DiscoverLearn Spanish - Survival Guide

Learn Spanish - Survival Guide

Author: David Spencer

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This podcast is about learning to speak Spanish in every day practical situations. There are pauses for you to repeat what you hear and the more difficult words and phrases are broken down for correct pronunciation and grammar. There are songs, games and other activities to make your learning enjoyable and help you retain what you have learned. We are the first podcast using this style of teaching, and with a state certified professional Spanish teacher, you know you're in good hands. So subscribe today and get started with your learning.


Word of the Day

00:12:23Update: 2012-08-0411

Making Small Talk 3

00:14:27Update: 2012-06-291

Making Small Talk 2

00:13:33Update: 2012-06-201

Premium Subscription Content

00:03:40Update: 2012-06-08

Be Careful 2

00:11:39Update: 2012-05-17

Be careful

00:11:42Update: 2012-04-25

Hope to see you soon

00:10:46Update: 2012-04-05

Twitter - Word of the Day 2

00:16:45Update: 2012-03-15

Making Small Talk

00:14:00Update: 2012-02-16

Leave me alone

00:13:38Update: 2012-02-03

Meet my Friend

00:14:35Update: 2012-01-25

Food Allergies

00:10:09Update: 2011-11-22

Twitter - Words of the Day

00:14:06Update: 2011-11-121

Giving Compliments 2

00:11:23Update: 2011-11-042

Giving Compliments

00:14:11Update: 2011-10-282

Trivia - Did you know that.....

00:09:36Update: 2011-10-20

This Crazy Life

00:06:23Update: 2011-10-14

Confronting Someone 2

00:12:48Update: 2011-05-19

Confronting Someone 1

00:12:49Update: 2011-05-06

Funny Classroom Tales

00:17:31Update: 2011-04-27

First Time Meeting review

00:12:01Update: 2011-04-131

First Time Meeting 3

00:10:24Update: 2011-03-231

First time meeting 2

00:09:22Update: 2011-03-031

First Time Meeting

00:11:19Update: 2011-02-251

Let's review !

00:09:15Update: 2011-02-18

Question Words

00:18:46Update: 2011-02-091

Did you see that?

00:11:08Update: 2011-02-031

Expressing Opinions 4

00:08:49Update: 2011-01-27

Test Your Skill !

00:09:30Update: 2011-01-131

What happened?

00:10:35Update: 2011-01-047

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