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Author: Heather R. Younger, J.D.

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Would you like to uncover how Leaders with Heart lead their teams and engage and retain them in the process? Join Heather R. Younger, J.D., the best-selling author of The 7 Intuitive Laws of Employee Loyalty and Founder and CEO of Customer Fanatix as she interviews amazing leaders from all over the world and all walks of life to find out what drives them to be more emotionally intelligent leaders.
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In this episode, Heather speaks with Phil Burgess, Chief People Officer of CSpace about his leadership philosophy, the messiness that happens in the workplace, a time when he was not a shining example of leadership with heart and what he did to move out of it and some amazing pearls of wisdom. Key takeaways: It’s up to leaders to embrace the mess that is all of us at work Leaders must model the change they are seeking Leaders are more effective when they invite feedback from direct reports and act upon what they hear by making small tweaks Spending time with your people helps to connect the dots about them and about areas that need attention in the business As a leader we cannot always make everyone happy Be who you are as a leader and not a copy of someone else Let yourself off the hook. Have conviction in what you are doing Seek out safe spaces where the leader can be vulnerable Catch yourself doing things right Remember, that everyone owns the culture
In this episode, Heather speaks with Rhoda Banks, Head of Talent for Rabo Agrifinance about her unique and caring leadership style, a time when she was not the best version of herself an what she learned from it and some jewels for pearls of wisdom we can all learn from. Key takeaways: The ultimate reason for a leader is to help their people reach their fullest potential. If you care about your people give them honest feedback Employees mimic what they see in their leaders It is the leaders responsibility to lead with heart Forgive others and allow them to make mistakes Remember you why for being a leader Remember you purpose for being a leader You will enjoy this one for sure.
In this episode, Heather speaks directly to listeners about a deeply personal story that reminded her of the importance of loving the people on your team. She outlines the benefits of doing so and she inspires leaders from all walks to care deeply for the people who look to them for leadership. Key takeaways: *Don’t be afraid to lead with love *Leaders who care deeply create deeply caring employees *Sit with your people And meet them where they are *Leadership is not a cookie-cutter experience *Meet people where they are *Emotions create loyalty
In this episode, Heather speaks with Ethan Mann, is the Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Sharklet Technologies, Inc., an innovative surface technology company. Heather speaks with Ethan about his leadership style, his unique action-focused leadership focus, the role he thinks emotional intelligence plays in how he leads and a good pearl of wisdom for any leader looking to expand their world view. Key Takeaways: Make sure you have a core value that guides you Take in the experiences of the people you lead, good and bad Have a service-based leadership style that says, “How can I help you?” Make sure to be a flexible leader, working around family Meet people where they find their true value in life Being flexible may mean you have to get comfortable with being uncomfortable Engage in service outside of your organization on boards or volunteer roles to expand your view. Connect with Heather on LinkedIn at  
In this episode, Heather speaks with Chuck Runyon, Co-Founder and CEO of Self Esteem Brands, which most notably owns Anytime Fitness. Heather speaks with Chuck about his conversion to the Leader with Heart and his refreshing perspective on his role at the Founder and CEO of a highly successful brand. Key Takeaways *A leader’s job is to harvest the team’s ideas *Founders must give up control to scale *People want to know that they have impact * Sometimes the leader’s job to help their people to do less and prioritize *Leadership requires a certain level of selflessness *Before you run towards a goal, make sure to enlist as many voices as possible *Listen enough but not too much *There is an emotional price you have to pay to be a leader  
In this episode, Heather speaks to Sheryl Simmons, CHRO at Maestro Health about her leadership style, some bumps in the road, creating psychologically safe workplaces and what makes her leadership really stand out. Key takeaways: Remember that we all have a hot mic The importance of always do the right thing Set your ego aside and get out of your own head Keep it real and own up when you screw up Emotional intelligence When we don't believe that we make mistakes anymore, we cease to become leaders and also become bad managers  
In this episode, Heather speaks with Chris Chancey, Founder of Amplio Recruiting about his leadership journey, the heart behind the company he founded, our opportunities to step into our best selves through reflection and faith and much more! Key takeaways: Listen well Be intentional about knowing the strengths and weaknesses of our people Care about your people’s hearts Come at things humbly and openly with a child’s view Allow you, people, to solve their own problems and stay our of the way Write handwritten notes that show them why they work for you Leverage work as the fulcrum to make the world a better place Don’t be quick to shoot things down Encourage new ideas Focus on creating a shared trust and safety Consistency versus constancy is key Leadership is made up of little decisions every day This one is full of amazing concepts!
In this episode, Heather talks directly with listeners about the importance of protecting and controlling their mindset. Recently, Heather delivered her first ever TEDx talk on Transforming Adversity into Opportunity. In it, she shares a personal story of adversity and what she did to overcome it. You might want to check her talk about before listening to this episode at   Key takeaways: 1. Adversity starts in the mind 2. We can choose to be stopped my the adversities that come our way or rethink them 3. Leadership is just as much about emotional self-control than anything else 4. Never stop fighting the important fight for those who matter to you 5. Your leadership is only as good as those whom you grow   Connect with Heather on LinkedIn
In this episode, Heather speaks with Garry Ridge, CEO of WD-40 about his leadership journey, a time when he was not the nest leader he could be and what he did to come out of it, how he transformed a company from good to great by focusing on people first and maintaining a learning culture. Garry co-authored a book with Ken Blanchard and moved his organization from $200 million in revenues to $2.2 billion all with focusing on growing people and helping them step into their best selves. Key takeaways: We must take care of people to move from success to significance Micromanagement is not scalable We can be both tough-minded and tender-hearted Be open and curious Educate yourself to streamline the conversion to the leader with heart Enjoy listening in to Garry’s genious!
In this short episode, Heather speaks directly with listeners about the power and importance of team collaboration as an effective leader. She shares some personal stories to illustrate that leaders are always looking for ways to include more people in their ventures. These leaders praise those without being threatened, inspire others to row in the same direction and nurture people along the way. Key Takeaways: *Don’t be afraid to include others in your journey *Leadership doesn’t begin unless you inspire others to follow. *You can accomplish more if you have two people rowing in the same direction *The Leadership journey is worth it If you need a quick boost for your day, listen in to this short message from the host
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