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Las Culturistas with Matt Rogers and Bowen Yang

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Ding dong! Join your culture consultants, Matt Rogers and Bowen Yang, on an unforgettable journey into the beating heart of CULTURE. Alongside sizzling special guests, they GET INTO the hottest pop-culture moments of the day and the formative cultural experiences that turned them into Culturistas. Produced by the Big Money Players Network and iHeartRadio.

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Listen, flops. People throw the word "legend" around. Okay? And a legend. But today we welcome queen jester NON-flop, the one and only Bianca Del Rio! Moment in time alert! Matt and Bo are honored to welcome one of drag's finest to talk livin la vida Palm Springs, hosting Drag and Drive this year, and Bianca's chosen superpower: being an absolute c*nt. Also, the fall of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association, the set pics of Nicole Kidman in the Lucille Ball biopic, how it feels to run into Linda Evangelista in a Party City, OG drag performers Charles Pierce and Jim Bailey, the return of BENNIFER, Mare of Easttown and Wawa culture, how fucking good Girls5Eva is, and even more dragging of the nightmare that is Caitlyn Jenner. All that, how Drag Race has changed over the years since Bianca's win in season 6, and memories of the *truly* legendary (no other word) Joan Rivers. Bianca Del Rio on Las Cultch! Ma, Pa, look at us now!!!! *Door slams*. Alright, well, check out The Bianca Del Rio Podcast from Starburns, new eps Thursdays! Learn more about your ad-choices at
This one's chuck FULL of the good stuff. The "good stuff" in question is, of course, culture and our guest Shalewa Sharpe, host of the new podcast The War Report (new episodes every Thursday!) is a damn expert on it. From the straight camp of Meat Loaf to the pop stylings of Ashlee Simpson and the aesthetic design impact of the recent premium streaming services' logos, there is nothing Shalewa cannot culturally dissect. She and the hosts get into it about Sesame Street and ask the hard questions about the block: Who is the biggest legend on the street? What is the deal with Snuffaluffagus? What is the true nature of the Bert and Ernie relationship? Do we, as a society, tolerate Elmo too much? And what can we learn about impulse control from Cookie Monster? All this, thoughts and reflections on Billie Eilish's new aesthetic, the music videos that had the biggest impact on Shalewa's life sartorially, the culture of clubbin', hideous aughts clothing and why we were dressing in it, The Circle season two, Queen Latifah, and the ancient rivalry between Verizon Fios and Spectrum wireless internet. So, yeah. Did we miss anything? It's Rule of Culture #128: "No!" Listen now, check out The War Report and follow Shalewa @silkyjumbo after you fall in love with her. You understand. Learn more about your ad-choices at
We've been waiting forever for this...this is the night. That night, you ask? Well. it's the one where Matt & Bowen RETURN TO THE STUDIO for the first in-house recording with a guest since the god damn pandemic began. And you KNOW we got D'Arcy Carden, a Las Cultch legend, to join the girls to talk all things c-u-l-t- bitch, you know the rest. Why even tease it any more? Get started listening with those ears, darling dears! The LC energy...has returnt. Learn more about your ad-choices at
