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An ex-Mormon gay girl trying to figure out life. Hosts Mary & Shelly tackle religious trauma and later-in-life LGBTQ issues while laughing their asses off on a weekly podcast.
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Could today's title have something to do with a new Mormon Mad Lib??? Bow your head and say yes (cuz it has something to do with the temple too). We also read a few short letters and debut a brand-new segment that features creative responses from some of our badass listeners!!! Music provided by Purple Planet:
This week we get to listen to Adam pull some really dick moves. But before that we read a few short letters, hear a listener's Journal Journey and Shelly reads a slam poem that's pretty slammin' (couldn't resist). Please join us!Music provided by Purple Planet:
Yup, we're back in the temple with Eden's most dramatic thespian: Lucifer! Get ready to give Shelly your biggest golf clap for her amazing adversary impression. We also read a wild letter (buckle up) and pirate god even makes an appearance. Or perhaps we should say, "Even...Pirate God." Enjoy!Music provided by Purple Planet:
We're back in the temple once again for the start of the riveting endowment movie, which turns out to pretty much be the regular ol' creation story with a bit of poetic license. We also roast a troll, talk like a pirate and Shelly stumps Mary on this week's FUMPOTD. Join us!Music provided by Purple Planet:
87: Check Out My Endowment

87: Check Out My Endowment


This week we're still in the wacky LDS temple. If new names and endowment ceremonies are your thing (whatever those are) then you're in for a treat. There's also a FUMPOTD that Mary nails for a change. So pop a mint and get comfortable - we're going to the temple!Music provided by Purple Planet:
In this week's episode Mary learns about more mid 1990s Mormon Temple creepiness, er, rituals, this time involving inappropriate touching. Plus, we're also horrified to find out what Hitler is promised in his afterlife. There's also a FUMPOTD, and we want to remind listeners about clean and explicit "call of the day" ringtones for all Patrons and Marco Polo Channels members!Music provided by Purple Planet:
We're finally FINALLY getting around to discussing LDS temple rituals. These are neither sacred nor secret since Shelly's spilling the beans on this goofy stuff. This will be part 1 of a multi-part series. We also have a great FUMPOTD and an inspiring letter to read. Please join us!Music provided by Purple Planet:
In today's episode we get up close and personal with the cut and pasted splendor that is the Mormon Patriarchal Blessing. Is everyone throwing up in their mouths? Because that's the appropriate response. We kick things off with our good friend and Mormon history buff, Bryce Blankenagel. We also roast a troll or two, and stump Shelly with a FUMPOTD, courtesy, once again of Mr. Blankenagel. Bryce, are your ears burning? They should be. Music provided by Purple Planet:
Looks like we needed to head back to the counseling couch this week for another session of "therapy without a therapist." Maybe don't try that at home. We also have a FUMPOTD courtesy of Alice, a "He Said What" that's particularly douchey and a letter from Cole that we think you'll find inspirational. It's a good time, y'all, so please join us!Music provided by Purple Planet:
82: The Newly-Les Game!

82: The Newly-Les Game!


