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Learn French by Podcast is an exciting series of French lessons for everybody. Work with high-quality audio podcasts in your own time and at your own pace. Want to clarify some details? Something you couldn't quite understand? Then download comprehensive PDF Guides which elucidate all the finer points. Learn French the fun way.
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This lesson centres on an interesting initiative which should see manufacturers pull up their socks when it comes to environmentally-friendly products. Let's start with a conversation!
One of our listeners asked that we would prepare a lesson with some gardening vocabulary and that’s what we did, over WhatsApp! We have lots of interesting vocabulary to learn – let’s start with a conversation.
Our conversation this time is about something which has been central to our lives around the world since the beginning of the year. We are speaking, of course, about the coronavirus pandemic. Let's get started with a conversation.
The subject of this - our 200th lesson! - is the opioids crisis in the U.S. which has reached quite shocking proportions. But how did it come to this? Let’s start with a conversation.
Our conversation this time focuses on people who are referred to as ‘les décroissants’. But who exactly are ‘les décroissants’? To find out, let’s start with a conversation.
One of our listeners was taking up a position as a teacher in a pre-school in France and asked if we would put together some expressions and vocabulary that might be used in a dialogue between the teacher and a parent. Let’s consider one such conversation.
Our lesson this time goes back to a joke made by chat-show host Trevor Noah last summer, following the World cup. The only thing is, some people didn’t find his joke funny at all, not least the French ambassador in Washington. So what was it all about, again? Let’s start, as usual, with a conversation to put things in context.
Our conversation this time focuses on President Macron's plan to reintroduce national service in France. Some people are wondering if he is the right man to decide on such matters, given that he himself is the first French president not to have done military service.
The Trump presidency is nearing the mid-term elections in November. Mr Trump – arguably more than any other American president – has polarised opinions. Let’s talk about the first half of his mandate and what has being going on in recent weeks.
Traditionally, French high school graduates have been guaranteed public university places, regardless of the grades achieved in their baccalauréat. This, however, has resulted in very high drop-out rates. It is hoped that, from 2018, proposed reforms will result in a more efficient means of access to university. Let’s talk about all this. C’est parti!
Britain’s vote to withdraw from the European Union was widely controversial and continues to be so. Brexit – from a French perspective – is at the centre of our conversation this time. 
The transfer of Brazilian footballer, Neymar, smashed all records in terms of the colossal sums of money involved. Are such sporting investments really justified? Let’s talk about that.
Our lesson this time was inspired by a recent article entitled “Have smartphones destroyed a generation?” A provocative title indeed, but one that got us thinking. C’est parti!
Our lesson this time - for Advanced learners – focuses on the stunning rise to the French presidency of the youthful Emmanuel Macron at just 39 years of age. How, exactly, did he manage to pull off such a victory? Let’s discuss.
A listener wondered if we could do a lesson on the basis of a traffic accident. So that’s what we’ve done : we’ve simulated a discussion on the basis of a minor accident that did actually occur recently at our end. Let’s start with a conversation: then we’ll look closely at the vocabulary.
The withdrawal of the U.S. from the Paris Accord on climate change caused consternation worldwide, not least as almost all countries signed up to its terms in 2016. Let’s talk about the decision of the U.S. administration to withdraw. We’ll discover how to make use of a whole range of interesting vocabulary. C’est parti!
In some countries, particularly the U.S., a university education has become so expensive that some wonder if it is even worth going to college at all, any more. Let’s start with a conversation. Then we’ll come back and look more closely at some key vocabulary.
It’s holiday season, a time of year when we might discuss a film or TV series we’ve seen. That’s the subject of our conversation this time. First, let’s talk about a French production called ‘Spiral’.
The coral reefs of the world’s oceans are in mortal danger but, as is often the case with environmental concerns, few people seem to appreciate that the dangers are imminent. That is the focus of our lesson this time.
Digital tablets in the classroom were recently described as a 60 billion dollar hoax. Despite these strong words, it seems we’re on an inexorable drive to place a screen in front of every child in the classroom. But to whose benefit ? That’s the subject of our conversation in this lesson.
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Princess 22650

y a‐t-il transcription pour cet episode??

Jun 10th

sarra sassa

bonjour monsieur , je m' appelle sarra , j' habite à Algerie . je suis étudiante

Feb 12th

Olubunmi Ruth

Bonjour Mameli et Monsieur. Je m'appelle Bunmi. J'habite a Lagos. Je suis Order processor

Feb 3rd

Baba Fuqo

I just finished 206 and found it really helpful. Can anyone please guide me as to where I can find the pdf for these podcasts?

Jan 19th

Fati Ma

this is one shitty episode , so hard

Dec 10th

Sana Tavakol Nia


Oct 14th
Reply (1)

Soul kookie

i really like it thank you

Aug 16th


Learn french

Jun 23rd

Amirosein Shoaei

it's helping, thank y guys

Jun 10th

Sunil Dogra

Je m'appelle Sunil et j'habite à New Delhi en Inde

May 6th



Mar 19th

Bob Crickard

Bonjour. He m'appelle Robert. J'habite a Stourbridge.

Mar 4th

Renan Rosa

Very useful and well produced podcast. But I am afraid of that's not for absolute beginners. Yet, wonderful lessons to practice and learn French. Merci beaucoup.

Feb 3rd

A b

boi that's what's up

Jan 2nd

Princess 22650

merci ,c'est clair

Oct 10th

Princess 22650

j'ai une question ,ya-t-il une transcription pour cet episode ou ce podcast svp merci d'avance???

Aug 30th

José Geraldo Barbosa Barbosa

losspdpdf 🌞

Aug 16th


merci beaucoup. it's very neat to listen and repeat along as it is always done 3 times. learning French is difficult but not here😜

Apr 10th

Britney Johnson

I'm absolutely new at this and I found the lessons to be a bit too fast paced. Jumping into full sentences when I didn't know the words in those sentences was a bit much.

Jan 15th
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Still Kd

Can you guys please speak about the fuel prices and gilets jaunes riots in France right now?

Dec 19th
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