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In this post 300th episode, Matt and Bowen are joined by the one and only Katie Crutchfield, the singer AND songwriter of Waxahatchee! A literal joy! An episode that touches on many topics including a Bagel Boss reveal! Some Bell House love! Some Fiona Apple love! What do Katie and Dua Lipa have in common? Do Matt and Bowen really know the way to Margaritaville? Plus some love for country music storytellers like Trisha Yearwood and The Chicks. The guys are Waxahatchee lifers now, okay?!  See for privacy information.
Part III of the Great Global Songbook is out now. And let us tell you, the top 10 songs will change your life! So let's wrap up this 300th episode extravaganza the only way we know how: by ending in a song.  See for privacy information.
Part II of the Great Global Songbook is here! What will continue to make the list? Plus special guests? It's a 300th episode spectacular!!  See for privacy information.
The 300th episode is here and Matt and Bowen spared no expense to bring the readers the 300 songs of the Great Global Songbook. This is only part one, okay? Get ready.  See for privacy information.
Matt & Bow are feeling like hard to GET starLETS today because, well, Maren Morris herself is the guest on their podcast Las Culturistas!!! From that fateful night at the Bowery Ballroom when our hosts saw Maren years ago, to this moment. Oooh!!!! This podcasting event explores how Maren found Matt through his Tayla Swiff "Lover" album, how the need to slow down during the pandemic affected Maren's writing, and Maren's discovery of Dolly Parton as an actress before she ever even realized she was a singer. Also, Steel Magnolias, 9 to 5, Maren's new album Humble Quest, the "short king" phenomenon, and an explanation of the lyric "like a Coca Cola on Christmas Day" from Maren's song "Sugar". All this, new Real Housewives of Beverly Hills thoughts, Watch What Happens Live experiences and meeting Kyle and Mauricio in the flesh! See Maren on the Humble Quest Tour all throughout 2022 and stream that damn album! This episode? That's myyyyyyyy churchhhhh! See for privacy information.
In a literal sense, Mama, we have a show and a half for you today. The talented author of the new book I'll Show Myself Out and showrunner of the upcoming Showtime comedy series I Love That For You is here with Matt & Bowen and her name is Jessi Klein! Yes! The gals talk the ins and outs and terrors and joys of motherhood as explored in Jessi's new (and wonderful) book. Carseat culture. Potty training culture. Throat culture... culture. And so much more, including: realizing you're mommy or daddy in a professional environment, why "adulting" actually is difficult, and how home economics classes failed students across America. Also, Dirty Dancing and getting horned up and acting on it as a maturing child, Big Mouth and when to consider consuming adult media with your kid, cathartic experiences in movie theaters, how antibiotics are ruining our buttholes, the fact that gift shops are really candle stores, and Jessica Biel in the trailer for the new movie Candy. I'll Show Myself Out is out on April 26th and I Love That For You streams on Showtime April 29th and airs on May 1st! Jessi Klein, everybody! Yes!!!!!!!!! See for privacy information.
In this legendary episode, there is joy, there are tears, there are discussions that need to be heard. Naturally the only guest for this episode would be Michelle Yeoh! Her new film Everything Everywhere All At Once is important cinema and if you haven't seen the film, we recommend you stop right now, go watch the film, and then come back and listen! And if you have watched, do not wait any longer! PRESS PLAY! You will not regret it. Also, of course, we hear about Michelle's upbringing and how the experience of going to a movie theater really lit up her life. Love, tears, cinema history, and some IDTSH's that will have you jumping from your seats! Plus so much love for Stephanie Hsu! See for privacy information.
Sound the Icon Alert!!! We don't have one? We gotta get one. IT IS TRULY a glorious day because Garcelle Beauvais is joining Matt & Bowen on Las Culturistas! Look at God! And they're asking the hard questions: did her Spiderman: Homecoming character Doris Toomes survive the snap and the blip? Does she even know what any of that means? The answer might not shock you. What do we need to know regarding the BTS of working with Jamie Foxx, Eddie Murphy, Michael Jordan and, yes, Will Smith? And what can we espect to go down on the new season of RHOBH? What goes down in ASPEN?!?!? All this, coming to America (lol) from Haiti and discovering R&B music, the visceral movie star sexuality of Brad Pitt in Thelma & Louise, maintaining your "front row" relationships, finally *some* Oscars decompressing, and the very REAL camaraderie between the ladies of The Real. Garcelle's memoir Love Me As I Am is out on April 12th, and you'll be better for reading it. We have been touched by greatness! See for privacy information.
The best thing you can do is not ignore, but rather, LISTEN TO this episode of Las Culturistas because, bitch, BETTY WHO is the guest. One of Matt & Bowen's favorite artists joins them in person in LA to discuss naming wigs and hair as expression, hanging in there in the music industry through ups and downs, touring, the importance of rehearsal, and the question of WWBD (Beyonce...and Britney!) Also! Britney as formative culture, always getting the moms in the crowd on her side with Betty's cover of "I Love You Always Forever", playing every Pride in America, and queering up the lives of the straight men you know. All this, cannibalism fever, how TikTok is running the music industry, performing on The Bachelorette and how sometimes a Glee Cast Version can go all the way off. It's fucking Betty Who everybody! We woke up and chose violet for this one... STREAM THIS WOMAN. See for privacy information.
"EXPOSED" (w/ Matt & Bowen)

