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CBC Radio's Laugh out Loud is Canada's home for comedy. Every week the show features the best and funniest comics in the business. Recorded at festivals and comedy clubs across the country, LOL is the ...
91 Episodes
Comedian John Beuhler talks about the emotional pain of getting older. Lesson number one, stay away from young people! And we play a classic set from teacher Steve Brinder, recorder at Accent on Toronto in 2007.
From Accent on Toronto 2019, Hisham Kelati reveals some things he shouldn't know about his Mom and Accent host Arthur Simeon shares his grand plans for when he becomes a Dad. He's not one yet...and that might be for the best.
Award-winning sketch troupe Tony Ho takes listeners on a journey of dark comedy. Bite-sized narrative sketches explore the nature of human relationships and how careless we can be with each other. Featuring Miguel Rivas, Roger Bainbridge and Adam Niebergall. More episodes are available at:
Think thrice before naming your baby comedian Rhiannon Archer warns, and yes - airport security CAN be fun says Graham Clark. Apparently, it's all about having a positive mental attitude. Recorded in Winnipeg and at Hecklers in Victoria respectively, and pre-pandamic.
From the Icebreakers Comedy Festival this past January (pre-pandemic) comedian Marito Lopez talks about the fear his 4'8" mother strikes in his heart. And from Accent on Toronto, Carol Zoccoli outlines very specific ways a husband can let down his wife.
Fun with Flags!

Fun with Flags!


Recorded at the YYC Comedy Festival, Calgarian Allyson June Smith reminisces about her teaching days and bullies, and Charlie Demers has fun with flags of the world. Do you know what the three most popular colours are?
The eyes have it! The eyeballs that is, and Jeremy Hotz takes us on a very detailed journey of his. And Sandra Shamas takes us deep into the recesses of her mind. Once things start to deteriorate, all you can do is laugh.
Welcome to Season 13 Episode 1! We shine our spotlight on comedian Dave Hemstad - and Dave shines HIS spotlight on first-class travel and cruise ships. But at the risk of getting too fancy, he also dives into semi-illegal parking, spooning and socks.
Our last show of the summer features a repeat of Big Daddy Tazz at our 10th Anniversary in Banff. Tazz is one of our most requested performers and this episode has all your favourite Tazz pieces - including the blue bike! Tune in next week for the first show of Episode 13 with host Ali Hassan.
Martha Chaves talks about the joy she gets from arguing with street preachers - everyone needs a hobby right? And Adrienne Fish talks about one of her most memorable gigs where she performed nude...on purpose! From Accent on Toronto in October 2018 recorded at The Danforth Music Hall.This year's Accent on Toronto will be cancelled this year - but mark October 20, 2021 on your calendar!
One of our most requested episodes from the spring of 2019. Recorded at the Winnipeg Comedy Festival, Jacob Samuel has some strong words for anti-capitalists, and Tom Papa tells us we DON'T look good...and that's...OKAY. The way he says it is more charming. You'll see
Today we have comedy from Katie-Ellen Humphries, Keith Pedro and Mayce Galoni. It's about challenges today! Getting men to take selfies, getting kids to read...and getting into the most comfortable underwear. Buckle up
Two wonderful comedians showcased today with an added bonus in the middle so don't miss out! Juno award winner Sophie Buddle joins Ali for a short conversation, and a set from her appearance in Winnipeg, and LOL favourite, Charles Haycock who reminds that that the bathroom shouldn't be set up so nice if you don't want him to stick around!
Recorded Pre-Pandemic. From Winnipeg Todd Graham tells you why he's bringing a rifle to bed, and from Niagara on the Lake, Gavin Stephens professes his love for sleep over everything else. In fact, we're lucky he even made it to the show!
From the Cottage Country Comedy Festival, Ward Anderson tells us what he's learned about people's hotel room habits and it's terrifying! And DeAnne Smith shares a waxing story that might encourage women to take a break from waxing altogether.
Never mind "An Englishman in New York", - today we shine our spotlight on the UK's James Mullinger, an Englishman in Saint John New Brunswick - where, one could argue, it's far more difficult to achieve everything that James has done so far.
From Accent on Toronto, Aisha Brown breaks down the psyche of bike couriers, and Chris Sandiford takes on on a journey of the dreaded Toronto streetcar!
Comedian Bryan Hatt delivers a set that bicycle cops will NOT enjoy - and Terry McGurrin tells us how things go down when you just NEED to prove an animal expert wrong!
From Hecklers in Victoria BC, Myles Anderson gives you some tips on how to upset a border guard AND cross the border at the same time. And from our comedy archives, we pay homage to the late great Irwin Barker and that endless debate: When is a purse not a purse?
Lisa Baker shares the secret to losing weight...and putting it on if you're so inclined. And Pat Thornton talks about the value of sticking to your convictions - even if those convictions are related to sparking watermelon water. Recorded last year at the YYC Comedy Festival in Calgary.
Comments (6)

Mmm Taylor

love Martha, everytime

Jun 20th

Kim Dagorne

pretty annoyed I wasted data on what should have been new stand up comedy after a long frustrating day at work. it's not stand up or funny. this is a very tricky way to get your numbers to look better than if this was a stand alone offering and I doubt I'm the only person blindly downloading content listed as new on a stand up comedy podcast!

May 15th

Andy Rondeau

Love Derek's humour!

Mar 22nd

Andy Rondeau

What a hater. If you think race is that important then You're the racist.

Mar 3rd

Andy Rondeau

Caught the last five minutes of this one on the car. Thanks for putting this in a podcast! Really enjoying this series.

Nov 11th

Dave Savard

2 Toronto. LOL I love u Steve Patterson. u make life real. thanks.

Sep 24th
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