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Author: Heather R. Younger, J.D.

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Would you like to uncover how Leaders with Heart lead their teams and engage and retain them in the process? Join Heather R. Younger, J.D., the best-selling author of The 7 Intuitive Laws of Employee Loyalty and Founder and CEO of Customer Fanatix as she interviews amazing leaders from all over the world and all walks of life to find out what drives them to be more emotionally intelligent leaders.
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In this episode, Heather speaks with Mario Harding, Associate Chief Operating Officer at Denver Health, about the origins of his leadership style leading him to success as a humble leader. Mario relays a story where he was not present for his team at a time when they needed him. He sheds light on important qualities of a leader: vulnerability, being present, taking care of yourself first, balance, putting yourself out there for your team, giving yourself grace, strong support network.    Heather and Mario discuss how to reconcile personal drive with true care, and the sacrifices necessary in leadership not only to care for others, but to care for yourself better as a leader. Delegation can be key to improving yourself as a leader, by allowing you to be more present, and providing others with opportunities to grow.    Key Takeaways: Don't let your circumstances define what you can do.  Take care of yourself and balance priority projects.  As a leader, always be present, especially during tough times.  Be a vulnerable leader and put yourself out there.  Being a leader means giving yourself grace.  Ask yourself as a leader, "What can I let go?" Delegation can be seen as giving a gift to someone else.  Hear from other leaders, let their stories lift you out of self-doubt. 
In this episode, Heather speaks with John H. Chuang, Founder and CEO of Aquent about his leadership style, a time when he was not the best leader can be, and shares some great tips for leaders, new and seasoned. Key takeaways: It’s less important is something is easy, make it happen, be different Focus on the people and do the right thing for them, always Help your people realize their highest potentials Make people feel like they are a part of something new and exciting Using data is a brilliant way to scale a better employee experience.  
In this episode, Heather speaks with Tara Healy, VP of Compliance at Cherry Creek Mortgage about her leadership style, a time when she was not an empathetic and responsive leader and some great tips for recognition and getting through this pandemic in tact with our teams. Key takeaways: As leaders, we must be people of integrity Ask yourself whether you are congruent with who you say you are Are you creating safe environments for others to be themselves at work? Do you recognize your people in the ways they receive it as such?    
In this episode, Heather speaks with Gavriella Schuster, Corporate Vice President, Commercial Partner at Microsoft about her leadership style, her drive to lead , a time when she was not the most empowering leader and much more. Top Takeaways: As leaders, we have our own brand of leading We must be true to our own leadership style if we are to uplift those around us We must take time for ourselves We can see adversity as a gift by reframing and helping our team do the same  
In this episode, Heather speaks with Dustin Yowell, Director of Operations for Mercy Health Systems about his leadership style on humility and admitting mistakes, a time when he was not the best version of himself and his perspective on resilience in leadership.   Key takeaways:  *Humility in leadership is essential *Setting goals and being clear about expectations is not the opposite of leading with heart but it is leading that way *Focus on enduring past the pandemic 
In this episode, Heather speaks directly to listeners about some changes she has made just recently and how she has learned to embrace change even during this pandemic. Heather shares some key decisions she has made to create a metamorphosis in her life. Key takeaways: Now is the time to see change as a positive despite what is front of us Starting anew right now might be exactly what you need to help you see the situation differently How aligned do you feel with your personal and professional mission? There are powerful ways to overcome your challenges and it all starts in the mind.
In this episode, Heather joins the show without a guest to talk about the status of her next book, The Art of Caring Leadership, which is based upon this podcast. She also tells her perspective of the death of Chadwick Boseman, the former Marvel star and the king of Wakanda, the fictitious county in the Black Panther movie. Key takeaways: All employees are looking for hope and need leaders to help them discover it. There is power in seeing someone who looks like you in the highest positions of leadership Be flexible in your recruiting and promotion practices to be more inclusive and provide the symbols of hope
In this episode, Heather speaks with Greg Brenner, Assistant Vice President - Talent & Organizational Development (HR) about his leadership style, a great example of when he was not the best version of himself and some great pearls of wisdom. Key takeaways: · Figure out how you want to engage with those you lead by being more intentional · Put people at the center · Be the grown up in the interactions with your people; take control of your emotions · You choose whether you cast a shadow or not on those you lead · Leadership is not a perfection game
In this episode, Heather speaks with Danny Langloss, City Manager at City of Dixon in Illinois about his leadership style, the importance of showing appreciation for those we lead, a time when he was not the best version of himself and much more. Key takeaways: There is a delicate balance for the leader on being self-aware and managing our emotions. There is a big difference between being very aware of who we are and how we are feeling then how others are feeling or responding to who we are We should have robust personal and organizational or team mission to hold onto when things get tough. That is our north star The leadership journey is not simple or easy
In this rich episode, Heather speaks with LaToya Lyn, about her drive to lead (which you will love), her short time spent with the late John Lewis, civil rights advocate who was very close with Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and some brilliant pearls of wisdom for every leader to think about. Key takeaways: As a leader, it is not what you do, but how you do it Leaders don’t lead, they create a space or others to follow Do your people feel like they need an invitation to participate, or are they free to join? Lead in and bring your people into your circle.
