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Author: Chase Williams & Ryan Klein

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The Legal Mastermind Podcast focuses on tips and tactics for Law Firms and Lawyers to Grow and Manage their Law Firm. Hosts Ryan Klein and Chase Williams sit down with experts in the legal community to discuss marketing, branding, intake and more.
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Debbie Ausburn is a Partner and Member of Taylor English's Litigation and Dispute Resolution Department. She focuses on advising and defending youth-serving organizations. Find out more about Debbie Ausburn here:'s background has given her unique insights into defending child care centers and ultimately led to her first book, "Raising Other People's Children: What Foster Parenting Taught Me About Bringing Together A Blended Family," available now. You can purchase Debbie Ausburn's new book here: On This Episode, We Discuss...- Finding, Building, & Owning Your Niche- The Benefits of Blogging in the Legal Industry- Receiving Real World Experience for Your Niche- Actively Listening to and Learning from Clients
Dr. Shannon Prince is an Associate at Boies, Schiller, & Flexner in New York. Dr. Prince practices complex litigation and dispute resolution in a variety of areas. Dr. Shannon Prince's new book "Tactics for Racial Justice: Building an Antiracist Organization and Community" can be found at the link below. Use the discount code "FLY21" to purchase the book. This Episode, We Discuss...- Concrete Efforts Firms Can Adapt to Support Diversity & Inclusion- Specific Tools for Firms to Learn More on Expanding Diversity- Working on Retention and Ascension in Your Firm
Chris Hood is the Head of Business Innovation & Strategy at Google as well as a passionate digital strategist, podcast host, professor, and writer. Chris is a passionate storyteller and has made it an essential part of his career. With a background heavily immersed in media and entertainment, Chris' focus is targeted towards mechanisms and technologies for individuals to engage with digital content. busOn This Episode, We Discuss...- The Legality of AI- How AI Could Affect the Future- Being Human vs. the Idea of Logic- How Apps Are Using AI and the Effects
Brian Vogel is a Senior Business Development Executive at Velawcity who brings over 20 years of sales experience to the company. Brian's primary focus has been legal marketing, but he has extensive experience in building sales teams, growing revenue, and expanding their footprint. Brian's work in mass torts is not only a passion for him but essential as he strives to educate the public about harmful products or events that they have been exposed to so he can connect them with high-quality law firms and bring them a step closer to receiving justice. On This Episode, We Discuss...- How to Purchase Different Forms of Leads- Understanding the Mass Torts Intake Process- The Importance of Referrals During a Popular Time for Fake Reviews- Increasing Consumer Access to Legal Services
Marques Ogden is a former NFL athlete, Author, Celebrity Success Coach, and Commentator. Marques speaks publicly across the country and helps encourage leaders across the globe on becoming better leaders for their businesses and teams. On This Episode, We Discuss...- Being A Great Leader & Resource to Your Team- The Six Competencies for Leaders- Serving a Cause Bigger Than Yourself
Mark M. Bello is a former attorney and civil justice advocate turned author who has written a series of 7 books including a novella and a soon-to-be children's book series. Bello takes real life issues in American and global news and turns them into thrilling, captivating stories. He explores each idea to its fullest and isn't afraid to embellish on the bad. Bello spent his career wanting to give the public a front-row glimpse of what victims face when standing up for justice. On This Episode, We Discuss...- Transitioning From A Lawyer to an Author- Taking Real Life Issues in American News & Turning them into Novels- The Writing Process of a Former Lawyer
Trevor Ewen is the CEO of the Southport Technology Group, a custom software development firm. STG targets decent-size businesses that are tech-enabled with a fair amount of technology throughout their business, but not their primary focus. On This Episode, We Discuss...- Finding the Need for Custom Software in Your Firm- Making Customer Development Easier- Isolating the Problem in Your Firm's Software
