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Legally Clueless is a weekly podcast by Kenyan media personality & social activist: Adelle Onyango!!

Here, she documents her raw human journey as an evolving unapologetically African woman. The podcast is a space where people get to know just how okay it is to not know or not have it all figured out. It is also a space where Africans share stories from their lives; stories that teach, make us cry, make us laugh - real, authentic African stories.

The #LegallyClueless hotline is +254768628790
89 Episodes
#LegallyClueless Ep89 The hotline number is: +254 768 628 790 The instagram page is here: The song of the week is amazing: BLESSED - Wizkid & Damien Marley. This is such a feel good song - reminds you to make that list of things you're grateful for. On #100AfricanStories Onyango shares a story of growing up in a violent home, his relationship with his dad and a traumatic night in 1998. The story references suicidal episodes which may be triggering to some. Catch #LegallyClueless on Trace Radio every Monday, Wednesday & Friday at 9AM & 8PM -
#LegallyClueless Ep88 The hotline number is: +254 768 628 790 The instagram page is here: The song of the week is Moment by Victoria Monét: On #100AfricanStories Mercy shares about being an unemployed graduate, navigating failure, tarmacking for a job and loosing her job due to the pandemic. Catch #LegallyClueless on Trace Radio every Monday, Wednesday & Friday at 9AM & 8PM -
#LegallyClueless Ep87 The hotline number is: +254 768 628 790 The instagram page is here: The song of the week is Speak Life by Damien Marley: I love this song. The lyrics are such truth! Kagwe Mungai is on #100AfricanStories. After listening to his story do check him out Instagram: Youtube: Oby Africa: Catch #LegallyClueless on Trace Radio every Monday, Wednesday & Friday at 9AM & 8PM -
#LegallyClueless Ep 86 This episode heavily references sexual violence (rape & domestic violence) which may be triggering to some. The hotline number is: +254 768 628 790 The instagram page is here: The song of the week is GET FREE by MEREBA: Here are the resources that are available for survivors under the safety nets program I speak about in this episode: To learn more about the cash disbursements: The hotline number by CREAW is: 0800 720 186 The Wangu Kanja app: The Wangu Kanja SMS line: 21094 Please share these resources in your circles. Catch #LegallyClueless on Trace Radio every Monday, Wednesday & Friday at 9AM & 8PM -
#LegallyClueless Ep 85 The hotline number is: +254 768 628 790 The instagram page is here: The song of the week is We Were Rock & Roll by Janelle Monae (that guitar solo by Kellindo is the truth!): Catch #LegallyClueless on Trace Radio every Monday, Wednesday & Friday at 9AM & 8PM -
#LegallyClueless Ep 84 The hotline number is: +254 768 628 790 The instagram page is here: The song of the week that honestly is really soothing me right now is MINT by Kamauu ft Talibah Safiya: To get screening details about SOFTIE the film about Njeri and her family go here: please try and watch it! Catch #LegallyClueless on Trace Radio every Monday, Wednesday & Friday at 9AM & 8PM -
#LegallyClueless Ep83 The hotline number is: +254 768 628 790 The instagram page is here: I hope this episode inspires you to TRY. Try making changes that will benefit your mind, benefit your body and drive you to your dreams. What I'm substituting coffee with is herbal chamomile tea and honey that I got from Health2Organics (same place I got my black seed oil). Here's their page: The app that I spoke about "shine", you can check it out here: The song of the week is TRY by Madison McFerrin. Check it out here: On #100AfricanStories Mitchele Achieng, a Kenyan model shares her story of her family her her having to move into a kiosk in Starehe, to trying out for Miss Universe, to walking in Paris fashion week and being in Vogue Spain!
