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Las Culturistas with Matt Rogers and Bowen Yang

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Ding dong! Join your culture consultants, Matt Rogers and Bowen Yang, on an unforgettable journey into the beating heart of CULTURE. Alongside sizzling special guests, they GET INTO the hottest pop-culture moments of the day and the formative cultural experiences that turned them into Culturistas. Honey, come and get your life. Produced by the Big Money Players Network and iHeartRadio.

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That's right, the sisters/DODS are back, darling dear! Fat-assed cyclist Josh Sharp and world-bestselling author Aaron Jackson reunite with Matt and Bow over Zoom to talk about the last year or so of various Drag Race franchises and more. From Season 12 to All Stars 5 to UK to Canada, the conversation is LARGE in scope, wetch! There's also juicy discussion over a vaudeville queen's last words, Liza Minnelli, and matching pop divas to a staged musical they should write based on existing IPs. And keep your sweet tooth screaming for the delicious dessert of four wild I Don't Think So Honeys, dear ones! Be sure to purchase Aaron's novel, "The Astonishing Life of August March," wherever books are sold. Learn more about your ad-choices at



So, what had happened was...Tayla Swiff released a surprise album. Or, was it TaylOR SwifT who released an album? Either way, an album was released. It's called folklore, and on this installment of Las Culturistas, Matt and Bowen deep absolutely DIVE into it, going track by track and relishing in all the lyrical and melodic greatness. The boys discuss the difference between "Tayla" and "Taylor", fight over whether the track "Betty" is queer baiting or not, and rank all of T.S.'s studio albums. They also (finally) deep dive on Lady Gaga's Chromatica and get into The Chicks' Gaslighter and Haim's Women In Music Part III. And also more! This is the episode of LC all about what we're listening TO that readers have been waiting FOR, hawney. So listen in before the episode, like august, slips away into a moment in time and is sipped away like a bottle of wine. Fuck, that's good. Learn more about your ad-choices at
It's the yearly TRADITION, readers: Sudi Green returns along with Summer of Kunt, which is and will always be pandemic-proof! The Three™ discuss circus themes, magicians, Sudi's experience writing on The Emmys and Matt's exciting upcoming project. They also examine awards show voting bodies and going to work stoned before setting their intentions for this, their third Summer of Kunt! And absolutely stay CHUNED for three incendiary IDTSHs that will leave a crater in your mind, and of course, the culture! Five stars. Learn more about your ad-choices at
In this big, HUGE, episode Bowen and Matt are joined by Superstore's Nico Santos and Survivor legend Zeke Smith! They have a moment with the CBS Diversity Showcase! Plus a moment about Zeke, Bowen, and Matt's former minor league gay improv team Judith! They have a moment with Survivor and how the show took on Zeke being outed as trans on the show. Nico and Bowen have a moment about Asian representation in film and television. So many GREAT moments! And of course Nico's experiences filming Crazy Rich Asians! Nico and Zeke's house hunting woes! No sharing of ice creams until further notice! And, of course, go watch the documentary film about trans representation in media, Disclosure, which is on Netflix now. Learn more about your ad-choices at
Welcome to the post 200th episode era! Ghislaine has been arrested! Hamilton is up for public consumption! Fire Island has been geo-politically canceled! And now Hunter Harris joins Matt and Bowen to get into her work at Vulture, some insight into Quibi possibly being a food delivery service, the sham that is the Golden Globes, a movie's need to be quotable (Aaron Sorkin!!!), Timothee Chalamet vs Lucas Hedges, and the legendary film Erin Brockovich being the culture to bring culture into Hunter's world. Plus a very serious debate about if Matt and Ben should be giving us a follow up to Good Will Hunting. Also how A Star Is Born and Jackie are just so so good. And some I Don't Think So Honey's you must hear! So much more is discussed so hop to it! Go follow Hunter's extensive skin care routine and feel the glow. Learn more about your ad-choices at