2021 is, of course, primarily the year of the Demi Lovato Froyo Controversy, but that's not all. It is also the year of the incredible film Shiva Baby, which stars the two truly magnifique guests on today's episode: Molly Gordon & Rachel Sennott! The four fools discuss making this lil' indie that could, becoming #sisters during the 16-day shoot, falling in love with a collaborator the way these girls did with writer-director Emma Seligman, the glory that is Dianna Agron and gorgeous Gleek culture, periods of life in which you're going through hell and are reduced to doing poppers on the West Side Highway, seeing R-rated movies as a minor, The Bling Ring and Sofia Coppola's underrated filmography, the ups and downs of peeing in cups for medical reasons, bowel vulnerability, and how there are amazing heroes with their hands up our ass. Watch Shiva Baby in select theaters and on demand right NOW! We can't recommend it ENUF. Learn more about your ad-choices at
Well, readers, it's our first post-op ep! After a successful surg for Matt, the girls are so happy to welcome the true healing spirit that is Clark Moore, actor and host of the incredible Soul Balm podcast, which is a genuine Las Cultch Pick! Take that, Oprah! We can pick things, too! This episode, dripping wet with water sign energy, features discussions and reviews of Thunder Force, the Netflix College Admissions Scandal documentary, and a full on Godzilla Vs. Kong discussion (with spoilers...skip 25:46-30:19 if you care and also...bless you, child). Also, why Clark had to finally drop reality TV. Discussion Point: in watching Real Housewives, are we complicit in the destruction of these women's lives? All this, and then the real meat and potatoes of the ep: THE SPICE GIRLS. Discussion point #2: was Ginger Spice the leader and is that why it all fell apart after she left? What ARE the best Spice Girls songs? Did you, like Clark, try and recreate the "Naked" tour performance at your SCHOOL with CHILDREN? The words "nude illusion in the round" are used discussing this very scenario. All this, Clark's surprising Jon Ossoff connections, BTS from Love Simon spilled exclusively for the readers, and the Las Cultch on-air debut of Katrina "Damm Bird" Rogers. You, and this episode? VERY "2 Become 1". Learn more about your ad-choices at
Matt and Bow get raw and real about their physical and mental health (mama, as they say in hospitals, "scalpel!") before launching into an episode truly for the ages with the one, the only, Kate Berlant! Often imitated but NEVER duplicated, this genuine hero and co-host (alongside friend of the show Jacqueline Novak) of LC's Big Money Players sister podcast POOG joins the gals to discuss many cultures: "sending things back in restaurants" culture, "approaching people you admire in public" culture, wellness and "face cream" culture, Cameron Diaz-as-prestige actress culture, Julia Roberts in Erin Brockovich culture (oh, yeah, doll, we're going there again), continuity error culture, Oscar-watching culture, awards SPEECH performance culture, and dinner party culture, just to list but a few. This was the great honor and privilege of LC. THEE Kate Berlant!!!!!! Come on, NOW! #PrayForMatt Learn more about your ad-choices at
It's that thing of when four sisters with no drag talent whatsoever express strong opinions about the television program RuPaul's Drag Race and all of *its* sisters, or sister ~shows~. You understand. Hop in, readers, the water is absolutely wet! Enjoy all this sound! Learn more about your ad-choices at
"Control King" (w/ BD Wong)