"EXPOSED" (w/ Matt & Bowen)


SO. Matt and Bowen blacked out at the Critics Choice Awards and discuss what they remember, which leads into a discussion on how critics shape culture and what gets seen and heard by the masses. Also, how the CCAs are becoming the new Golden Globes, Jane Campion going good viral and then bad viral in 24 hours, the Oscar race turning in CODA's favor, Charli XCX and her new album CRASH, Showtime popping off, Melanie Lynskey finally getting hers, and the joy of Sunday. All that, Katy Perry's PLAY Vegas residency, Dua on tour, allergy season during COVID, and what NOT to ask. Betty Who next week!!!! Learn more about your ad-choices at See for privacy information.
Um, is it absolute Tolkien vibes? Because it is the return of the KING. SNL superstar and Montezuma’s nemesis Ego Nwodim joins Matt and Bow in-studio and don’t you even DARE tell her what to do. She’s a bona fide rom-com legend in “Love Life,” okay?! The trio talks ideal vacations, Wikipedia lies, Euphoria High, and unfortunately, Ego and Bowen’s lack of sexual chemistry. Also we invite all the publicists to decide whether or not the “Cis and Sissy” sketch is a flop or a slay based on the live reading(!) of this incredibly stupid table draft. Listen now, by royal decree! Learn more about your ad-choices at See for privacy information.
LAS CULTCH HAS A NEW IMAGE. And to mark that epic new era..well, Jesus, we're sorry you have to see this one... because Josh and Aaron have returned. Tweedle Dee and Tweedle F*g. Fifth time! If we had jackets for that time of thing, they'd get them. But we don't. Anyways, this one is sheer chaos from the jump. They are the writers and stars of a dirty snuff film with music that is a freak project that will be banned in many countries. It's called F*cking Identical Twins and it isn't out yet! Someday later! Good luck to all people who listen to this and please understand we recorded it before Russia invaded Ukraine, which we do have to say and stress. I'm obsession, I kiss. Listen to this podcast. IT'S.... FREEEEEEEE! Learn more about your ad-choices at See for privacy information.
She's back, readers! One of the best in the biz, Naomi Ekperigin! She might be featured on this season of Netflix's The Standups, but baby she is sitting DOWN to talk with the hosts of Las Cultch about a great many things! Including!... star quality in political candidates, getting comfortable calling yourself a comedian, performing for the first time in a while post-pandemic, The Gilded Age, parental input on comedy, Abbot Elementary, Charlie Puth being hot, Calvin Klein ads as heterosexual weapons of war to slow gay people down, the ups and downs of Apple CarPlay culture, and final thoughts on Steve Brady from this season of And Just Like That. Are you a good sharer? Would you ever "get anything done"? Just some talking points we'll be expecting essays on! Love you all!! Naomi's I Don't Think So Honey is for the ages!!! Learn more about your ad-choices at See for privacy information.
Las Cultch welcomes writer, director and certified Character On This Podcast Jared Frieder to talk all about his debut film THREE MONTHS, starring Troye Sivan and Ellen Burstyn, which is out on Paramount+ today! Matt, Bow and Jared discuss striking the right tone for a dramedy about potentially contracting HIV, queer intimacy on screen, working with Troye, Ellen Burstyn, Judy Greer and the rest of the incredible cast, and the decision to cut his ex-boyfriend Matt Rogers from the film. Also, Pedro Zamora, My Cousin Vinny, Joe Pesci as an underrated queer comedy icon, our top ten Tayla songs (Jared is an even bigger Swiftie than our hosts), and much more. We’re all so proud of Jared and encourage you to stream THREE MONTHS right now! Don’t “Wait” or you’ll be in “Trouble” (stream the songs, too)! Learn more about your ad-choices at See for privacy information.