After two failed attempts at getting through all 200 top moments in culture history, we try once again. Will it be the last time? The vodka Red Bulls are back. Listen and find out. Learn more about your ad-choices at
Readers who listened to our episode "The Top 200 Moments In Culture History" will recall that we did not get through all 200 moments. This is our attempt to complete that task. More culture. Less Vodka Red Bull. Will we make it to #1?  Learn more about your ad-choices at
It's a huge, historic moment in Cultch history: Matt and Bowen's 200th proper episode! Listen for for the many, MANY surprises, including a shocking revelation up top about Bowen's location, as well as a slow unraveling of Matt and Bowen's functions as they breathlessly count down the Top 200 Moments in Culture History. Learn more about your ad-choices at
Matt and Bow have a new daddy! And it's comedy legend Will Ferrell. Not to brag! Of course, by daddy we mean PRODUCER, as Will has just begun his new podcast platform Big Money Players Network, which Las Culturistas is so proud to be a part of! The boyz talk Will's new film Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga, which comes out on Netflix on June 26th, working with Rachel McAdams and Demi Lovato, and how a trip to Sweden inspired the film. They also dive into Eurovision culture, the polarizing initial reaction to Anchorman, how working at SNL inspired the rest of Will's comedy choices, and the ways in which Ron Burgundy is interacting with 2020 on The Ron Burgundy Podcast. Also, can you fucking believe Will's culture that made him say culture was for him is "Disneyland Character Meet and Greet Culture"?! The Cultchas are gonna have to almost pass OUT at THAT one. All this, the tale of how Matt and Bowen used to perform the Jaws Universal Studios attraction live on stages in NY (Bowen was the shark), and so much god damn more. A moment for the pod! Watch Eurovision on Netflix! XO Learn more about your ad-choices at
Matt and Bowen are fully swollen with pride to welcome drag artist, activist, absolute icon and candidate for New York City Council, the one and only Marti Gould Cummings to the podcast. Recorded on the day the Supreme Court made it illegal to fire someone because they are LGBTQ, the three get into legislation that Marti would like to pass if elected, and explain the need to defund the police. Marti details their recent violent and traumatic arrest by the NYPD while they were peacefully protesting police brutality, and it's a must-hear. Also, discussion on Marti's "culture that made them say culture was for them": Princess Diana. Strap in, it's a ride, and contains a story about how Marti once said the word "pussy" in front of Princess Beatrice. Also: Mulan as queer icon, Kelly Clarkson and how being in quarantine can affect relationships, "mask performance", J.K. Rowling dragging. Daniel Radcliffe worshipping, the Real Housewives franchise, and how drag has evolved in the last decade. DEFUND THE POLICE. REMOVE COLUMBUS. VOTE FOR MARTI. xo! Learn more about your ad-choices at
Okay, SO! A lot of snafus to work through on this episode. The Lea Michele snafu. Woof. The J.K. Rowling snafu. WOOF! Even the Lady G snafu! Danngggggg! Only the icon that is Michelle Collins could help the boys wade through such waters. And wade they do! Matt and Bowen are thrilled to have Michelle, who provides some much needed real laughs after a rough few months. Sushi sauce spills, TERFS among us, little ladybug fan fiction...girl. There's a lot taken on in this epic episode. Please remember to wear a helmet when you're riding bikes, please be cognizant of where your money is going nowadays, and please enjoy the I Don't Think So Honey's on this ep, which tackle bunkers, Home Depot, and Las Vegas itself. Las Culturistas LOVES Michelle Collins and we implore you to listen to her Sirius show and check out her upcoming podcast, Midnight Snack! Like and subscroiiiiiibe! Learn more about your ad-choices at
Black Lives Matter

