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Author: Latoya Dixon

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This podcast is for Leaders on the Grow! Come learn with Latoya as she explores a variety of topics on leadership. Interested in enhancing your leadership ability? Are you an aspiring leader? Aspiring or Experienced-this podcast is for every leader who desires to be the best and grow!
60 Episodes
Latoya tells the story of her first bicycle and what it taught her about joy!
Another great story about my Mom and the significance of her dinner table.
Latoya discusses how her Momma’s push to do her best has made a difference in her life.
Latoya recalls memories of her Grandmother Moa and lessons she learned from her.
Latoya introduces a new series, Family Lessons, and tells stories of what she’s learned from her life experiences.
S5 E7 Quality Matters

S5 E7 Quality Matters


In this episode Latoya chats with Mike Patrick, North American Sales Leader for Education Markets at Milliken and Company. Mike's 12 minutes of leadership wisdom will not only inspire you, but spark your thinking on how you can become a better leader for the people you serve. Mike makes it clear that quality matters and our purpose as leaders is to support, inspire, and grow the people we serve in ways that make a difference. This is one of the best episodes of this season. Don't miss it! Press play!
In this episode, we welcome Dr. Rosa Perez-Isiah, a 27 year veteran of public education and a fierce advocate for equity and social justice. Dr. Isiah helps us think through what leaders can do to create a more equitable educational experience for students and to grow themselves in our ever-changing world. Finally, she gives us some insight on her new book, Beyond Conversations About Race, and challenges us all to take action to make equity a reality for every student in our care. Press play!
In this episode, Latoya welcomes Dr. John Hodge to the show. Dr. Hodge reminds us that great leaders remain true to their core values and are able to rely on them for direction and clarity in the most challenging of circumstances. His practical insights and advice are sure to leave you thinking about how you can grow in your leadership. Press play!
In this episode, we welcome president and CEO of the Aurora Institute, Susan Patrick. Susan's candid conversation regarding the global implications that the pandemic has had on leaders and the need for leaders who are able to transform the system of public education in ways that honor student voice, agency, and authentic demonstration of mastery is sure to get you thinking. Together, we take a look back at the past year, and more importantly, a look forward in hopes of giving leaders some additional insights as they work towards a brighter and better future for students in the public education system. Press play!
In this episode, Latoya chats with Dr. Chuck Ambrose about passion and impact. From the systems level to the individual level, effective leaders strive to make a difference in the lives and experiences of others. Chuck offers practical advice on how leaders can make sure they remain open to learning, take calculated risks, and empower others in ways that make an incredible difference. Press play!
In this preview to Season 5, Mike and Latoya provide a glance into the various topics they’ll tackle this season. From authenticity to courage, leaders of every discipline can find some practical things in this season to apply to their work and lives! Press play! Leadership With Latoya is back!
In this episode, Latoya and Mike chat about what it means to lead with courage. From making decision with fear in play to finding the bravery to putting your vulnerability on display, courage is never absent from the work of the world's most impactful leaders. This conversation is sure to give you some things to think about. Press play!
Courage is the ultimate challenge of leadership. Do you have it?
Quick questions and wonderings about professional development. Listen and let me know what you think!
S4E4: Leadership Myths

S4E4: Leadership Myths


In this two-part series, Latoya and Mike discuss myths surrounding school leadership. From "fake it until you make it," to "do it because I am the boss and I said so," they break down the real deal behind these skewed perspectives. You don't want to miss this episode. Press play now! Oh and leave us a review if you are so inclined! 
In this episode, Latoya and Michael discuss ways leaders should experience professional development and robust mentorship. What can leaders do to spur their professional development? How should they be mentored? Press play!
In this episode, Latoya and Mike discuss practical ways school leaders can work to reduce the variation in student achievement by focusing on adopting a set of evidence-based instructional equity practices. They share practical tips and pose questions to push your thinking. Press play now!
In this episode, Mike and Latoya tackle the 3rd and 4th critical questions: What do we do when our students have not learned? and What do we do if they already have mastered it? Additionally, they give listeners some critical insights regarding instructional feedback and the implications that can happen when core instruction is not solid. Listen in for several resources and then go to to download the Instructional Leadership Mini-Workbook! Press play.
In the third episode of the Instructional Leadership Series, Latoya and Mike tackle the second core question of Professional Learning Communities. The conversation touches on assessment and the power of teachers immersing themselves in the process of designing aligned and rigorous assessments prior to planning instructional lessons. It's power packed with goodness. Press play!
In this episode, Latoya and Mike identify what a professional learning community isn't, and clearly define what a PLC is-teacher teams who collaborate via inquiry and action research to improve their instructional practices and student outcomes. They go further and give principals some things they can put in place to take the journey to establish true Professional Learning Communities. Press Play! 
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