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Legally Clueless is a weekly podcast by Kenyan media personality & social activist: Adelle Onyango!!

Here, she documents her raw human journey as an evolving unapologetically African woman. The podcast is a space where people get to know just how okay it is to not know or not have it all figured out. It is also a space where Africans share stories from their lives; stories that teach, make us cry, make us laugh - real, authentic African stories.

The #LegallyClueless hotline is +254768628790
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I hope you enjoy Ep69. I came so close to not recording or producing this week - but it felt so good after I had done it. Let's just say my grief came a knocking! I'm hoping my plan for this week helps! The song of the week is by my two fave artists Janelle Monae & Erykah Badu it's called QUEEN: On #100AfricanStories Samantha shares a story of being bullied, one day becoming a bully, praying for Kim Kardashian's body and finally falling in love with her body. You can check out her collection of stories here: The #LegallyClueless hotline is here: +254 768 628 790 And you can join the tribe on Instagram here:
This episode is full of dope things! First we're past half a million streams!!! How dope is that! Thank you so much for listening to this podcast! I am so thankful! I'm also excited that I am finally able to share the news that I signed a book deal! I'm co-authoring a book that will come out soon - I speak more about it in this episode! The workshop I speak about happening on the 30th of June - well you can register for it here: The song of the week that I absolutely love is called Yere Faga - Sun El Remix: (Just found out that Yere Faga might mean suicide - can someone help me confirm this!) On #100AfricanStories this week Georgie Ndirangu, one of Africa's top journalist shares a story of how he bravely packed up and moved to Rwanda from Kenya, the challenges he went through while there and how far he's come now. It's a pretty inspiring (and at some points humourous) story! Remember the #LegallyClueless hotline is: +254 768 628 790 And you can join the tribe on instagram here:
Wassup! So the free digital strategies workshop I mention - you can register for it here: I'll be in the workshop so hope to "see" you there. The song of the week - which I'm so shocked I haven't shared before because I LOOOOOVE this song so much: SHE by LAURA MVULA. Check it out: So in this episode we speak dad envy - something my best friend Val explained to me in episode 38. I'm sending hugs to you if your dad has passed away - Father's Day must have been hectic. Also sending hugs to you if you have dad envy based on your experiences. Finally sending a fist bump to all present dads trying to be the best dads to their kinfolk! On #100AfricanStories Rose shares a story of finding out she's pregnant, breaking the news to her parents who are pastors and finally accepting that she is a single mother. Hope it inspires you as much as it did, me. Remember the #LegallyClueless hotline is: +254 768 628 790 And join the tribe on instagram here:
Aaayyyy episode 66! Already! First the podcast hotline is +254 768 628 790 - Send in your story demos and the music you think should be on the song of the week! This week's song was sent in on the hotline and it's friggin awesome! HUNGER by FLORENCE + THE MACHINE! The video is also pretty awesome. Check it out here: This episode features a lot of interesting things. First I chime in on the toxic workplace conversations and share a few tips I found that could help you protect your mental well-being if you work in such an environment. Kenyans are sharing their stories anonymously on the Courage Stories page here: The counseling hotline I mention is 1190 On #100AfricanStories Janet shares her story on the evolution of her relationship with her body. From being a budding model as a teenager to motherhood and how regal she feels in modesty wear. I think this is such a necessary conversation because you must work hard to love the vessel you're in. So much is thrown at us daily to make us feel like we're not worthy or don't look good enough. But that's just a ploy to get us to buy products etc don't fall for it. Start healing today from the experiences that have you hating how you look - healing will change your life!
Ayyyyy it's episode 65!! First things first follow the tribe on Instagram here: The podcast hotline is: +254768628790 The article on rape culture that I speak about in this episode is: share it with your circles and more than that, take steps to actual do your part. And to help you think about what shape your voice/role can take here's the beautiful rising toolbox I spoke about: The song of the week that is just so beautiful is LSD by Jamila Woods ft Chance The Rapper: Finally on #100African stories Nicte shares her story about the year she was to get married, and the week she was to have a traditional pre-wedding ceremony called "ruracio" - and with all the planning, her then to be husband shared that he had cheated and gotten a woman pregnant. I love that she spoke about the importance of paying attention to red flags - wueh I relate with that! Thanks for listening to the podcast!