In part two, hosts Chase Williams and Ryan Klein continue to predict how law firms can win in the upcoming year. On This Episode, We Discuss...- Having a Comprehensive Technical Audit Performed for Their Website- Partnering With Transparent, Honest Vendors That Will Help Them Succeed- Continuing to Increase Social Validation- Understanding Vanity Keywords are More Vain Than Ever- Preparing For Changes in Consumer and Computing Behavior
Adam D. Rossen is the founder of the Rossen Law Firm and is currently based in Broward County, Florida. Rossen started in the prosecutor's office after law school and left to start his own practice with a fellow friend and attorney. Rossen has earned multiple legal awards such as a 10.0 perfect rating on AVVO and a spot in the Top 100 DUI Lawyers by the National Advocacy for DUI Defense. The Rossen Law Firm is run under 7 core values that can be found in their client pledge and have received tons of reviews and testimonials from clients about their excellent work and leadership. On This Episode, We Discuss...- Implementing EOS into Your Law Firm- Pinpointing Your Firm's Marketing Strategies- Learning How to Grow Your Firm to be the Best
The Legal Mastermind Podcast Hosts Chase Williams and Ryan Klein revisit a popular episode where the two feature their predictions for law firms that will help them win in the upcoming year. On This Episode, We Discuss...- The Segmentation and Tracking of New Potential Clients- Adopting an Official Outlook on Your Firm Being a Business- Expanding Your Firm's Presence Geographically- Marketing Your Firm with Paid CampaignsPart 2 Coming Soon...
The Legal Mastermind Podcast presents the Best of August. A collection of clips and the best segments from the past month. Join hosts Ryan Klein and Chase Williams in looking back at August and the incredible guests that appeared on the show. Featuring Rob Hadden, Sabrina Shaheen Cronin, Jason Parr, Luke Russell, and Curtis Boyd; the Legal Mastermind Podcast's Best of August brings you the knowledge, insight, and good times from last month's episodes. On This Episode, We Discuss...- The Importance of Needing a Mentor- Where Data Lives- Pinpointing the Negative Reviews- Insight on Law with an Influence of Social Media- The Difference Between State and Local Tax
Stephen Barth, the author of Hospitality Law and Intelligent Emotions, is an attorney, the founder of, The Hospitality Law Conference series, and the Global Congress on Travel Risk Management. For more information, visit Stephen's personal website here: is a worldwide network of attorneys that focus on hospitality, travel, and tourism issues; a marketing conduit for suppliers of legal, safety, and security solutions to reach hospitality developers and operators in need of those solutions; we mitigate critical incidents, injuries, litigation, and liability within the hospitality industry, in the U.S. and abroad by facilitating the creation, collection, and dissemination of legal, safety and security information, products, and services.For more on Hospitality, visit here: This Episode, We Discuss...- The Impact of the Hospitality Industry on the Rest of the Law Field- How Hospitality Can be Linked to Every Industry - What Makes the Hospitality Industry Unique- Hospitality Law in the Times of COVID
Jason Parr is the President and CEO of Peisner Johnson. Parr has been with the Texas-based state and local tax firm for 25 years. He focuses on Sales Tax Return Services (STRS), Nexus Studies, Taxability Research, Due Diligence, Audit Support, and Tax Recovery.Visit Peisner Johnson's website here: This Episode, We Discuss...- How to Determine What is Taxable - Figuring out the Liabilities vs. the Non-Liabilities- The Importance of State and Local Tax- How Should Companies Handle State Tax Compliance- Eligible Refunds that Might be Due Post Acquisition