Welcome to the first (and probably only) installment of the Newly-Les Game hosted by our good friend Diana! We'd like to say we crushed this game...we really would...but it soon turned into a total shit show. We discovered that Shelly is a hopeless romantic and that Mary doesn't understand what junk food is for some reason. We also have a super intellectual and cringey FUMPOTD from Bryce Blankenagel that Shelly would like to announce to everyone that she won (for a change). So be informed of this miraculous victory, and please join us!Music provided by Purple Planet:
In this episode Mary gives Shelly a break and takes over the planning. She quizzes her on a FUMPOTD (thanks Bryce Blankenagel) and comes up with an evangelical mad lib. Also Sister Fanny Fact-Check pays a visit with another installment of "Deep Dives into Dire Doctrine." This one's chock full, so please join us! Music provided by Purple Planet:
After receiving an email from a listener who let us know that her girlfriend (also a listener) had recently died by suicide, we felt that we wanted to bring on therapist and friend, Kimberly Anderson, to help us navigate this topic. So this episode is dedicated to Charly. If someone you care about is contemplating suicide, please reference the links below for help. Thank you.Kimberly is holding an open-to-the-public LGBTQ+ and Trauma Informed Suicide Education/Prevention workshop on July 12th at 7pm PST. Come one, come all. Also, please share: Institute: 800-273-TALK / Question. Persuade. Refer. https://qprinstitute.comSafety Plan Template: Suicide Prevention Lifeline: 800-273-8255 / https://suicidepreventionlifeline.orgTrans Lifeline: 877-565-8860 / https://www.translifeline.orgThe Trevor Project: 1-866-488-7386 / https://www.thetrevorproject.orgProject Semicolon: https://projectsemicolon.comAmerican Foundation for Suicide Prevention: 800-273-8255 / Support groups: Awareness Voices of Education: 800-273-8255 / Support groups: of Hope support groups: Association of Suicidology support groups: subsidized therapy: https://flourishtherapy.orgFind a therapist: explained:“Same Sex Attracted” – LGBT BYU documentary: 7/10 – 7/19 film festival tickets:
Seriously, can we all just get over this subject and move on to more important topics, like learning how to love one another? This week's "He Said What" is a real treat, not really. We also have a fun Mormon Mad Lib and we read a couple of great letters. Please join us!Music provided by Purple Planet:
This week we interview our friend, LDL Podcast Discussion Group moderator and transgender activist, Alice Ashton, about her thoughts surrounding the recent Title VII Supreme Court ruling. We also roast a literal crap-ton of FB trolls (pretty sure that’s a metric unit). Please join us.Shelly references a recent post about Dallin H. Oaks by Latter Gay Stories: provided by Purple Planet:
In today's episode we are fortunate to have with us the inspiring and talented, a.k.a "loving blossom" (Shelly's term for her), Courtney Ariel. As you may remember, Courtney wrote the article we read last week, "For Our White Friends Desiring To Be Allies." Please join us for this enlightening conversation. Courtney's recommendations and contact info:BOOKS:The New Jim Crow by Michelle Alexander Between the World and Me by Ta-Nehisi Coates (additionally he has written amazing/insightful articles featured in the news publication: The Atlantic) Citizen by Claudia Rankine Americanah by Chimamanda Ngozi AdichieThe Color Purple by Alice WalkerWhite Fragility by Robin J. DiAngelo FILM:Must watch Film based off of James Baldwin works: "I am not your Negro"SOJOURNERS PUBLICATION FEATURED ARTICLES: Spotify: Music: MEDIA:Instagram:
In this episode we read from various racist LDS documents, including the BOM and the words of various "prophets" of the Mormon church. But even though that's part of our history, in many cases, that's not where the story has to end. Let's do something about it! We start with a fantastic article by Courtney Ariel entitled, For Our White Friends Desiring to Be Allies. It's informative and eye opening; hopefully you get as much out of it as we did. We also recommend the list of books, below.Michelle Alexander: The New Jim CrowTa-Nehisi Coates: Between the World and MeClaudia Rankine: CitizenIbram X. Kendi: Stamped from the Beginning / How to Be an AntiracistCrystal M. Fleming: How to Be Less Stupid About RaceRuby Hamad: White Tears/Brown ScarsRobin DiAngelo: White Fragility
This week we officially debut our Mormon Mad Libs segment, so take a load off on our lounge chair and enjoy. We also break out not three, but FOUR whole Ds for Sister Fanny Fact Check's: Deep Dives into Dire Doctrine. And finally, we finish a listener letter and read a "She Said What" that seems sort of like a cry for help. Poor, poor Wendy Nelson.Music provided by Purple Planet:
This week's episode features our interview with multiple kidnapping and abuse survivor, Jan Broberg. Jan speaks candidly about her family's relationship with Robert "B" Berchtold, and the often negative reactions her parents had to endure (including hate mail) in order to let the truth come out. Her story is complicated, heartbreaking and intense, so please be advised.Music provided by Purple Planet:
73: Shelly's Journal Journey

73: Shelly's Journal Journey


In this episode we dust off the LDL singers to introduce a brand-new segment entitled (cue music): "Shelly's Journal Journey" (yeehaw)! Hopefully, you won't curse us for getting yet another musical stinger stuck in your head. Also, Sister Fanny Fact Check stops by for a visit, and we begin part 1 of a letter from a listener named Jenna. Grab a cup of devil's brew and enjoy!Music provided by Purple Planet:
72: Mother's Day Mad Libs

72: Mother's Day Mad Libs


Yes, you read correctly - this week we play a fun Mad Libs game from a ridiculous brain washy LDS child's song that's somehow supposed to celebrate motherhood. We also read a letter from one kick-ass grandma (you have to be a mother to later be a grandmother, so it counts). So moms (and non moms), grab a generous pour of Apostate Coffee and join us! Music provided by Purple Planet:
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Jessica Larsen

The whole Noah did not live in Missouri bit - the explanation tossed around in Mormon circles is that all civilization before the flood was in North America, and during the flood the ark floated from there to the Middle East. So there you go - it all makes sense! Ha! Just proved it's all true. (wink-wink)

Mar 28th

Sean Williams

isn't this episode 1? what are they referring to

Jul 20th
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