This week has been intense right? First there's still corona, then the brutality from police in multiple countries - including Kenya - which is something we've been battling with for a long time! Too long in fact! In this episode I speak about what your role could be and possibly how to use your voice. Here's the African Uncensored documentary is called Burden Of Bullets: Here's a petition to sign for one of the victims of police brutality in Kenya, Samuel Maina: On a personal note I lost two people I know and it just had me feeling a certain way. But I did find a few things that made coping a lil easier including writing poetry: Also music specifically by Mereba. The song by her I want you to check out is called Planet U: On #100AfricanStories, Chimano shares a string of stories from his childhood where he used to feel like he didn't belong or fit in and how he found his voice but sometimes still fears the anxiety from people judging him. After you listen to this - please do one kind thing for someone you know, many people are hurting and don't know how to ask for help.
Ayyyy Ep63 - thank you for listening to this podcast I appreciate it. So I'm taking this time to show myself a little more love - in the form of black seed masks & oil - I'll let you know how that goes but I'm already seeing a glow. Have you tried black seed oil before? I've also switched my incense sticks for frankincense - the first burn was almost a disaster because of my ujuaji haha but I'm loving it - it's great for when I'm writing poetry. Which I talk about in this episode - what does THONG song have to do with the day I realized I dig! The song of the week is by Kenyan songstress XENIA MANNASSEH. It's called SEE ME. As I said - turn the volume all the way up as you listen, trust me. Here's a link to the video: Here's a link to her Instagram: on #100AfricanStories - Sebawali Sio an artist tells us about the journey of first running away from her first love - and then coming right back home to it. Here's her instagram: The #LegallyClueless hotline is: +254768628790 Join the tribe on instagram here:
Welcome to episode 62! I speak about Imposter Syndrome in this episode because yo! I think I'm battling it - I have a therapy session in a week or so and I plan to bring it up then but until then what did I do? Read up about it! Here's the article I mention in this episode: This episode features Ghanaian musician M.anifest on #100AfricanStories sharing stories he has never shared before. They're entertaining and insightful too! Remember to check out his latest song here: and he's super active on twitter here: and IG here: I have such a soft spot for Accra as I loved my short visit there last year. You can hear a snippet of that trip in episode 25 btw! I'm actually already planning my next trip there - next year! Martha sent in Muthoni Drummer Queen's song POWER to be the song of the week! You can check it out here: Also here's the #LegallyClueless hotline: +254768628790. Send through your 1minute story demos on whatsapp and let's get you on an episode!
Happy New Week and as much as it's not the best of days for me - Happy Mothers Day to all mothers, love to all those trying to be mothers, to those whose mothers have passed away. It's been 8 years since my mum passed away so it's never an easy day but I started preparing (lol) for like 2 weeks - unsubscribing from mailing lists that will send mothers day promos, muting certain online stores. All these and more can be triggering! By the way - here's the song of the week that I love! Can't believe I didn't share it with you before! Something's Got To Give by Labrinth: The music video: The remix: The live performance: On #100AfricanStories - Sharon who's a #LegallyClueless listener sent in her audio demo to the hotline number, I sent her some story prompts and then we recorded the story remotely! And man the resilience she has - Mothers are truly super human! I hope you enjoy her story. The #LegallyClueless Hotline is: +254 768 628 790 Join the tribe on Instagram here:
We're at episode SIXTY! This is a big deal! Thank you for rocking with this podcast this long! More good news - Legally Clueless just became the first syndicated Kenyan podcast! It will now also play on TRACE FM every Mon, Wed and Fri at 9AM!! So exciting! You can listen here: This week the song that has been helping keep me in good spirits, keep me calm, help me zone out when my anxiety comes creeping, helps me stop questioning my abilities: BREAK THE SHELL by INDIA ARIE: On #100AfricanStories this is one of my fave storytellers his humour is memorable. Hardson - he shares a story of running for office in the student council, loosing twice and finally winning. Unfortunately he lost his friend during the lead up to the elections. Trust me you'll have an appreciation of how much goes into campus politics after this story. Remember you too can share your story on this podcast. Just share a 1minute demo of the story you want to share on the #LegallyClueless hotline here: +254 768 628 790
First, the #LegallyClueless hotline is: +254 768 628 790 We're an episode away from episode 60!! That feels like it should be a big deal right? It's pretty exciting! Speaking of exciting, I talk about Chipper Cash in this episode - the fast & free way to send money across Africa (and beyond)! It's changing how Africans relate financially and you should definitely check out the app here: #ChipperCash The song I'm diggin this week is called HAZZADAZMOVE by Khuli Chana ft KayGizm. Man I forgot how much I loved this song until I stumbled on it this week! Reminds me of my early radio days! Speaking of songs - on #100AfricanStories Vivian, a Kenyan musician shares her story that really shows the behind the scenes of the music industry. It's not all glam. She also speaks about abusive music producers, making money and depression. Her husband joins in and shares some gems on finding your purpose! To check out Vivian's music here's her youtube: I'm also feeling a tad bit overwhelmed with this pandemic and the ripple effects it has on everything and if that's where you are too then maybe re-listen to ep54 because there are some tips on maintaining mental well being during this time! Thanks for listening to this podcast! Join the IG page here:
This has got to be the longest episode I've ever done lol - 10minutes shy of an hour! And to think when I begun I used to wonder how other podcasters would do hour long episodes! First here's the #LegallyClueless hotline: +254768628790 On #100AfricanStories Silas shares such a heartfelt story about loosing his beloved Bernadette in the Dusit Attack that happened in Nairobi. This was one of my favourite stories to record because of the clarity he has on his grief. I found myself learning a lot about my own grief from him! Not to mention he has got me very interested in getting an ancestral reading from a sangoma too! Next here are the songs we're diggin this week. I recommend you check out Glory by Nyashinski: And blogger behind "" sent this song to the #LegallyClueless hotline: I know during this pandemic it's easy to feel helpless so I'll keep sharing various ways that you can help especially vulnerable communities. My friend Billian in this episode shares what his organization and others are doing to help families in Mathare. Here's the paybill information he mentioned: Paybill - 891300 Account - 39406 Mchanga link: Lastly, send through your 1minute demo via whatsapp audio note to the hotline number for a chance to share your story on Legally Clueless! I appreciate all of you whose stories I recorded last week. It's such a honour to receive your stories, honestly! Anyway, hope you enjoy this episode!
New week - New episode! I hope you're hanging in there and handling your new normal a little well. I know it's not a constant coping well think - I'm up and down too. Unlike everyone else I've found myself loosing weight during this period which could be linked to anxiety. But I'm working on it! This week's song that I'm diggin is: COCONUT OIL by Lizzo. Check it out here: I really dig that song! I'm listening to it as I type this! You can send me music you're diggin and your story demos to the #LegallyClueless hotline which is: +254768628790 I've enjoyed recording some of your stories in the past week! This week features a story by Nyambura, a musician from Nakuru, Kenya. She speaks about falling in love with music, loosing her dad, not having the same love for music, finding out she's pregnant and what her son has taught her about love. Hope you enjoy the episode!
First, thank you so much for the positive vibes you sent me last week - really appreciate it! I'm doing well (considering all that's happening). So this week's song I'm diggin is Ndiredi by Simphiwe Dana. You can check it out here: If you want to send me the songs you're diggin the #LegallyClueless hotline is: +254768628790 So I shared a couple of resources in this episode so here goes: 1. The gender based violence hotline is: 1195, the counseling hotline is: 1190 and childline is 116. 2. The photographer's fund for photographers who have been affected by corona - you can check it out here; 3. To learn more about how you can transfer your safaricom bonga points to help others get food/essential items check out their facebook page here: #SafaricomIsForYou #ApartNotAlone I really hope those help and if you know any resources that can help others during this time please send them to me on email: On #100AfricanStories Marcus tells a riveting story on becoming a writer, a photographer, loosing his grandma and the Wednesday he up and quit his job! His take on life being like a game of chess is hella interesting! I might just adopt it! PS: Don't forget to send your whatsapp audio demo if you want to be a storyteller on #LegallyClueless to the hotline: +254768628790 Stay fresh, keep calm, all will be well with time :)
Another week of this new normal we're in! First let me start with the good news. Have you always wanted to share your story on Legally Clueless? All you have to do is record a 1minute whatsapp audio note on the story you'd like to share and send it via WHATSAPP to the #LegallyClueless hotline: +254768628790 and we'll take it from there! I hope the tips & resources shared in last week's episode are helping you maintain your mental well-being during this time. I'm doing a 7day breathing exercise challenge every morning and it's really helping - especially since this week will be difficult. I also know you're probably feeling helpless so maybe help the people you interact with daily - employees, staff where you live/ may seem small but collectively small can have large impact! Also call your friends and family - a simple phone-call can help calm them. Tuesday marks 8 years since my mum died and I just know this week is going to be pretty rubbish emotionally. In this episode you & I get to hear mum's laugh that I haven't heard in 8 years and 2 days. If you have any spare positive vibes do send them my way. PS: Here's the song of the week:
This is def a time where we all need a good dose of peace, calm and assurance that all will be well. Well the latter is a bit hard! I've been trying to build a better routine & breathing exercises because I can feel my anxiety dancing around lol. So in this episode my friend Wangui who is a clinical psychologist shares online resources, tips and hotlines (kenya) to help you take care of your mental health during this pandemic. I hope they help you and if you want to connect with Wangui here's her twitter: On #100AfricanStories Noah from Baringo shares his story of drinking busaa (local alcoholic brew), his classmate dying because of alcohol and how he got through that period in life. Song I'm diggin this week: Say You'll Go by Janelle Monae: Oh and you can watch my IG TV on the day I started this podcast here: Sending you peace, love and calmness.