Sabrina Shaheen Cronin is a true role model for today’s single working parent. She began her career as a musician, and soon afterward, began her rise as a successful attorney. Sabrina is now a nationally recognized motivational and public speaker, life and business strategist coach, writer, mentor, successful Businesswoman, “Top Attorney,” visionary, and television personality. Sabrina is known as the “Shared Parenting Expert” for her workshops helping families cope with co-parenting dilemmas in todays’ challenging environment.Sabrina is the founder and managing partner of The Cronin Law Firm in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan. Her online classes and workshops can be accessed nationwide on her website. Sabrina’s ability to relate to and understand the legal process is what makes her workshop offerings so valuable. She has created a much-needed niche in today's unprecedented world. In addition to her already busy schedule, Sabrina hosts a Facebook and YouTube LIVE Series. “The Cronin Challenge2Change” and “The Cronin Law Show.” You can watch or listen to all shows on her Facebook, YouTube Channel or Podcast, available on Apple Podcast, Spotify, Google Podcasts, and Amazon Podcast.On This Episode, We Discuss...- Using YouTube and Social Media to Help Attract Clients- How Social Media can Promote Your Firm- Teaching your Employees How to Adapt- Growing the Community Within Your Firm
Curtis Boyd is the founder of Objection Co, an online review protection and fraud detection software company. Objection helps law firms all over the country deal with fake reviews from competitors, untruthful customers, and bots. They also help law firms identify competitors purchasing fake positive reviews too. Curtis Boyd is an entrepreneur, going from nursing school to being a nurse tech, to now running a growing SaaS company. On This Episode, We Discuss...- The Balance of Negative vs. Positive Reviews- How Some Bad Reviews Can Be Positive for Your Firm- Methods on Removing Negative Reviews- The Importance of Reading Your Firm's Reviews
Luke Russell founded Russell Media in 2009 after working in web development since 2006. Russell Media was created out of a desire to fill real marketing needs-not to be another company trying to make a buck. Russell Media uses Mass Tort Advertising for their clients and offer many effective ways to advertise. Check out Russell Media here: Russell recently started the Lawful Good Podcast, a show about lawyers and the trials they face inside and outside the courtroom. This is a human-interest show. Find Lawful Good on all platforms and here: This Episode, We Discuss...- Attention to Detail on a Firm Brand of Self- Using Facebook Ads for Mass Torts- How to Capture the Human Element in Ads & Podcasts
Rob Hadden has coached, mentored and recruited numerous law firm associates over his 23 year career as a trial lawyer in law firms ranging from 130 attorneys to boutique firms and his own firm. He is the Founder of Summit Driven, which offers subscription coaching/mentoring/training for law firm associates individually or as part of law firm sponsored programs. Law firm associates need ongoing motivation and a co-pilot to thrive. Whether an associate's questions relate to issues arising in their day-to-day practice, their litigation skills, their legal career or surviving law firm life, Rob offers practical guidance to associates, and he frees law firm partners up to do what they do best: practice law. Learn more about Summit Driven and Rob's services here: Website: LinkedIn: @summitdrivenOn This Episode, We Discuss...- The Current State of Mentoring in Law Firms- The Importance of Having an Outsourced Mentor/Coach for Law Firm Associates- The Benefits for Associates, Partners, and Clients when Formal Mentoring is Implemented
Legal Mastermind Podcast hosts Chase Williams and Ryan Klein bring shine some light on recent misconceptions in the SEO and marketing strategy marketplaces. On This Episode, We Discuss...- Removing Links for SEO Strategy - Deciding Between Content or SEO- Cookies & LSA Ads aren't Going Anywhere- SEO is Not Dead
This week’s show is the Legal Mastermind Podcast’s Vol 2 featuring guests: Michael Mogill, Harlan Schillinger, Ken Hardison, Elsie Buie, and Mike Morse.On This Episode, We Discuss…- Investing in Social Media can Benefit Your Firm- Using Zoom and Other Virtual Meeting Spaces During COVID-19 - Giving Value in What You Do- Importance of Approachability as a Lawyer- Finding the Most Success in Finding the Right Hire
This week’s show of the Legal Mastermind Podcast is the Best of Legal Mastermind Podcast (Vol 1) featuring guests: John Warrillow, Tangi Carter, Joey Coleman, Kwame Christian, and Michael Gerber! On This Episode, We Discuss…- Recognizing Social Injustice and What Constitutes Action. - Having an Interest in Selling Your Practice- Correlation in Quality of Clients and Raised Prices- First Steps to Take in Separating Yourself from Your Business
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