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Author: LeVar Burton and Stitcher

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The best short fiction, handpicked by the best voice in podcasting. In every episode, host LeVar Burton (Roots, Reading Rainbow, Star Trek) invites you to take a break from your daily life, and dive into a great story. LeVar’s narration blends with gorgeous soundscapes to bring stories by Neil Gaiman, Haruki Murakami, Octavia Butler, Ray Bradbury and more to life. So, if you’re ready, let’s take a deep breath...
123 Episodes
A girl visits a bazaar in Cairo, seeking a favor from a mysterious angelic being. This story first appeared in the anthology Clockwork Cairo: Steampunk Tales of Egypt. For more from the author, visit Content advisory: Fire, hospitalization See for privacy information.
Marty brings his family to his hometown of Lucban for the annual festival to witness a miracle: lab-grown, synthetic food made real.   This story appears in Isabel Yap's collection NEVER HAVE I EVER, published by Small Beer Press. See for privacy information.
A woman has her memories catalogued for the historical record, and must decide whether or not to divulge a painful and complicated moment from her past. Anjali Sachdeva's short fiction collection is ALL THE NAMES THEY USED FOR GOD. Epigraph used by permission from How to Lie With Maps by Mark Monmonier, published by The University of Chicago Press. © 1991, 1996, 2018 by The University of Chicago. All rights reserved. Content Advisory: Blood, intimation of assault/violence See for privacy information.
A man dies and finds himself reincarnated as a parrot.   This story appears in Robert Olen Butler's collection TABLOID DREAMS. His forthcoming novel, LATE CITY, will be published in September.   Content advisory: use of a slur See for privacy information.
What if those spammy emails from princes about overseas banks were... real? An exiled prince teams up with the widow of a military general to recover their fortunes from the Bank of Burkina Faso.   This story appears in Ekaterina Sedia's collection MOSCOW BUT DREAMING. See for privacy information.
LeVar Burton Reads is back June 22nd, featuring stories from P Djeli Clark, Anjali Sachdeva, Ekaterina Sedia, Isabel Yap and more. But if you just can't wait to hear a new story -- here's a sneak peek... See for privacy information.
Theresa Anne has spent years watching her mother tell fortunes and work magical spells. But when she asks to protect the girl she loves, she learns the true cost and sacrifice involved in magical requests.   Find more from the author at   Content advisory: Violence See for privacy information.
In a post-pandemic future where scientists have made great strides in eliminating disease, a young boy faces his fears and ventures out to his grandfather's island to give him an important vaccine.   This story appears in the anthology Make Shift: Dispatches from the Post-Pandemic Future, edited by Gideon Lichfield and available for pre-order from The MIT Press. Content advisory: Discussion of pandemics, near-drowning See for privacy information.
A getaway driver and her crew are hired to steal a mysterious artifact, and inadvertently get locked into a time loop. Find more from Nicole Kornher-Stace at or on Twitter @wirewalking. Content advisory: Gun violence, gore, death See for privacy information.
A teenage girl is exiled to a penal colony on an icy, inhospitable island.  But the island contains secrets, and so does the girl.    Content Advisory: Death See for privacy information.
Hoping to make their fortune (or at least climb out of debt), a trio of space traders travel on a dangerous hunt for a space whale.   "An Equal Share of the Bone" was originally published at Escape Pod. Find more of Karen Osborne's work at   Content Advisory: Animal death See for privacy information.
Guided by an angel, a writer pens his greatest -- and perhaps most dangerous -- work.   "Killer of Kings" appears in Anjali Sachdeva's collection ALL THE NAMES THEY USED FOR GOD. See for privacy information.
"Flyboys" by Tobias Wolff

"Flyboys" by Tobias Wolff


Adolescent boys are faced with the reality of friendships, old and new, as they work on plans to build their own airplane.   "Flyboys" appears in Tobias Wolff's collection OUR STORY BEGINS, published by Vintage Books, and is available in audio from Blackstone Audio.    Content advisory: discussion of death See for privacy information.
A woman helps to test the artificial intelligence based on the mind of her mother, a brilliant thinker. "The Regression Test" appears in Wole Talabi's collection INCOMPLETE SOLUTIONS from Luna Press. See for privacy information.
A government contractor deals with everyday frustrations in a small town. "Alluvial Deposits" appears in Percival Everett's collection DAMNED IF I DO. Check out other titles from Graywolf Press, including WILD SWIMS and BRING ME THE HEAD OF QUENTIN TARANTINO, at Content advisory: racial slur, hateful language See for privacy information.
"Daddy" by Damion Wilson