#LegallyClueless Ep82 Join the #LegallyClueless instagram page here: Here's the #LegallyClueless hotline number: +254768628790 I share a few tips on SELF-DOUBT and I hope they help you. If you have any tips feel free to send them my way! The song of the week is so WONDERFUL! It's by KOJEY RADICAL and it's called "Can't Go Back". I love it so much! Check it out: On 100 African Stories Brian Babu shares about loosing his parents by the time he was 9 years old, moving in with different families, his identity as a man and his journey into the fashion world. Connect with him here:
#LegallyClueless Ep 80 The hotline number: +254 768 628 790 The instagram page: I'm representing Kenya in a 24hour live stream event for International Podcast Day! My presentation is at 7AM Kenyan time here's the stream feed: I'm also speaking on a panel at 6PM Kenyan time at the African Podcast Conference! Here are the details: Now, I'm in this wee's song of the week - how wild is that!!! The song is Freedom it's by Chmba featuring me! It's on her latest EP called Mtima Rising, which you can stream here: On #100AfricanStories Saya tells a story of how she ended up as a single mother. It's a heart-breaking story but at the end you can hear the strength in Saya's voice and the happiness when she speaks about her child! Finally, this podcast is syndicated and plays on trace radio every Mon, Wed & Fri at 9AM & 8PM! Stream here:
#LegallyClueless Ep80 The #LegallyClueless hotline number is: +254 768 628 790 The #LegallyClueless Instagram: The song of the week is HU MAN by GREENTEA PENG - it's such a marvelous song!!! Check it out here: The article by Terryanne Chebet about what to do when you loose your job is here: The #100AfricanStories Wanjiku Karanja (Shix) talks about forgiving her parents, loosing her job this year, her faith and the fear that comes with trying to figure out her next steps. I appreciate how real she was and her energy is so so dope! The link to the MindShift app is here: And here's the link to Trace Radio:
#LegallyClueless Ep79 The hotline number: +254 768 628 790 Join our insta-fam here: The article about dealing with rejection in your career especially as a freelancer is here: I genuinely hope you check out this song of the week that's MANGO - KAMAUU FT ADELINE. It really takes me to such a happy warm place! Here it is: On #100AfricanStories Todah who is a Nigerian podcaster based in Lagos, shares about his family life, writing a letter to disown his father, saving his mum's life, loosing his dad and landing in the media industry! Check out his podcast here:
#LegallyClueless Ep 78 First we have new tags - they sound so fresh! I've been wanting to change them for a while so I'm glad I finally did! Join the tribe on instagram here: Here's the #LegallyClueless hotline: +254 768 628 790 The song of the week is by Janelle Monae it's called Dance Or Die check it out here: Here's my instagram & Facbook for the microphone giveaway: Here's CDI Gadgets: On #100AfricanStories Olendo shares her series of three heartbreaks - one of which she found a woman in his house wearing his PJs! I love her thoughts on self-love though!
#LegallyClueless Ep 77 The podcast hotline number is: +254 768 628 790 Join our insta fam here: So thankful to everyone who sent tips and resources to help me figure out how to create time to rest and not to feel guilty about resting. The article about avoiding burn-out while being self-employed is here: And here’s another: Do feel free to send through more resources on this my way! The song of the week is GET FREE by MEREBA – I find this song so healing, check it out here: On #100AfricanStories we have the youngest storyteller to share a story on #LegallyClueless! Verisiah, an 11 year old Kenyan girl shares about how COVID-19 changed things for her, about e-learning at Makini Schools and writing a book that is a collection of children’s experiences during this pandemic. Her dad Davis also joins in on the story sharing how life changed for him as well as a parent and some of his favourite submissions to his daughter’s book! To learn more on Verisiah’s book “Covid Chronicles” go here: To learn more about Makini Schools’ competency enrichment program & the Cambridge curriculum they have just introduced: Email or call the Makini fam on +254 740 214 985
#LegallyClueless Ep 76 Trigger Warning: This episode features a story that touches on sexual trauma which may be triggering. The #LegallyClueless hotline number is: +254 768 628 790 And the #LegallyClueless instagram page is here: I do hope you can send some tips my way on how as someone self employed/entrepreneur I can get some rest without feeling guilty etc because I feel a burnout approaching. The song I'd love you to check out is TAKE A MINUTE by K'NAAN (I'm such a fan of his music man!): On #100AfricanStories Patricia shares a story about how at age 12 she found the word MISOGYNIST and it described what she felt - she hated women.
