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This is it -- the final episode of Season 5: Fatty's recap of the 2022 race. He goes into what went right, what went wrong, what he learned (yes, you can still learn things the 24th time you do this race) and whether he'll ever race the LT100 on a singlespeed again.  Thanks for listening to our show, and we'll see you next year...on the starting line!
While you were racing (or crewing, or spectating) the Leadville 100, there were literally thousands of other people on the course, each having a remarkable experience. Hottie was out there, with a mic, capturing those stories. Whether you were in Leaadville or just wish you were, you do NOT want to miss this episode!
Fatty and Hottie join a wide array of experts to talk you through your final prep for the big race. Merilee and Ken welcome you to the family, two-time-defending champion Rose Grant describes her race strategy and why it doesn't change depending on others, Tamira Jenlink and Ryan Cross underscore the most important things you should think about for the race (including the weather), and two of the smartest and most-experienced cycling minds we know of -- Josh Poertner of Silca and pro racer Jeremiah Bishop -- give you tips for the best, most successful race you can have this weekend. This is a can't-miss, information- and inspiration-packed episode!
Fatty's a lucky guy: not only is Hottie an amazing podcast co-host, he's also an experienced Leadville racer and crew chief. When you add to that the fact that both he and Mrs Hottie are detail oriented and fast on their feet,'ve got a LT100 crew that dreams are made of. In this episode, Hottie and Mrs Hottie share their secrets for crewing success. You -- and your crew -- will not want to miss it!
You're getting down to the final days before the big race. In this episode, we bring Denis Faye back to the program to talk about some fueling strategies to use in the days before the LT100. We also spend plenty of time detailing the miles from Hagerman Rd to the Turquoise Lake Climb up to the Carter aid station, then down Kevens and to the pavement. It's a lot to know, and the more you know the better you'll be prepared.
Cole Chlouber has arguably been a part of the Leadville 100 in more ways than anyone else. Son of race founder Ken Chlouber, Cole literally grew up with the race and has marked it, measured it, ridden behind it, cleaned up after it, ridden it, worked with the staff on it, and now is following his father's steps as the face of it. Enjoy this story-filled episode from someone who loves this race as much as we do.
We've got so much to cover in this episode, starting with the second half of the Powerline Climb, which has a lot less climbing than the first half (but doesn't feel like it). From there, we talk about your tapering strategy with Coach Cody Waite -- and he's got a great free offer for a tapering plan for you.  Finally -- we've got a group ride planned for the Thursday before the race. Get the details in the show, and be sure to go to to sign up for your own custom bottle from The Feed (sign up fast; this is only for the first 100 people).
Fatty has said, many times, that the two best weeks of cycling vacation he's ever had were riding with Andy Hampsten in France...and racing the Breck Epic the week after the Leadville 100. So what makes for a fantastic MTB stage race, and should you consider racing it (spoiler: yes). We get together with Breck Epic founder Mike McCormack to talk about what to do with all that fitness you've earned...whether it be the Breck Epic, or Mike's newest race...The Vail 100.
Between last year's course changes and this year's start and finish changes, Life Time has been making some bold moves in the Leadville 100. We bring Life Time's Ryan Cross onto the show to detail what the changes are and how they'll affect you.
The Powerline Climb is undeniably the toughest part of the Leadville 100. You're exhausted, you're hot and exposed (or it's raining and you're exposed), and the false summits just keep coming. Well, in this episode we  tell you how to get through this extraordinary segment of the LT100. We also welcome Coach Cody Waite back to the program for more training advice as we get to the final month before the big day.  
You've crossed the Pipeline inbound timing mat -- just 30 miles to go! But this is, without question, where the race REALLY begins. And the 5 flat miles we talk about in THE COURSE today are surprisingly tough. We talk you through every mile of it. But the real focus of this episode is an increeasingly-popular piece of equipment in mountain biking: DROPPER POSTS. Are they reliable enough? Are they too heavy? Will they make you safer and faster? Which ones are the best? We dig into all these questions and more.
Our profesor of GI, Denis Faye, joins the show again to explain how we can increase our capacity to take on race fuel. A bigger gas tank is what we want...but like a lot of things Leadville, it doesn’t come easy. We also take on one of the new sections of the course, with race strategies on how to approact the inbound singletrack bypass and get to the Pipeline Aid Station with enough left in your tank for the final -- and hardest -- quarter of the race.
We've avoided this topic for 4.5 seasons, because it's (almost) as personal as your saddle choice...but we're waiting no longer. This episode is all about tire choice. Plus we get into the 9 miles between the base of Columbine and the singletrack turnoff. While you won't gain or lose a lot of altitude in this segment of the course, you're going to work for every mile -- and we'll help you know what you can do to power right through it!
Coach Cody is back to help us fine-tune our training plan for the Leadville less than two months away! Pay close attention now so you'll be faster on race day. We also deep-dive on the course, this time putting the miles between the turnaround and the Twin Lakes Dam Alternate feed zone. It's a good opportunity to catch your breath, catch up on fueling and hydration, and make a well-informed prediction on your finishing time for the race.
Eventually, we all have some bad luck, and that  often means injury, regardless of the plans you have made. When that happens, what do you do? We pose that question to cycling legend and Unbound winner Yuri Hauswald, who is working through that exact situation right now. Yuri brings extraordinary insight and authenticity to the problem athletes have when recovering from injury. Do not miss this episode.
Cramps & Columbine

Cramps & Columbine


This episode is all about pain. Sorry, it's just a fact. For our segment on THE COURSE, we talk about that brutal two miles to the turnaround: mistakes to avoid, places you'll likely hike instead of ride, and why it's absolutely essential you hug the right side of the trail.  We then bring on Dr Sprouse to talk about something thousands (we're guessing, but a pretty good guess) of LT100 racers have experienced: cramps. And how (maybe, hopefully) you can avoid them.
We're always happy to have Tamira Jenlink -- Race Director for the LT100MTB -- on the program, but this time she brings some news that you will NOT want to miss. Seriously. We mean it. We're also detailing out the course --both strategy and mile-by-mile tactics -- from Twin Lakes Dam to the Goat Trail on Columbine. And since this includes the segment of the course that is different (and longer) as of last year, you'll want to pay special attention to how it's changed and how these changes will affect your race. 
How difficult can it be to drink? Judging by the number of hydration problems you see on race day, pretty darned difficult indeed. Dr Kevin Sprouse joins us to talk about how to stay hyrdrated on race day. We also dig into the surprisingly challenging 12 miles between Pipeline and Twin Lakes Dam, and how to achieve your goal for this part of the race: to get to the base of Columbine fueled, fast, and ready to climb.
When people talk about Leadville, they rarely rhapsodize about the flattish segments that connect the iconic climbs. And that's too bad, because how you ride between the climbs determines how you feel when you get to those climbs. In this episode of The Course, we help you ride smart on the road, seting a strategy for maximum gain with minimum effort. We're also pleased to have Dr Justin Ross join  to talk about a critical part of your Leadville prep: training your brain. Considering that most Leadville veterans agree this race is (at least) 80% mental, this conversation could make a real difference to you on race day. We'll see you at the starting line!
Considering that it represents only a tiny fraction of the time you spend on the LT100 course—just a few minutes, really—the Powerline descent deserves an outsized amount of preparation. Why? well if you ride it right it'll be behind you in a moment. If you ride it wrong, however, the Powerline descent can absolutely ruin your day. So of course we're going to give this quick downhill trip the time it deserves on The Course. We also meet up with Coach Cody of Waite Endurance, this time to talk about your next phase of training: high-intensity workouts. Follow his advice now and, come race day, you'll be glad you did.
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