"Daddy" by Damion Wilson


A woman struggles to understand why her elderly father has begun to spontaneously teleport.    Content advisory: drug addiction, illness, death See for privacy information.
A teenage thief embarks on a mission to reclaim her people's sacred treasures. First published in A UNIVERSE OF WISHES in 2020 in the United States by Crown Books for Young Readers, an imprint of Random House Children’s Books, a division of Penguin Random House, LLC, New York. Find more from Rebecca at See for privacy information.
A waitress is jolted from her morning routine when she's visited by a mysterious child. See for privacy information.
Season 8... Coming Soon!

Season 8... Coming Soon!


The wait is nearly over! Join us for Season 8 of LeVar Burton Reads, beginning next week and featuring stories from Rebecca Roanhorse, Tobias Wolff, Bishop Garrison, Damion Wilson and more. See for privacy information.
LeVar announces a special three-part series featuring one of his favorite authors! See for privacy information.
Comments (306)

Jeannette Sanchez

"My wife can cook get ass off y'all" ♥️

Jul 21st

Lauren Byma

This quickly became one of my favorite episodes! It made me smile.

Jul 19th

Rachael Scott

I had a flash memory of sitting with my terminally ill grandmother, and begging her for her secrets of our family history. I knew tidbits and thought she hid the rest out of shame or to protect the bad men. Now, I wonder if she was protecting the past or the future. Maybe she didn't want to poison her grandchildren's minds or burden them. Maybe she needed to carry those secrets to her grave so we wouldn't carry them in our lives. I love a story that gives a person insight like that. a story that changes my story about myself, experiences, someone else or even the world.

Jul 9th

Rachael Scott

He's done it again. Absolutely gorgeous storytelling.

Jul 3rd

Brenda Chow

beautiful. as a child of chinese immigrants, I felt pieces of my story being told. thank you for the reminder to remember my roots and not to take my parents or their sacrifices for granted.

Jun 19th


That was hella fast, LeVar! HYPE!

Jun 15th


freaking YIKES!!!! Twilight Zone worthy!!! Fantastically creepy.

May 11th


I love you! "Please consider not coming to us as a child". Lol

Apr 27th

Rachael Scott

oh my dear honey this was ever so lovely

Apr 21st

Carrie Tucker

brain washing

Apr 18th

Grunkle Hatter

why do you always do a 3 minute whisper outdo? its creepy in a bad way

Apr 15th
Reply (2)

Rachael Scott

For me the story is about the love between a grandchild and grandparent. It brought me back to the intensity of my love for my own grandmother. I thought the grandpa was saying that Torsti is his future, and he sees him, and will do anything for him.

Apr 14th

Rachael Scott

Beautiful delivery. Fantastic reading and audio effects. You said the story is delicious and that's the same word I would choose. 😋

Apr 13th

R Robbins

Sobbing D:

Apr 9th

Rachel Trischetta

I'm in pain thank u levar this was fantastic

Apr 7th


I've not heard of the Groundhog Day idea written out in such a lovely way. other than that Netflix series Russian Doll.

Apr 6th

Steve and Lisa Sanders

loved this story! Levar did an excellent job with this story. you mentioned your love of birds of prey. if you ever get to Ireland go to the Ireland Falconry school. amazing experience.

Apr 5th

Jason Durham

What a great story. Levar Burton, you have outdone yourself with your closing remarks. I wish everyone could see the world as you do.

Mar 23rd


A very cute story. With you reading it, makes it wistful & magical. You are an unmatched storyteller, sir! 💜 You bring back a sense of childhood awe.

Mar 21st

Ken Gruber

Booming economy, record black unemployment, lower taxes, reduced regulation....yep, there should be a reconing for this shit. I think all that time in artificial gravity addled your brain.

Mar 12th
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