To celebrate the fact that Las Culturistas is now being cited in academic work, the owner of popular culture Louis Virtel (Keep It! podcast, Jimmy Kimmel Live) finally joins our women to rant at the table. Readers! This is the one you've been waiting for. A full-on Oscars download as the nominations are reviewed... dissected, even! Gaga's snub?! Did we cause it? Something to think about. Also, Wheel of Fortune and game show culture, the experience of actually competing on televised game shows, an analysis of the stigma around Laura Dern stanhood, Kirsten's Oscar moment at long last and a long overdue discussion of the legendary Gilda Radner. Warning! This episode may contain some spoilers for the Oscar movies we discuss. Keep your ears open for spoiler warnings. Louis is truly a MIND and Las Cultch was lucky to have the bitch. Don't be a gatorade girl xo Learn more about your ad-choices at See for privacy information.
Truly gay podcasts collide in this episode as Matt & Bowen are joined by Danny Pellegrino! The host of Everything Iconic and author of How Do I Unremember This? Unfortunately True Stories (out March 8th) has thoughts on the whole season we just experienced of And Just Like That..., as do our hosts. Guess what? RAVE REVIEWS. The third graders keep winning. Also? Housewives. Rosie. Tyra, Sunny, Whoopi Joy, everyone else that's ever hosted The View, Bethenny, and much more. Danny felt like a third co-host! Get the book. Listen to the pod. Rinse, repeat! So what?! Who Cares?! Learn more about your ad-choices at See for privacy information.
Matt and Bowen convene to discuss the concept of a Night of a Thousand J. Lo’s, deep dive on Lady Gaga’s actor-forward Oscar campaign, perform Lisa Barlow’s hit mic monologue and debut Provincetown’s new theme song. Also, Viva Las Culturistas and ALSO Viva Las Vegas, as Matt prepares to see Katy Perry in the City of Sin for his birthday and Bowen reveals that not only that he has come around on “Daisies” but also exchanged pleasantries with Mrs. Orlando Bloom herself. All this, and the following questions: do we actually want Carrie and Steve to fuck? Would you do Dancing with the Stars? What would you do if you heard your best friend saying that hated you because you’re a “garbage whore”? Disclaimer: “The Woman In The Window...” with Kristen Bell is spoiled in this episode so skip ahead a few minutes from where that discussion begins. Learn more about your ad-choices at See for privacy information.
The girls are starstruck and shakin' in their little gay boots today because the Las Cultch guest is none other than comedic savant, genuine hero and (get this... ) WONDERFUL FRIEND Sean Hayes. The host of the truly world famous podcasts Smartless (out Mondays) and Hypochondriactor (out Wednesdays) joins Matt & Bowen to discuss Will & Grace and Q-Force, share memories of performing in Promises, Promises on Broadway, and confront the fact that the Sean Hayes Cher impression is now THEE culturally accepted Cher impression. Also, Erasure, George Michael and queer representation in all forms of media, iconic medical issues and the dragging of RHOSLC's Jennie Nguyen, one word names AND three word names. JUST CULTCH! Ya gotta listen! Learn more about your ad-choices at See for privacy information.
