DiscoverLedger Cast — Crypto, Bitcoin, Trading, and the Blockchain Ecosystem
Ledger Cast —  Crypto, Bitcoin,  Trading, and the Blockchain Ecosystem
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Ledger Cast — Crypto, Bitcoin, Trading, and the Blockchain Ecosystem

Author: Brian Krogsgard, Josh Olszewicz, Derek Waltchack

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Ledger Cast covers the cryptocurrency industry (Bitcoin, Ethereum, and alt coins), including technical and trading analysis, fundamentals, and anything else crypto and blockchain related. Made by Ledger Status and friends.
46 Episodes
In this episode, I talk to Louis Aboud about "DeFi" and the risks and benefits of what's being created in the Ethereum ecosystem, about his fund Wyre Capital, and Wyre.
In this episode, Josh and I discuss whether this has been the top for the next few months, and what to expect form here. We also debate Zcash, and EMAs vs SMAs.
In this episode, I talk to Bitstamp's Head of Business Development, Miha Grcar. Miha trades legacy market futures primarily, and we discuss his trading style, along with his long history at Bitstamp.
In this episode of Ledger Cast, Josh is back from Magical Crypto Con, and we discuss bitcoin's wild move above $8k, and more.
In this episode I talk to Josh about the determined move of Bitcoin to $6400, drama from the Binance hack, more Bitfinex mess, and a good bit of other news.
Moku's Revenge

Moku's Revenge


$5k by May is early, The Cloud knew, and CarpeNoctom takes his victory lap on this episode of Ledger Cast.
In this episode, Josh and I talk about a lot of things, from fake volume on sketchy exchanges to our thoughts on pricing.
I talk to the creator of DestroyerDAO to better understand the project and their aim to enable people to destroy rekt and (near) worthless tokens in exchange for having a voice in the DestroyerDAO -- and by extension broader -- crypto community.
This is a crossover with another podcast I'm participating in about all markets, called Tulips FM.
In this episode, Josh and Brian talk to Jordan Bass of Taxing Cryptocurrency to talk about the questions many of us have around tracking and filing tax obligations when trading cryptocurrency.
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