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Alex is the founder of Funnel Science, as well as being one of the members on the Advisory Committee for Veterans Business - which is part of the SBA in Washington DC.  Alex’s involvment with the committee is instrumental in representing Veteran Owned Businesses nationwide, and seeing that their needs and rights are represented in any policies being designed at the Federal Level.  Alex was also the winner of the Veteran Business Battle, a competition which helped to secure his place in his industry.  Alex is also heavily involved in other non-profit organizations and events which have a service for the Veteran Business Owner.  Join us in this episode as we hear about what Alex is doing in his world, which will be building further upon the legacy which he has started creating.
Eric is the Founder of LifeFlip Media, and Marine veteran, who has a passion for helping fellow veterans better succeed, as well as having a unique perspective on business.  Coming from a career in Cilicon Valley, Eric brings a broad level of experience and expertise to his new ventures, which further empower those that are around him with his knowledge.  Eric is involved in many different other projects as well, so this all culminated into making this episode exciting and informative for many different types of listener.  Join us as we dig into what deep down is the driving force behind Eric and one of the most well known media orginations in the industry.
Markian is the founder of Active Duty Passive Income, a Real Estate Investment Business with the mission of “Financial Freedom through Real Estate Investing for those who Serve and their Families”. He is an Active Duty Marine with a passion for Military Real Estate investing and passive income. The financial stability and lifestyle it has provided his family is something he is very thankful for, however, wants to make sure he is not scrambling when the day comes that he desides to transition back into the civilian world… Active Duty Passive Income is a website that does not preach about various “get rich quick schemes.” Their blog posts, guides, course, and supporting community, is all about learning the steps required for success and the tools that make everything possible.  
Randy is an Executive Recovery Coach, which means that he specializes in compulsive and destructive behaviors, in addition to being a published author.  Join us in this episode where we discuss his vision for legacy as well as addressing some very painful issues that plague our society today.
Jessica is a Course Content Coach and Writer, A San Diego Native, USMC Veteran, educator, and so passionate about being a life-long learner that she is certain that she won’t stop until she has her doctorate in Education.  Her business helps numerous professionals by providing assistance with teaching them how to create their own online training courses, and for those withouth the time or patience, she can create the project for them.  Join us as we discover how all of this fits into Jessica’s picture of legacy, and what that means for her future.
Erik and Rebecca are founders of Green Ledger CPA, and bring their unique approach to the Accounting world.  Focused on best-interest principles, they are helping people truly preserve their legacy, and grow it through a set of values that which hold them to a higher standard.  As a married couple in business, they have a unique perspective on a great many things, and also are able to make both personal and business work in a way which is not only admirable, but rare.  Join us in this episode, as we dive into the subjects of life, legacy, business, and the hopes and dreams that everyone should be planning for.
Natan is an Army veteran and Partner in a firm, ViTech, whom helps to protect the legacies of individuals that work for Municipalities and School Districts.  By utilizing his expertise in cybersecurity and identity theft related matters, his company and he specifically, provide the much needed education as well as the risk management that is necessary to protect such sensitive information.  Join us in this episode, as we dig deeper into Natan’s experiences, knowledge, as well as his perspective on business building and success and how that combines with his views on legacy planning and the future.
Tim is the host of “The Universe Betwee Your Ears” Podcast, as well as being a published author.  Join us in this episode as we discover what Tim has done through his business experiences, that are going to build upon his own legacy plans, and how his writings will play a key role in his being remembered for multiple generations.
Founder at FIGHTING PREACHER, CEO at GCO Inc and 
Gabe is a Copywriter and Marketing Consultant who creates awesomely easy to use solutions for every size business and entrepreneurs at every stage.  Join us in this interesting episode with Gabe, telling us about his serial entrepreneur journeys and how that is playing a part in his overall legacy plans for the future.
Ashley is a fellow podcaster, as well as being very entertaining, insightful, and having a grounded opinion which we got to dig into during this “in the field episode”.  Join us as we discover what Ashley’s legacy vision is, and what she is doing today that will make a difference tomorrow.
Maxwell Ivey, also known as the Blind Blogger, is an author and coach, helping individuals to reach their potential - despite whatever stands in their way.  Speaking from first-hand experience of losing his eyesight, Max shares many truths and nuggets in this informative episode.  Join us as we dig into what really matters to Max, and how we can take a lesson or two from him and his overcoming obstacles in his own life.
Jessica helps businesses to grow their bottom line with less stress.  Stop just “getting by” because you’re drowning in overwhelm. Scale your operation with ease. Action Strategies with Implementation: Turn your vision into reality without the time-consumi [...]
Frazer Rice is the President of Wealth Actually LLC.  Wealth Actually is a financial services and legal media company.  Today’s reality is that advice companies need to be media companies as well. WA will help businesses and individuals recognize this reality and use it to amplify their presence and increase their business.
Ollie is known as The Goto Health Optimization & Accountability Coach For The World’s Busiest People.  His health and fitness business helps people worldwide with techniques and knowledge valuable to the concept of your health is your wealth.  Join us in this episode as we dive deeper into how he is building a brand in the international community while also building a legacy which will be helping people generations from now, know how to be better fit and better people.
Landon is the founder of one of the largest Facebook Groups focused on strategic knowledge necessary to the sales and marketing industry.  Through his group, “Getting Clients Without Being Salesy”, Landon has helped to date, over 15,000 group members with what they need to be successful in todays business landscape.  Join us in this episode as we speak about what Landon “The Sales Gorilla” Porter is doing to build his legacy of helping others through his ‘awesome sauce’ and not-so-traditional methodology which as taking over Facebook by storm.
Carey is a podcast production expert, with a business named Podcast Fast Track.  He helps podcasters by handling the tedious and often mundane steps of production, mixing, mastering, and post production.  This extremely valuable service allows the media professionals to focus on their strengths of running the podcast, while he handles the backend side of the business.  Carey’s vision for business and legacy made for an extremely informative episode sure to enlighten you in what you may consider for your own needs, both on a personal as well as a professional level.
Carrie is the founder of Aurora Beacons, a digital marketing firm with a very unique approach to that space, as they are taking new technology to a whole new level by layering it with additional services which have a proven record of success - just not often seen combined.  This episode was very entertaining as well as informative, and well worth listing to how Carrie is taking her business experience of being an executive chef and combining it with her visionary outlook on marketing for other companies. Join us as we discover how her unique approach plays into her ideas for her legacy and where it is headed into the future.
Business partners Marc and Travis joined me on an interesting episode, where we talked about their experiences as US Navy Dog Trainers, transition into civilian life and then into joining forces again to create a business together which helps other companies solve problems at a leadership level.  Hear how they are making a difference in the community and in the country, as well as creating their own legacies in the process.
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