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Do you care about the environment but feel too discouraged and alone to act? We lack leadership.

Leadership and the Environment brings you influential guests who take on personal challenges to act on their values, sharing their struggles and triumphs.

Learn leadership while feeling inspired to act.
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001: Dan Pink

001: Dan Pink


Everyone in leadership knows Dan Pink, his books and his TED talks. If you want to lead, influence, or motivate people, it's a matter of time until you read or watch something of his. I started with Drive: the Surprising Truth of What Motivates Us, which led me to contact him (and criticize his work, listen to the podcast for the story). Since then, he's supported my work and was enthusiastic about his personal challenge. As a writer and educator, I indulged in asking him about his technique, so if you're interested in improving your technique and style, you'll hear some great tips from him. He also talks about his new book, When: the Scientific Secrets of Perfect Planning, so if it's before January 9, 2018, you get a sneak preview. Show Notes : Is it easy to meet Daniel Pink and what is the best way to get to know him? - [3:52] How is respectful disagreement influencing our culture? - [6:07] “I took away everything that wasn't David and what was left was David” - [7:10] Building a wall – the skill of showing up every day – [10:00] A sneak preview of the first ever when-to book - [14:22] What is Daniel’s relation to science and what are some interesting observations he has made about it? - [16:06] Timing questions to think about and the motivation behind asking them - [21:06] “Just put on your shoes” - examples of “tricks” to help you reach your goals - [23:45] A masterful behavior change technique by a 10-year-old - [27:20] Daniel’s personal environmental challenge and his reasons to start it - [31:11] Have you hit a crucible? – [34:18] How can you commit to your personal challenge? - [37:13] Books/companies/links mentioned “When: The scientific Secrets of Perfect Timing” by Daniel Pink TED Sam Harris podcast - Dilbert Seinfeld WordPress Contact
The back story and goals of the podcast, and why acting on the environment can be delicious.