Black Lives Matter


Find resources for organizations and funds to donate to here. Learn more about your ad-choices at
Gonna have to BLAST OFF on that one! After Matt and Bowen spar over the cis gay culture of the moment, they reunite with the wonderful Tawny Newsome, who stars in the new Netflix comedy "Space Force." Want to hear who Matt absolutely ships on the show? Then listen, doll! There's heated discussions on gifted and talented programs, believable conspiracy theories, and America Ferrera throwing the first brick at Bradley Whitford's house. Plus, Tawny shares her recent appreciation of Stevie Wonder records as she drops wonderful tidbits of Motown history. A must-listen for many reasons! Check out "Space Force" on Netflix premiering May 29th. Learn more about your ad-choices at
Deep breath. In through one nostril, out through the other. BECAUSE! Today is the ~actual~ day. Bowen and Matt's Survivor moment reaches its epic conclusion with superhero Parvati Shallow's long-awaited appearance on Las Culturistas! The legendary winner, fresh off the recent iconic season Winners At War, is on the pod to tell all about her experiences on the show, as well as off. Parv gets into it about what it's like to see yourself edited into a villainous reality TV archetype, and how that experience caused her to make positive changes in her life. Also, insight into just how difficult the Edge of Extinction actually is and how it inspired her new children's book Om the Otter, available now on Articulation Books. All that Survivor goodness, and: can you even believe that Parv stans Mariah?! The girls get into 90's R&B on this episode of Las Cultch that truly has everything! WE LOVE PARV. And we love you! xo  Learn more about your ad-choices at
Tonight, it's just family as Matt & Bowen aka Las Culturistas discuss what's been happening recently in the cultch. Alison Roman vs. Chrissy Tiegen? Let's just say it's touched on. Oh, and porn? We're chatting about that. Survivor is also a topic, as has been the case lately. The countdown to Parvati on Las Culturistas is fully on as the current season wraps up, and Matt & Bowen are looking at Survivor as a microcosm of society. Critical lens for your ASS. #ExamineThat. Listen, thank you to the readers. We're loving you. PARVATI IS COMING! Learn more about your ad-choices at
Bowen and Matt are joined on this episode by the REAL queen of all media-- ya know her, ya love her-- it's Arden Myrin! The host of Will You Accept This Rose? right here on iHeart Radio joins the gals from her gorgeous podcast studio (theme: Marrakesh Chic meets IKEA) to chat about what it would be like to smoke weed with Jackie Kennedy, her Insatiable co-star Debby Ryan and their Atlanta shenanigans, Annie, Solid Gold, Teri Garr, starring in the Steve Martin play Meteor Shower, Madeline Kahn and being friends with your lawyer. Also, Bowen and Arden compare notes about working on legendary sketch comedy shows Mad TV and SNL, and Arden spills the T on the season of The Amazing Race that almost featured her and...Lance Bass! All this, the new season of RHOBH, the difference between "several" and few", and much more. Pre-order Arden's upcoming memoir Little Miss Little Compton right now! Learn more about your ad-choices at
Well, damn it if Matt and Bowen don't have a #AmericanIcon on Las Culturistas today! Olympic medalist and all around WINNER Adam Rippon join the two beautiful young girls to discuss what really goes down in the Olympic Village (people watch you pee but not in a hot way), the influence of the one and only Shari Lewis, Muppet culture and Adam's new show on Quibi Useless Celebrity History. The three get along like damn gangbusters and shock with I Don't Think So Honeys that may end businesses! Adam's show debuts on May 4th on Quibi! Learn more about your ad-choices at
"War" (w/ Lauren Lapkus)

"War" (w/ Lauren Lapkus)


Star of stage and screen and podcasts (all visual mediums) Lauren Lapkus joins Matt and Bowen this week for a Babu Frik-ing good time. Discussions about Star Wars, JoJo Siwa, and why Donald Duck is queer start us off, but stick around to hear why Lauren's formative culture was Nickolodeon programming. Everyone also shares their favorite experiences working for Story Pirates and unleash three electric IDTSHs. Listen nao! Learn more about your ad-choices at
Okay yes, YOUR MAJESTY! It is a royal affair on Las Cultch with the one true KING, Ego Nwodim! The kings talk about what makes a king, driving habits, the shock of moving to a new city, and channeling authority issues in high school into having a low tolerance for buffoonery when it comes to dating. You MUST stay for when Ego schools the children on all things Bad Boy Records, and clench your little holes for three dynamo I Don't Think So, Honeys! Learn more about your ad-choices at
Matt and Bow: A Tale of Two Coasts! The boys connect while socially distancing due to Covid-19 and discuss this new (but temporary!) normal, as well as the habits they've developed in isolation. They touch base on the culture that's gone down over the past month including the Real Housewives of New York premiere (as well as the LEAH of it all), Dua Lipa's new album Future Nostalgia and Gaga's Chromatica delay. Both the boys reveal their new TV binge obsessions while in quar (Survivor for Matt, The Leftovers for Bowen) and also talk all things Quibi! Matt's new show Gayme Show! is out now on that platform, and you can check it out now. And...against all odds...the boys literally almost forget to talk about Tiger King, but not to fear, they touch on it! So if you were hungry for more Carole Baskin takes? We got you, bitch. Stay safe and stay inside and...give the pod a 5 star review. See? Not everything's changed. Learn more about your ad-choices at
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I keep coming back to this podcast. It is hard to follow, though. Talks to fast, not clear, over talk, sounds alike. Steps on names. Who is that laughing like a dolphin?

Jun 10th

L Hartman

Thank you so much for this powerful podcast. I have been unable to put my anger and sadness into words, and I thank you for doing it so eloquently and passionately for me.

Jun 6th

Luis Gutierrez

I don't think so honey the seasons of Survivor that Matt Rogers recommends anyone knows the season you recommend to newbies is Heroes versus Villains

Apr 24th

Camille-Mary Sharp

this podcast is HILARIOUS and BRILLIANT. Thanks Bowen and Matt!

Sep 29th
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