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Social engineers and OSINT investigators always seem to have a great story. And you can hear many of those stories through their presentations at the Layer 8 Conference in Providence, RI in June. But not every story can fill a whole presentation and not all storytellers can get to the conference, which brings us here.
This podcast will only be stories, told by the investigators themselves. No interviews, no slides, just stories. Some might be as short as five minutes, some may even go for 45 minutes. We hope you’ll enjoy them.
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Here is Marina's presentation from the Layer 8 Conference. She did not want the video released but allowed for the audio. 
For this episode, we welcome Joe Gray, a senior OSINT specialist at QOMPLX, a frequent public speaker at conferences and trainer of OSINT and social engineering. Joe joins us to tell us how he got into the field and how he got to where he is today. He also tells a second story about a particular phishing engagement where a senior manager built him up as someone who was unstoppable. But was he? Let him tell you how that went.
For this episode, we veer off course again. This time, to talk with Brent White and Tim Roberts from NTT Security and their own site One day, Brent asked on twitter what types of things people would want to know about social engineering and he got some great questions. I asked and he and Tim agreed to answer those questions on this podcast. Let’s hear their answers now.
For this episode, we talk with three expert social engineers from Rapid7. Leon Johnson, Aaron Herndon and Jonathan Stines will tell us about some of the best security they’ve seen, some of the worst, some of the tools they carry on an engagement and how they sleep at night, knowing it is their job to trick people.
For this episode, we welcome Josh Huff, but you might know him as BayWolf88 on Twitter. He is a member of the OSINTCurious Advisory board and runs the web site In his experience doing digital forensics, he learned how to best frame information for those who hired him, which also helps with his OSINT investigations. Plus, he talks about how he dabbles in social engineering! 
For this episode, we have another Ask Me Anything treat for you. Today’s guests are four social engineers from TrustedSec. We’ll hear from David Boyd, Paul Koblitz, Scot Berner and Jason Lang. Let's talk about their favorite engagements, some times when things went well, and some engagements that didn’t go so well and how they handle the situation when an engagement goes upside down. We’ll hear of one time when a medical procedure almost went too far and plus some resources on how to get started in social engineering.
For this episode, we welcome Krittika Lalwaney. Krittika is a red teamer on the offensive security team for Capital One. She is a social engineering capture the flag black badge winner at DerbyCon in 2018. She takes us through her career path, where she started, which was not in IT, to eventually joining a SOC, catching a red teamer due to her awareness, all the way to her successes of today. This is a story of one woman’s domination in a male dominated field. Take it away Krittika!
For this episode, we welcome Tracy Z. Maleeff, also known as InfosecSherpa. He has a blog set up at and a newsletter at Tracy harkens us back to her presentation from Layer 8 Conference last year titled Lawyers, Guns and Money where she showed us great sources of OSINT research. Today, she gives us even more sources to search and explains how at the heart of it, security is a people problem so let’s also focus on interpersonal communications.
For this episode, we break our format again and interview two OSINT experts, Francesco Poldi and Jason Edison. Also known as @NonePrivacy and @Ding0snax on Twitter. These two are commonly found sharing information on the server. In this “Ask Me Anything” find out their thoughts on an OSINT mindset, some investigations they have dug in to, what gets them excited and how you can also be a better OSINT investigator.
For this episode, we welcome Amanda Berlin of Blumira. She is also the CEO of the non-profit organization Mental Health Hackers, and can be found on twitter at InfoSystir. Today, she tells us about a romance scam where she helped a friend finally understand she was being duped, and explains how these work, plus she’ll tell us a little bit about a fifteen thousand dollar teddy bear.
For this episode, we welcome Derrick Levasseur, winner of Big Brother season 16, host of the Discovery ID tv show Breaking Homicide and the author of the best selling book, Undercover Edge, which helps you find your strengths and gain confidence to win in all situations. Derrick tells us the story about the first time he went undercover as a police officer and the methods he used to quickly gain the trust of a university drug dealer over a few games of pool that eventually led to a bust.
For this episode, we welcome Adam Compton, a pentester and social engineer for TrustedSec. You can also meet TrustedSec at the Layer 8 Conference, and you can find Adam on twitter at Tatanus. Adam talks about the various ways and methods that he was able to successfully test the physical security of a health care facility, using the remnants of a Big Gulp and a ladder in the snow, as well as simply asking for a tour.
For this episode, we welcome Ritu Gill, also known as OSINTTechniques on twitter and at First, Ritu helps us to understand the differences between intelligence and data. Then she takes us through some examples of combinations of OSINT and social engineering. In one such example, she finds a way to get a target to reveal his real name on Facebook. She also tells us about canary tokens and phone spoofing.
For this episode, we welcome Jayson E. Street, VP at SphereNY and will be teaching a two-day course at Blackhat titled “Access Denied - Social Engineering Detection and Incident Response”. Jayson tells us about a huge success for him, getting caught. Physical social engineers are often able to breach a company’s physical defenses, but are we teaching the client how to improve? Jayson proudly tells us about one incredible success story.
For this episode, we welcome Christina Lekati, a social engineer and psychologist for Cyber Risk Gmbh in Switzerland. You can find her on twitter at ChristinaLekati. Christina was tasked with confirming one client’s suspicions that their employee was stealing information from them. In this story, you’ll hear that the target had no idea what was coming for him once Christina got started.
AMA with Snow and TinkerSec

AMA with Snow and TinkerSec


Warning: Some language used is NSFW or children. For this episode, we break our format. Usually, we have a social engineer or OSINT investigator on to walk us through a great story, a fun engagement or the methodology of an investigation. On this episode, we welcome two extremely accomplished social engineers, Snow and TinkerSec to just chat, answer a few questions, give opinions and recount a lot of fun stories. You can find them on Twitter at @_sn0ww and @TinkerSec.  In this episode, Snow mentions her Full Scope Social Engineering class being taught at BlackHat USA. You can find out more about that class here: 
For this episode, we welcome Julie Clegg, the OSINT expert on the United Kingdom-based television show "Hunted". Julie is also putting together OSINT2020, an event where OSINT investigators can come together and talk about the future of investigations. You can find out more at Julie talks with us about her five favorite events that happened on Hunted but you didn’t get to see on television. She talks about various activities by the hunters and some pranks that the hunters and hunted played on each other. You can contact Julie on Twitter at @HuntedJulie
For this episode, we welcome Cat Murdock, a security consultant and social engineer from Guidepoint Security. You can find Cat on Twitter at CatMurd0ck. While most of our episodes are safe for work, this one has a few words mixed in that you might not want children to hear. Cat takes us through some of her social engineering encounters, explains why snacks and bathroom breaks are important and why the names on paperwork are very important.
For this episode, we welcome Nico Dekins, also known as Dutch OSINT Guy and a co-host of the OSINT Curious podcast. You can find Nico on Twitter at Dutch_OSINTGuy. Law enforcement officials in the Netherlands asked him to confirm whether a potential Jihadi’s threats were credible. They only gave him a first name and minimal other information. Find out how Nico went through his methodology to get the confirmation they needed.
For this episode, we welcome Alethe Denis, the founder of Dragonfly Security and the reigning champion of the Defcon social engineering capture the flag competition. This is Alethe’s story of where she came from, how she was always a social engineer from childhood and also how words from Lady Gaga turned her life around. She tells us how we can social engineer ourselves to move in a positive direction.
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