In this episode, Heather speaks with Scott Miller, EVP of Thought leadership at Franklin Covey his leadership style, his drive to lead, about his unique view on leadership and self-awareness. Key takeaways: As leaders, we must be aware of our shortcomings to be able to truly meet our people where they are. Do you people feel safe to tell the truth about you to your face? Great leaders are more concern with the right thing than being right Be the leader who is comfortable with those you lead eclipsing your leadership
In this episode, Heather talks to Adam Hermanson, Founder of Integration Design Group about his drive to lead, the importance of passing on what he calls “praise notes” to employees, a time when he was not the best leader he could be and much more. Key takeaways: Always go out of the way to praise those you lead and pass it on from customers too Our economy is built on an exchange of trust, not just dollars and cents Don’t be afraid to step out of the boat. This helps build more resilience in the long haul even if things don’t go well. Working from home opened a window into the lives of our employees. Take a look in. Working from home also awakens us to the graces of imperfection and humanity
In this episode, Heather speaks to Michele Nevarez, CEO of GolemanEI about her drive to lead, her leadership style, a time when she was not the best version of herself and her interesting take on discovering what we can influence and impact. Key Takeaways: Don’t give away your influence Realize that we have a choice to focus on what we can influence and our thinking Are you current thought patterns helping you or hurting you? What are your thinking habits? Keep Building evidence for who you want to be We are often stuck in our own mindsets
In this episode, Heather shares with listeners her vet special Author’s Day presentation with her publisher and many guests. In it, she goes over her personal background, her “why” for writing her book, the main focuses of the book, and her editor talks about what makes this book so different. It is a treat to listen to if you are a fan of the guests from this show.
In this episode, Heather interviews Curtis Martin , CEO of FOCUS about his drive to lead, his leadership style, his struggle with patience, and a time when he took his eye off of the business and abdicated responsibility.   Key takeaways: *Dont abdicate responsibility but be there to guide people *Make show the balance of care and strength.  *Take the long view when leading so that you might create tension for the benefit for the long term goal  
In this episode, Heather joins listeners in a personal journey during COVID-19, the racial divide and writing a book.   Key takeaways: 1. Be the Solution yo the problems in our world. Don’t bail out of taking responsibility   2. You are worthy of your leadership. You are good enough for others to care for.    3. We can all choose to be unstuck post-COVID-19
In this episode, Heather speaks with Craig Miller, President of FOCUS, Fellowship of Catholic University Students, about his leadership style, where his drive to lead comes from, his focus on minimizing his ego and much more! Key Takeaways: Don’t focus on serving self but serving others Decide whether or not you are claiming positions out of ego Bring people along with you by spending time with them to help them see their role in a vision Search for those who have an ownership mentality and not a hireling mentality Try to harness a common mission
In this episode, Heather speaks with Matt Sweetwood, CEO of LuxNow, on his leadership style, his strong drive to lead and where it comes from, how he treats his employees like family his very profound story of adversity and rebirth. Key takeaways: When things go wrong in life and business, focus on fixing one thing at a time and looking forward Sometimes when we are easy on team members whose performance is short, we enable them to fail. Then, that failure becomes our own. Set the bar high, live it and then raise it once your team members meet the bar Regarding challenges, this too shall pass if you make it pass Succeed one step at a time  
In this episode, Heather speaks with Kristin Fox, VP of HR at Gyrodata about her leadership style where her drive to lead comes from and ways she was not the the best version of herself and what strategies she used to show up better. Key Takeaways: Take time with your people and leave the boss back at the office Try to establish a deeper connection especially now during a crisis Help your people through the struggle and model it Find cheerleaders who believe in you and will help you through rough patches Value the differences in those around you to help you see things differently
In this episode, Heather speaks with Stephen Christopher about his leadership style, where his drive to lead come from, about a time when he allowed himself to hold onto an employee who was not open to change and what he did to come out of that circumstance and what he does now to stop himself for doing that. Key takeaways: Set aside time to be with people who just need to talk Look for the greatness in people, but they have to want to improve Be a student of learning All your people to be their greatest selves
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