"Control King" (w/ BD Wong)


He IS the blueprint. The "he" in question? BD Wong, babe. After some Grammy and Oscar nom thoughts, Las Culturistas welcome the truly hot king and *decorated* actor to the show to discuss his incredible career and more, darling. Acting in musical theater AND theme park ride waiting lines? Both covered. Jurassic Park AND Jurassic World? Obviously thoroughly discussed. Sitting across from Michelle Obama at a White House state dinner AND insight into Bryce Dallas Howard's leadership capabilities that will inspire you? Yeah, both of those, as absolute WELL! Also, BD talks about how A Chorus Line lit his fire long ago, community building amongst Asian actors, Sondheim's Pacific Overtures, and working with the all Asian cast of Nora From Queens (with...get this...Bowen Yang!). Also, BD's complicated feelings on his Law & Order role, an answer to the question, "was Li Shang attracted to Ping in Mulan?" and THOUGHTS about Donny Osmond singing his character's damn song. LET'S get down to business, indeed! BD is a fucking icon and TBH you're all welcome for this one! Learn more about your ad-choices at
The time has come for Matt & Bowen's deep dive on evermore. We know...late!!! But after taking some time to sit with the album, Las Culturistas has takes on the ongoing battle between Taylor vs. Tayla and how it exists in this body of work. The boys discuss each song on the album, and also get into this season of Drag Race UK and how Bimini Bon Boulash is their ONLY winner, the recent Snatch Game on RuPaul's Drag Race, final WandaVision thoughts, and Netflix's I Care A Lot. Also, though this episode was recording literally while Oprah's interview with Meghan and Harry was airing, the royal family is, let's just say, discussed in the episode's closing moments. And you allllreeaaddyy know what that means!!! GRLOO. Learn more about your ad-choices at
You know how a witch will often cackle? Well, similarly, Las Culturistas and guest Rose Dommu (icon) absolutely DO THAT through this episode of LC wherein witchcraft in media, WandaVision (there are spoilers throughout this ep for the season so far, y'all! So skip 14:14 to 20:15 if you're not caught up!), favorite Aronofsky films and Evan Rachel Wood (who Rose says is "the woman who taught me how to huff") are explored in depth. Also, Rose's love of Buffy and her take on the Joss Whedon of it all, how fan fiction taught us how to write, Dakota Johnson stanhood, Practical Magic, and a look back at ARTPOP. What do we think of Gaga as an Oreo now? Regardless of your answer, you all will be amazing warriors. <3 Follow @rosedommu, who is one of the best guests we've ever had. Learn more about your ad-choices at
A sea change in the Las Cultch executive branch! Meghan McCain has resigned from our Board of Directors after blocking us on Twitter and then publicly flopping so absolutely hard that we have to spend our time and energy on it in this episode. That bullshit, WandaVision and how it was Agatha All Along, plus a revisitation of Mean Girls and how Rachel McAdams as Regina George both captured and influenced a generation of social terrorists in our high schools. Are you interested in the style evolution of both hosts over time? No? Well, we also talk about The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City, so just hit the 15 second skip when we start chatting about how, as teens, we used to rock jeans and flip flops on the regular. Stop when you hear us rescinding our idol worship for Mary M. Cosby. Whatever. I'm getting cheese fries. Learn more about your ad-choices at
Las Culturistas are joined by NPR correspondent, host of It's Been A Minute and active listener extraordinaire Sam Sanders, who quickly finds out that he is "held in the same high esteem as Regina King" by Bowen & Matt, which is saying quite a lot, okay?! The three show Regina respect, get into Whitney Houston's National Anthem at the Super Bowl (Sam has a great episode of IBAM that is sort of *talking to* our Britney episode, so check it out), react to Justin Timberlake's lil' apology, and get innnnnnnto Janet Jackson's music video iconography and talk favorite Janet albums. Also, the current state of daytime TV is discussed, a discussion on how IT'S A BRANDY MOMENT RIGHT NOW, theories on Clive Davis being the devil, and Sam discusses how pop culture and politics are forever intertwined. What. A. Time. What a man. Listen to and follow Sam! Learn more about your ad-choices at
It's a Britney deep dive, bitch. Also, Wendy (hmmm...), Armie (WOOF), Abel (sure!) and Brady (UGH). JT stans, turn back. #FreeBritney Learn more about your ad-choices at
We think we can all agree that it was time to have Meg Stalter on Cultch. And readers? This ep does not disappoint. Fresh off a, get this, bad car accident, Matt is still alive to record the podcast and ultimately that's good because Meg is the funniest and gives us all her takes on the Sex and the City reboot, meeting up with LOVERS in quarantine (and also not), and the Scorsese vs. Marvel ugh drama!!!!!!! Also, the impact of Grease, auditioning for a Six Flags revue with "Teardrops on my Guitar", dinner theater, when Meg was attacked by Lana Del Rey stans, how trolls online are literal children, how to let someone know you're not down to talk shit, and self-improvement during quarantine LOL. Also, should we start using "bunny" as a term of endearment? Will Bowen eat his toenails? And a shout out to Chicago comedy! RARRRRR!!!!!! Listen lol Learn more about your ad-choices at