This week Las Culturistas invites a queer latinx stoner podcaster and it's NOT even Che Diaz!!! It's the much less annoying Fran Tirado! And would you believe that Che takes up a lot of discussion space in this episode of all episodes? The gals discuss just WHAT Che is representing, And Just Like That as we barrell towards the finale, white creators confronting whiteness in their work, Spider Man: No Way Home and fan service culture, how Peacock is actually IT, Real Housewives: Ultimate Girls Trip, casting queer roles with straight actors and the backlash that occurs when it happens, Drag Race and the Maddy Morphosis of it all, Greek mythology, youth group, how D.A.R.E. made us want to do drugs more, and that thing that happens when you masturbate too much and your dick goes "poof!" like a baby dragon who can't yet breathe fire. Would you introduce yourself to your favorite OnlyFans creator if you saw them at the mall? Can you handle if it Jujubee loses another season of Drag Race? Should Raya end once and for all? Much to discuss! Listen to this AND Fran's new podcast Like A Virgin with Las Cultch favorite Rose Dommu! Learn more about your ad-choices at See for privacy information.
Bowen Yang (platinum blonde, super-immune, Erika, corn silk-era) and Matt Rogers (still brunette, super-immune, Rinna, still charizard-era) gather together after a fabulous trip to Mexico City to record a "culture catchup" episode of their podcast Las Culturistas (critically acclaimed). And wow, has culture occurred. The name Che Diaz ring a bell? "Hey, it's Che Diaz!" How about now? Also, Mary M. Cosby, exiting the world stage? Major news, indeed. The Elmo-Zoe feud down on Sesame Street? You could say the hosts are bravely taking a side. And oh, the power of cinema. Matt and Bow review The Power of the Dog, Being The Ricardos, The Lost Daughter, Don't Look Up, Free Guy and Licorice Pizza. All this, praise for the final season of Search Party, a celebration of the renewal of The Morning Show for a third season (congrats third graders, you're the real heroes, mamas), thoughts on new Drag Race, Project Runway and Euphoria, and a whole lot of bullshit in between. Las Cultch? Is back. She suffered... and she is still that girl. Learn more about your ad-choices at See for privacy information.
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Peter Clarke

So I listen a lot and I hear the declarations you make based on your best guesses and shrug. It’s okay. Now you’ve made me have to go Boomer on you. It’s widely known that “Imagine” was not written in California but at Tittenhurst Park in England. Many films show it all happening. As for the dismissal of “Imagine there’s no heaven” as the murmurings of an LSD trip, NO. In 1971 it’s almost a miracle that got airplay. It was sacrilege. Some respect is in order.

Nov 4th


The boys have me actually crying laughing.

Dec 31st
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I keep coming back to this podcast. It is hard to follow, though. Talks to fast, not clear, over talk, sounds alike. Steps on names. Who is that laughing like a dolphin?

Jun 10th

L Hartman

Thank you so much for this powerful podcast. I have been unable to put my anger and sadness into words, and I thank you for doing it so eloquently and passionately for me.

Jun 6th

Luis Gutierrez

I don't think so honey the seasons of Survivor that Matt Rogers recommends anyone knows the season you recommend to newbies is Heroes versus Villains

Apr 24th

Camille-Mary Sharp

this podcast is HILARIOUS and BRILLIANT. Thanks Bowen and Matt!

Sep 29th
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