What a week! Had another panic attack and it just feels like the world is so hectic & noisy right now! Because of corona, I have to postpone the #LegallyClueless storytelling party (once we have new dates I'll tell you). It's important to do so because gatherings and having crowds in a space wouldn't be fair on you or your loved ones. It's a little sad yes but there's a bigger picture to think about. However, I am still very proud that my podcast is turning ONE YEAR OLD on the 18th of March! So excited! In #100AfricanStories this week, Ed from Kenya shares how he discovered his mum had died by seeing her picture in the obituary, forgiving his father and finding healing through art! I found this to be a powerful story! Here's a link to the range rover advert he mentioned: and check out his art here: Remember in this hectic time to protect your peace, look out for the less fortunate who cannot afford to bulk buy food etc and don't spread false information/panic. Join the Instagram tribe here:
This is such an exciting episode! It captures my pre-show anxiety about the International Women’s Day talk my best friend Val and I were hosting and at the end you hear exactly how the talk turned out. Let’s just say I’m super proud of us and you should listen to the very end of this episode. In this episode I talk about being bullied extensively because of my teeth not when I was in primary or high school but only when I joined radio – strange right? On #100AfricanStories Sinitta from Uganda shares a very powerful series of situations she has experienced that were drenched in colorism. She challenges you & I as Africans to really unpack our self-worth and examine why we feel inferior and why we turn against each other. She also talks about how important empathy & forgiveness are! As promised here’s a link to her store that only stocks African products: I’m still counting down to March 18th when #LegallyClueless turns ONE YEAR OLD! I can’t believe this podcast has grown this far! So to celebrate I’m throwing a storytelling party at Lava Latte on the 18th of March, 7pm, entry is free! Some of your favourite stories, heard on #LegallyClueless will be shared LIVE! Also, YOU get a chance to share YOUR story too! I genuinely hope you can make it! Here’s a pin to lava latte:
We’re in the 50s noooow! As in episode 51 not age! We’re also days away from the 8th Of March which is International Women’s Day Val (my best-friend of 15 years) & I will be hosting a talk at Two Rivers Mall at 2pm. She’s going to be interviewing me live on stage in front of you – yup you’re invited and it’s absolutely free! We’re talking CAREER – PURPOSE – GRIEF – HEARTBREAK – MARRIAGE! I’m so nervous – but I hope I see you there! #WeLoveWomen #WLW In this episode I talk about how unable I am to process anger – it’s such a strange emotion. But I also think it’s probably linked to growing up with a dad who communicated his anger violently (to my mum). I talk about this in this episode. Also on #100AfricanStories Mandi shares her story on overcoming fear, moving back home to Kenya, now being Kenyan enough and how that made her stumble on her passion for food! You can check out all she does here: PS: I’m still counting down to March 18th when #LegallyClueless turns ONE YEAR OLD! I can’t believe this podcast has grown this far! So to celebrate I’m throwing a storytelling party at Lava Latte on the 18th of March, 7pm, entry is free! Some of your favourite stories, heard on #LegallyClueless will be shared LIVE! Also, YOU get a chance to share YOUR story too! I genuinely hope you can make it! Here’s a pin to lava latte:
WOW We're at episode 50! Thank you for being here for the last 50 weeks! In this episode I share something exciting that I'll be doing on the 8th of March at Two Rivers Mall in Nairobi, with my best friend Val! And yes YOU are invited! 2pm on 1st floor near LC Waikiki, Val will be interviewing me on Career, Finding My Purpose, Grief, Heartbreaks (lol), Marriage...we're celebrating a woman's best friend so come with yours! It's absolutely free and I can't wait to meet YOU there! #WLW #WeLoveWomen On #100AfricanStories this week Bruce shares his fatherhood journey that includes his fears, morning sickness, when his wife went into labour and using twitter to create a space for dads to dad differently & healthily! I loved his story and promised to share the daddying differently page so here you go: And finally #LegallyClueless is turning ONE on the 18th of March and we're celebrating by throwing a story-telling party at Lava Latte on the 18th of March at 7pm! Some of the storytellers you've heard in some episodes will be on stage sharing the stories live!! Also you get a chance to share your story too at the party! It's free so save the date, save the time because you can't miss our 1year party! Enjoy Ep50!
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