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Law of Attraction in Action

Author: Michele Joy

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Welcome to the LAW OF ATTRACTION IN ACTION podcast where true inspiration can be heard. In this podcast I interview amazing people from all walks of life who have had miracles happen by using the Law of Attraction. I share anything from miraculous healings to attracting one's soul mates.

I am a Certified Soul Coach, Certified Happiness Coach, Certified Heal Your Life Teacher and expert Law of Attraction facilitator and coach. I want more than anything to help people see how miraculous they are and how to live their lives through the Law of Attraction.
294 Episodes
In this episode I offer you a pep talk when you are feeling frustrated, down, discouraged or just need some hope.  I teach you about the importance of planting seeds and help you see that just doing that one step will change your life dramatically. You can also watch this on YouTube by clicking HERE.  To learn more about me, go to or email me at Thanks for listening!
In this episode my guest Dorothy Burlakowska and I talk about getting pregnant in spite of the odds, manifesting wealth but acting "As if" and most importantly we talked about love and deep internal happiness.  It was such a fantastic interview. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did! To learn more about Dorothy go to To learn more about me, go to or email me at Thanks for listening!
In this episode my guest Amber Jane Arquette and I have a great conversation with how to deal with upper limiting and to find ways to get comfortable in the discomfort.   To learn more about Amber click HERE.  She is also offering a free Spiritual First Aid Kit. Click HERE to get it. To learn more about me or to see all the I have to offer, go to Or feel free to email me if you have any questions or stories you want to share. I ALWAYS respond, so please reach out!
In this inspirational conversation, my guest Marli Williams shares her journey on how she followed her curiosity and joy which has led her on a fantastic journey as a speaker and summer camp facilitator for women. To learn more about Marli go to To learn more about me and all that I have to offer, go to To join my Facebook Group Page called Law of Attraction for Happiness and join this amazing community online, click HERE.  Or shoot me an email at
How to Get Past Doubt

How to Get Past Doubt


In this solo session I share with you 3 tools to use to help you stop doubt so you can allow all of the great things that are wanting to manifest come through. If you have any questions please reach out to me at You can also get lots of free resources at To find the Focus Wheel app click HERE.  To watch on YouTube click HERE.
LoA Coaches Unite

LoA Coaches Unite


In this episode I interview Nate Guadagni who is also a LoA coach. He is also a Balance and Fall Prevention Specialist, and Yoga teacher. We had a fantastic conversation about LoA and what we both do to teach and inspire others to live through the LoA.  There is LOTS of good information in here, so check it out! To get the free template that Nate talked about on the podcast click HERE.  To find out more about the Law of Attraction Club click HERE. Listeners of LOA in Action Podcast get a free session! Email Nate@Balanceforlife to get the link. To connect with me go to Or send me an email if you have any questions what-so-ever! Happy Manifesting!!
Today's solo session I teach you 3 reasons why you must FOLLOW YOUR JOY and how it can help you in your life. To get in touch with me, go to Or feel free to email me at michele@loamiraclemindset if you have any questions or comments. I would LOVE to hear from you! To watch this on YouTube click HERE. 
I'm so happy to have interviewed my Heal Your Life Trainer/Teacher, Victoria Johnson. She shares how she manifested her amazing career as a Bestselling Author, coach and international speaker, as well as being the only Heal Your Life Trainer in all of Canada.  She also shares how her new book, "Do That & Then Some: Transform Feelings of Less Than to More Than Enough" has earned the Amazon Bestseller status in 7 categories. Lastly, she has manifested her soulmate, and she and her fiancee were my very first interview on this podcast titled "Manifesting Soulmate Love." So check that out if you haven't already listened to it. To learn more about Victoria, go to To learn more about how to become a Licensed Heal Your Life Teacher, go to If you want to learn more about me and my coaching, go to for more. I'm always happy to help!
How To Let Go of the How

How To Let Go of the How


In today's solo podcast I share with you how to let go of the HOW and how to keep your Ego busy so it won't get in the way. I also share this lesson on YouTube. Check me out there by following this link: Miracle Mindset If you want to learn more about my coaching or have a question, please reach out to me by going to my website Thanks again for your support!
In this episode I interview my sweetie and soulmate, Paul. We share how we met, what we did to manifest each other and why a soulmate relationship is unique to all other relationships. If you want to learn how to manifest your soulmate, then check out my upcoming online group coaching course, "Manifest Your Soulmate". You can learn about this course and all that I have to offer, including my coaching, Meetup, Joy videos and my book, and more by following this link:
In this podcast, my guest is Chella Diaz shares how we can shift our energy almost instantly so we can allow what we are wanting to flow to us. This is a great listen if you find yourself blocking the good juju and wanting to get out of your own way. To learn more about Chella go to her website or you can find her on Facebook ( and Instagram (@transcendabundance).
In this episode my guest Chad Diamond Dann shares his journey as a Rapper in Hollywood to finding his purpose through filmmaking. His journey is sure to inspire! To learn more about Chad you can follow him on Facebook at Or Instagram: @lionheartchad Or his website If you want to be interviewed on this show or want to inquire about my own programs go to Thanks for listening!
In this episode, my guest Rukshana Triem shares how she went from being a refugee to living a life filled with purpose, passion and magical manifestations.  Listen in and learn how powerful a seed planted can help not only yourself, but a whole community. To learn more about Rukshana you can go to her Facebook page at
My guest is Sarabjeet (Saby) Waraich shares how the book "The Secret" transformed his life and why his believing in things working out has helped him in all areas of his life. If you are interested in learning on how to become a powerful manifestor, or want to be on this show, go to my website: Thanks for listening!
My guest on this show, Robert James Walls Jr (aka Jamie) is a born New Yorker and a passionate basketball player who followed his dreams with the help of the Law of Attraction and positive mindset. He truly is a gift to this world! To learn more about him go to He can also be found on any of the following social media links: If you want to learn more about how you can use Law of Attraction in your life or you want to be on my show go to
My guest Jorge Cortes shares his journey abroad volunteering with the Tibetans in Dharamshala, India and how the Law of Attraction led him to follow his dreams. To learn more about the organization he is with go to:
Today's guest, Angela Fields, shares some amazing stories around how we can learn a lot about our emotions through our bodies and how healing can happen in an instant. To learn more about Angela go to To be a guest on my podcast or to learn about my miracle mindset coaching go to
My guest Olga Kuzmenko is sure to inspire you with helping you see that you have purpose in this life and listening to your heart is essential. Growing up in Communist country, Olga shares the importance of staying true to you, even when you go against what you are told. To learn more about Olga, you can follow her on her Facebook page at Extraordinary On Purpose. Or you can email her at
My guest Brenda Bryan, who is a inspirational speaker and transformational coach, offers her years of wisdom and how you too can tap into the divine gifts that are wanting to come through you. To learn more about Brenda, go to To be a guest on my show and share your gifts and experiences around the Law of Attraction, go to my website I'm excited to hear from you!
My guest Meadow Linn shares her wisdom on how she attracted her dream jobs, dream house and a dream life as a Hay House author- among other great things. To learn more about Meadow go to
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