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The Leaders of Learning is Southeast Asia's top podcast about learning in the 21st century. Through interviews with leaders, entrepreneurs, educators, and many more, Ling Ling explores the technology, methodologies and insights of learning for personal and organisational development.
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Best of Season 5

Best of Season 5


Season 5 has seen a wide range of experts sharing their knowledge across a wide spectrum of topics, from the industrial revolution to harnessing conflict, from managing money to sustainable development.  Broadly, season 5 looked at professional development as well as how we operate in society at large. In this episode, we’ll share with you the most memorable moments to help answer the questions. What can I do to become a better version of myself? How can I create an impact in the world today?
Each continent, each country, each person needs to do its part in achieving these goals. We in Asia are in a unique position to take the lead in solving many of these sustainability problems – and we don’t have much choice!  What can individuals and organisations do to create a sustainable world? Joining us is Marcy Trent Long is the Host and Producer of the Sustainable Asia Podcast and Radio Hong Kong feature Trash Talk.  Check out
Experts believe that many will lose their jobs if nothing is done. What can we do to survive the hastened changes in the world? What will future jobs look like? How can we navigate through our complex career transitions? Joining us is Sze-Yen is a Certified Master Coach and Career Coach, with over 14 years’ experience in delivering Coaching programs, as well as training and facilitating workshops. Highlights here:
Money is a word that strikes many emotions. It could be joy, fear, anger and quite often stress. It is something we handle every single day of our lives, in our online and offline shopping, in paying our bills to run our homes. It is the very reason we rise in the morning, dress up and commute to work. Why is it so difficult to talk about money? What can we do to have a healthy relationship with money?
Stories allow us to better understand ourselves, others and the larger truths of the universe. They also help us to connect, find commonalities and build communities where people can belong. How can we reap the benefits of storytelling?  How can we become better storytellers ourselves?  Joining us is Rebecca Lim is head of Our Better World, the digital storytelling initiative of the Singapore International Foundation. Highlights here:
The world’s leading brands, such as Apple, Google, Samsung and GE adopted the Design Thinking approach to continuously produce innovative products and services. Architects, designers, engineers, innovators and many other use design thinking to solve the world's problems. What is design thinking? If it is helpful in solving problems, can we use it in our daily lives and work? Joining us is Shan Sharma, who specializes in design thinking and business innovation. Highlights here:
Art and Technology can seem so far apart, as if they can never be friends. But can they? What happens when we intersect art and technology? Joining is Kay Vasey is the Chief Connecting Officer of MeshMinds, a creative technology studio based in Singapore. They specialise in blending the arts with Virtual and Augmented Reality that focuses on impactful, immersive and engaging experiences for environmentally responsible companies. Check out the episode at
There is no such thing as coincidence. Everything happens for a reason. Research shows that we can connect with fields of energy that are “answers from the universe”. For a leader, harnessing synchronicity can be a mighty challenge but it can also be a great advantage. What is synchronicity? Joining us is Dr Philip Merry, who specialises in helping organisations build High Performing Multi-Cultural Global Teams, and has over 30 years experience.
Conflict is often feared and is avoided. It is usually seen as a bad thing to occur in the workplace.  But when disagreements are suppressed or swept aside, we lose passion and interest. A good fight deepens relationships and creates superior outcomes.  A bad conflict does the opposite. So how can we fight well? Joining us is Serene Seng, a professional speaker, executive coach and host of the YouTube Channel “The Serene View”.
Being authentic online is not as easy as taking selfies, sharing articles, heart-felt quotes or having a professional profile taken. This is because the online persona can be completely different from the person you meet in person.   How can we show our authentic self online? Joining us is Genecia Alluora, former Miss Singapore and Founder of Soul Rich Woman, the #1 female entrepreneur network in Southeast Asia.
The impact of the 4th Industrial Revolution is affecting literally every possible sector and industry. The Industrial revolution has altered, and will be altering the nature of work.  What can we do to ride this wave of change to stay relevant and continuously advance ourselves? Joining us is Dr Koh Tat Suan, CEO of Ori9in, a consultancy services focused on workforce development and lifelong learning.  Check out the episode here
This is the 2nd year anniversary of The Leaders of Learning podcast. Yeah!!! Who would’ve thought that a small podcast show like mine could last for 2 years! Well, I hope this podcast show will help get you there.  We’ve got a fantastic line of guests coming up in Season 5, with topics from the 4th Industrial Revolution to harnessing conflict to synchronicity and much much more.
The banking and finance industry is a very complicated and intricate space. In rural parts of India, where resources are limited and are located far away from bustling cities-- it’s challenging for women to save and get financial support with their hard earned money. We have the privilege to speak to Chetna Sinha is the founder of the Mann Deshi Bank - India’s largest rural bank - that helps rural women achieve their dreams. Highlights @
Through the years, we are seeing more women in non-traditional industries rising up to become top management. The success in recent years is not necessarily due to gender parity. We just need to give equal opportunities for all genders. What do women need to prepare in order to survive the business and tech industries? Speaking to us is Sara Cheng is the Chief Executive Officer of Fuji Xerox Singapore.  Highlights @
Women entrepreneurs have been emerging worldwide. But what is needed most for aspiring women entrepreneurs are the right experiences, either in  roles, programs or projects that help them develop necessary entrepreneurial and financial skills. This will help prepare them for the global market.  Joining us is Wendy Teleki is the head of Secretariat for the Women Entrepreneurs Finance Initiative (We-Fi) at the World Bank Group. Highlights at
In an increasingly multicultural world, the absence of cultural sensitivity and intelligence can affect the team’s internal relationships and performance.  Nikolaj Groeneweg, French Tech Podcast, and I talked about how diversity improves a company's ability to make decisions that directly impact their bottom line.  Ling Ling founded Culture Spark Global, a learning and development company that focuses on building inclusive and thriving organisation. Highlights here:
Season 4 Teaser

Season 4 Teaser


Season 4 is a very Special Season as we cover the Women’s Forum Asia 2019 held in Singapore. It is a 2-day event dedicated to highlight women’s voices and perspectives on global issues. Highlights here:
We have had 3 successful seasons! Most surprisingly, we’ve hit a great milestone for the show, reaching 300,000 unique downloads from over 130 countries since its launch last January 2018.  Highlights here:
With globalisation, it is inevitable that our society is increasingly diverse. Technology has enabled companies to operate virtually and in multiple countries. Joining us is Meital Baruch, an intercultural trainer and founder of Global Mindset. Full episode here:
Being your own boss, calling all the shots, hustling to hit your goals. This is the dream for many--to become an entrepreneur. So what do we need to become a successful entrepreneur? Joining us is Gary Vee. Full episode here:
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Ros Zukni

I honestly did not think much of ASEAN despite living and being Malaysian. This episode has gotten me curious and most importantly, feeling hopeful. The questions that the host raised was also relevant to me as a listener. Might consider picking up the book.

Jun 17th
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Loh Chuan Tuck

Inspiring. I think I'm going to start my own podcast channel as well. I thought of making YouTube videos, but it's taking too much of my time and too many technical hurdles. My theme is educational and informative, specifically for Malaysian audience. Where are you from?

Feb 21st
Reply (1)

Arjun Singh

Hi Lingling, your show is awsome!

Jan 4th
Reply (2)


Good show !

Jan 4th
Reply (1)


really useful content. Would love to hear more podcasts from your channel xD

Nov 29th
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