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Author: Janice Rodriguez

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Comedian, entrepreneur, and founder of Las Locas Comedy, Janice V Rodriguez, hosts a variety of guests to talk about everything 'loca' in culture, politics, entertainment and lifestyle - all from the Latina point of view. Follow us on IG @laslocaslife
7 Episodes
Join your loca host Janice V Rodriguez (@jvrspeaks) with guest host, comedian and #loca4life Hilary Jimenez  (@im.hilaryous) as we try to dissect the past few weeks in the world: cismen in space, the Olympics, Scarjo, WTF is up with DaBaby and other locaness. Definitely NSFW.  Follow at @laslocaslife across all socials and subscribe!
Join host comedian and entrepreneur, Janice V Rodriguez, for an important conversation with comedian and UX designer Jess Martinez to discuss COVID-created  job loss, career changes and going back to school in an uncertain time. Why do we need a cover letter? When is going back to school 'worth it'?   Listen and subscribe to hear this truthful conversation about - in the words of Rihanna - work, work, work, work, work.
Join host comedian and entrepreneur, Janice V Rodriguez, for an important conversation with actor, comedian, and transgender rights activist Dina Nina Martinez to discuss trans rights, women's rights, and the slew of hateful legislation aimed at transgendered people, and particularly students, across the country. What can allies do to support, uplift and protect the trans community?  How do we turn words into action beyond Pride Month? Listen and subscribe to hear this thoughtful conversation.Ready to do some personal work or know an organization or company that wants to learn more about how to be a better ally to the trans community? Please click here.  Please follow @ilovefunnywomen @ladylaughscomedy @dinaninamartinez
Join us for an important conversation with actor, writer, and comedian Eunji Kim to discuss issues facing the Asian community today. What is our role in protecting AAPI rights across the USA? While we celebrate the amazing accomplishments of our AAPI community during AAPI Heritage Month, how do we not lose focus on issues of violence and discrimination? Listen and subscribe to hear more.
Join comedians Janice V Rodriguez and Jess Martinez (@meetjessmartinez),  as we talk about dating in the times of 'Rona.  In this episode, we discuss ALL the apps, how to date while socially distancing, and what's next in this new post-pandemic dating scene.
Join comedian Janice V Rodriguez and guest Angelica Palomo, pilates educator and founder of Inner Body Strength, a boutique Pilates studio in Chicago, as we talk about the importance of movement and nutrition in our lives. In this episode, we're talking about staying healthy physically and mentally and creating an ongoing self-care practice for now and the 'after times' and why it is so important for Latinas to make themselves a priority. 
Has your own family ever made fun of your Spanish skills? Have you ever wondered why Shania Twain was on VH1 Divas? Did you go to Ingrid Bergman film festivals as a 16-year-old? Join comedian Janice V Rodriguez, as she goes on a ton of hilarious tangents with comedian and writer Stephanie Weber about traveling to Cuba, speaking Spanglish (and surviving our families' relentless teasing) and Stephanie's new book "Nothing Nice to Say" now available at all bookstores ( Stephanie on Twitter @steph_eloise. Read Stephanie's article about her travels to Cuba.Follow @laslocaslife on all the socials!
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