence Day Message: “We Can’t Trust White Folks ;” Biden’s latest “gaffe” really wasn’t a gaffe; Nikole Hannah-Jones’ Hatred For America Is The Basis Of The 1619 Project
Supreme issues ruling on ‘faithless’ electors tampering with presidential election, ruling help Trump; Black female Talk show host addresses black men who have multiple children by multiple women; Ex NBA player says there are many owners who are as racist as ex Clippers owner Donald Sterling, but will not name names.
Coronavirus deaths per day continue to drop even as cases rise; George Floyd autopsy shows how difficult it will be to convict officer of homicide Chicago: 14 People Shot In Two Mass Shootings During Holiday Weekend; 14-Year-Old Among Killed; Post George Floyd: Six Weeks, Six Cities, 600 Murders; Media criticizes Trump’s Mount Rushmore speech as “dark”
Larry talks with Vietnamese American Twon Dom, part 2
Larry talks with Vietnamese American Twon Dom, part 1
Larry talks with WWII Veteran Doc Pepping
Joe Biden Again Falsely Claims He Was Arrested in South Africa trying to see Nelson Mandela; Lady Traps Robber Inside Store Until Police Arrest Him; Is there hard evidence that masks are effective in stopping the spread of virus; The Cares Act and the illegal alien beneficiaries
66% of high school students believe America is exceptional, compared to 47% of college students – more favorably than they view Canada, Sweden, Cuba, China, or Russia; A majority of voters believe Biden is in the early stages of dementia; 60% of younger voters think so; Seattle Police Chief: People Living in CHOP Were Thanking Our Police ‘Profusely’ for Clearing the Area
What about the uptick in coronavirus;  When can the police shoot a fleeing felon; The Trump/Russia/Taliban story has fallen apart–no Trump WAS NOT briefed; Seattle Resident Says He Felt Held Hostage by Antifa, Abandoned by Democrat Leaders; Community Gathers to Support Family of Mother Gunned Down in South Los Angeles; Black Lives Matter– ‘What We Believe;’ Rapper Lord Jamar trashes BLM and George Soros
Poll: 20% of Democrats Believe Joe Biden Has ‘Some Form’ of Dementia; Democrat Party Begins Demonizing Mount Rushmore, Refers To July 4 Celebration As ‘Glorifying White Supremacy;’ Making money on unemployment; LA CITY COUNCIL MEMBER ANNOUNCES ‘1ST STEP’ IN PLAN TO ‘REPLACE LAPD’
Thomas Sowell is the guest for the full hour about his new book on school choice
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