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We all need to be lectured sometimes. Family Research Council's new weekly-ish podcast features selected talks by top thinkers from the archives of the FRC Speaker Series. Our podcast podium takes on tough issues like religious liberty, life, marriage, family, sexuality, public policy, and the culture -- all from a biblical worldview. Listen with us to the lecture, then stick around afterward as we help you digest the content.
Currently, an average of 21 military veterans are taking their lives each day. FRC's Deputy Director of State and Local Affairs Matt Carpenter joins the podcast to discuss Richard Glickstein's lecture as he shares the compelling evidence that proves faith-based solutions reduce suicides, speed the recovery of PTSD, and build resiliency.
How can the conservative movement help restore America’s inner cities? FRC’s Coalitions Senior Research Fellow Chris Gacek joins the podcast to discuss Robert L. Woodson, Sr.’s lecture on how the conservative movement must identify, recognize, and support agents of individual and community uplift and provide the resources, expertise, and funding that can strengthen and expand their transformative work.
Director of Christian Ethics and Worldview David Closson joins Lecture Me! to discuss author Nancy Pearcey's book Love Thy Body. Pearcey talks about how the sexual revolution led to the mainstream personhood argument used by bioethicists and sexual fluidity used by left.
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