Sisters provide each other with support in this episode of Las Culturistas that explores so much and yet so little. The ladies discuss watching themselves on camera after Matt's recent good news. Bowen questions whether or not it is ethical to wave your finger and scream "yaz" at a woman who is a billionaire from arms deals on Bling Empire. Matt, for some reason, watched Love Life and actually really enjoyed it! And... the culture of the moment Promising Young Woman gets discussed in such detail that we have to warn you repeatedly that there are SPOILERS (17:10 to 27:22 will discuss and spoil Promising Young Woman, so watch it first! Or skip that section!) Readers, the movie has us thinking! Also, Oscar and awards season at large, Gaga's anthem (with a special close-read of the performance by Hot Engineer Doug), Matt and Bowen reveal what they're listening to lately, opinionssssss on the Sex and the City reboot, Cookie Monster, Disneyland making changs to their fiully racist attractions and some good olf fashioned Wendy Williams appreciation. BABY YOU'RE A FIIIIIIIIIIREWOOOOORK! Learn more about your ad-choices at
Alright, well! It's a moment in Las Cultch history, readers, as the one and only Trixie Mattel joins Matt & Bowen to discuss Buffy the Vampire Slayer, the traumas and dramas of keeping a pet alive, submitting to the lifestyle that is watching 90 Day Fianceé and only 90 Day Fianceé, the power of Ms. Mojo, the new season of Drag Race, Cyberpunk 2077 and Michelle fucking Branch. That, and obviously more! Watch Trixie as host of Drag Race recap show The Pit Stop on YouTube and check out her podcast with Katya, The Bald and the Beautiful. Name another legend. Learn more about your ad-choices at
As 2021 begins with a flop, America is not the only institution in upheaval. Immediately in conflict, Matt and Bowen rage at each other about recent culture consumption. Ultimately, Matt has promised to watch 90 Day Fiancée and Bowen will listen to the song "driver's license". So, watch this space. Like they do, Las Culturistas immediately put their differences aside to catch up on culture, and there is a lot to discuss: the attempted insurrection, Trump's ban from Twitter, conclusions on this season of Real Housewives of Potomac, and the beginning of a new season of Drag Race! All discussed! Also, the boys declare their two 2021 missions for the pod: to get Natalie Portman as a guest and to "top Marc Maron". All this, Bowen's review of JAWS, Matt's review of The Sound of Music, Rise of Skywalker and Star Wars at large as enjoyable soap opera space camp (and not more than that, nerds!), and... finally... thoughts on TaylOR SwifT's newest album evermore. What would Fran Lebowitz think of the culture you consume? Scary question, scary times, fun episode! xo Learn more about your ad-choices at
Matt and Bowen cap off their 12 Days of Culture by making a statement: looking to the future. The boys discuss Super Nintendo World opening next year at Universal Studios Japan, look back on their lives as gamers, and discover they have even more in common than they even realized. Pokémon SHOP gets TALKED y’all. Mario, Donkey Kong, Zelda; all the Nintendo girls get their moment on this ep. Thanks to all of our readers for all your support and love! We’ll see you in 2021! Learn more about your ad-choices at
Matt and Bowen catch up on their Big Popstar-Adjacent Weekends and ingeniously segue into Day 11 of the 12 Days of Culture: the day James Cameron thought of Avatar. While the particular date in question is unrecorded, the girls agree that despite this lack of knowledge, Avatar warrants mention. Leona Lewis as the “Celine Dion of the project," Zoe Saldana’s Oscar buzz, what it’s like to take a genuine Flight of Passage in Disney’s Animal’s all here! Listen now! Learn more about your ad-choices at
Do you remember the last time everyone united behind the same idea, on an international scale? It's only happened twice: when the Nazis lost WWII and when Julia Roberst won her Oscar for the inarguable best biopic of all time, "Erin Brockovich." Why don't you listen to this episode and chime in on what your parenting style is/would be as they compare to Matt and Bow's distinct approaches. Were your parents strict and did you not give a shit? Interesting. After some discussion of the Oscars as The Academy, the boys play some new, challenging rounds of MFK with queens of the screen, and Matt's Kate Hudson impression leads him to a potentially iconic webseries idea. Yes, you heard that right, honey, no need for a q-tip, sweetheart. Learn more about your ad-choices at
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The boys have me actually crying laughing.

Dec 31st
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I keep coming back to this podcast. It is hard to follow, though. Talks to fast, not clear, over talk, sounds alike. Steps on names. Who is that laughing like a dolphin?

Jun 10th

L Hartman

Thank you so much for this powerful podcast. I have been unable to put my anger and sadness into words, and I thank you for doing it so eloquently and passionately for me.

Jun 6th

Luis Gutierrez

I don't think so honey the seasons of Survivor that Matt Rogers recommends anyone knows the season you recommend to newbies is Heroes versus Villains

Apr 24th

Camille-Mary Sharp

this podcast is HILARIOUS and BRILLIANT. Thanks Bowen and Matt!

Sep 29th
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