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Author: Jorge Escobar

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And I talk about the realities of learning to code, the real thing. Not just watching someone giving "advice" without ever watching the guy writing a line of code.
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And this is the first episode of 2020. I talk about how me and my wife started an online bootcamp to become full stack developers, we started with the wrong foot on HTML and how we deal with it.
Goodbye to the decade

Goodbye to the decade


And today I say goodbye to the last ten years of my life. I don't feel like I progressed much the last decade...
Write a CV in HTML

Write a CV in HTML


And if you do so, you'll exercise that part of the brain that helps you think better...
Database Fundamentals

Database Fundamentals


And I rant about re writing my database fundamentals books, my experiences dealing with databases that other people design and my recommendations on learning how to make your database not just use an existing one.
And I talk about my experience writing my first book about database fundamentals...
Technical Debt

Technical Debt


And I lost a job to technical debt... Here is my story
Yet another unscripted episode. I talk about AWS cloud pros and cons, my prevous job, how to scalate the corporate ladder, my plans to learn german. etc.
And after more than a week of working as a AWS developer, I been learning a lot and putting a lot of effort. I just hope to become valuable to the team.
And today I'm learning AWS for my new job.
And I'm getting hired as a back end developer, after almost a month of being looking for a job, I managed to get one. I'll be working on a university for Volkswagen Puebla company. If I manage to deliver and produce, I may get hired for more than 6 months (trial period).
How to make a README file?

How to make a README file?


And today I give a talk about how to write a README file.
And today I talk about how to learn actual software development. I'm starting to learn Amazon Web Services today and become the next Certified AWS dude out there.
And today before I left for my medic exam at the Volkswagen Puebla factory, I decide to use my voice to talk to you.
And I'm still looking for job. Two companies are interested in what I have to offer: Volkswagen Puebla and Nearshore technology. For Volkswagen Puebla, I was asked to create a REST API for transferring money between balance accounts and the required technology was Python. Listen to the tale of how I managed to create a RESTful API on Python and how I learned Python in 24 hours. YouTube: Mixer: JorgeEscobar - Mixer
And today I talk about Mixer streaming, YouTube plans for my new channel and a little update on my life...
And today I talk about the realites of learning to code, and my experience at tutorial hell...
And after 3 or 4 months of sitting and saving money. I'm notified that this month it's my last paycheck as the entire company collapsed and everyone is getting terminated (myself among them).
And after some time ignoring my wife on mentoring, she decided to ask me about our classes on software development...
And after thinking about it, I'm doing podcasting and YouTube in separate. I think that each media deserves it's own content, designed to it.
Mentoring my wife (update).

Mentoring my wife (update).


And today I talk about my experiences mentoring my wife after 2 months. It ended and was unfinished by her decision. Looks like software development is not for everyone. I'm sad and relieved at the same time, since I don't have to learn web development for her sake anymore. Now I'm focused on my own learning of Java.
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