#LegallyClueless Ep75 The hotline number is: +254 768 628 790 - send your 1 minute audio note demos via whatsapp. Join the instagram fam here: So the mental health apps that I use are: Mindshift: Fabulous: The new one that I'm finding all levels of weird is called Replika: y'all tell me what you think and if it helps you! The song of the week is off of Burna Boy's new album and it's Way Too Big: On #100AfricanStories Wambui shares about meeting the guy of her dreams in a matatu, dating him and after 4 years he started ghosting her. It all ends with her finding him in bed with someone else.
#LegallyClueless Ep74 The hotline number is: +254 768 628 790 The #LegallyClueless instagram page is here: The song of the week that just fills me with good vibes is ICY by Pink Sweat$ check it out here: On #100AfricanStories our storyteller Jesse is from Tharaka Nithi in Kenya and shares about coming to Nairobi for university and being housed by a toxic relative who stressed him to the point of him collapsing...TWICE. #AfricanPodcast #AfricanPodcaster
#LegallyClueless Ep73 The Legally Clueless hotline number is: +254768628790 You can join the Legally Clueless instagram page here: Watch this video to learn how YOU can be featured on Legally Clueless: Ok this episode was so close not to going out because of two things: My laptop and my dumb ass! I am so thankful this scare ended well and I've backed up ALL my files now. Check out the song of the week which is Good Times by Kagwe Mungai here: I really dig this song and genuine the entire album its on (spectrum)is pretty awesome! On #100AfricanStories Magunga tells such a beautiful story about identity and figuring out who you are! I feel so connected to this story because finding your identity as a human is hard...finding your anxiety as a CREATIVE is another level of hard! I also love that he speaks about names because that's a huge part of identity right? I'm sure you'll love this story! You can check out Magunga's blog here:
I'm so happy that this episode is drenched in laughter because I'm out of my funk, finally! Thanks to many things but specifically a therapy session I had where I was reminded of some mindful exercises which I think you should try! You should also check out Ep54 where there are more tips on maintaining your mental wellness during this pandemic - my friend Wangui who is a clinical psychologist shared them. The Song Of The Week is MASTINGO by Chris Kaiga & Kahush - I can't stop replaying it - and I mentioned Art In Motion, the dance crew, follow them here: The 30th is Int Day Of Friendship!!! And as we did last year on this podcast, my best friend Valerie dropped by and we answered fun questions about our friendship including our first ever trip together which we did in Feb this year (right before the pandemic!) Do check out her awesome blog here: The #LegallyClueless hotline number is: +254 768 628 790 And our IG is:
#LegallyClueless Ep71! The Legally Clueless hotline number is: +254 768 628 790 You can join our instagram page here: I spoke about Esther who I met in Manchester in 2017, check out her podcast, Vulva La Revolution here: The article about sexual freedom after sexual trauma by Naked Grapefruit is here: The Song Of The Week that I really think is about threesomes haha so listen and let me know if my hypothesis is spot on, is Good Enough by Trevor Jackson: First #100AfrcanStories features a powerful story by Wanjiru about getting into a relationship with someone who was her best friend! What followed was a series of red flags that almost broke her & intentional healing! The story does highlight a suicidal episode which could be triggering to some. I forgot to say this in the episode but there is an organization that can help you (in Kenya) if you're battling suicidal thoughts:
Thanks for all the kind words sent to the podcast hotline! Y'all are amazing! Special thanks to that one person who keeps sending in chats in french haha! The podcast hotline is: +254 768 628 790 The song of the week that I randomly stumbled on thanks to Youtube is Own Your Own by Yazmin Lacey: it's such a beautiful song! I hope you dig it! On #100AfricanStories Moses (a.k.a Moussa) shares a powerful story of his superman, when he fell sick, when he died and how Moses' grief has changed over years. Listen, this story did something for me and I hope it moves you as much as it did me. Oh before I forget here is where I get my black seed oil: the glow my face is experiencing - too dope!
Comments (183)

Douglas Waswa

Hey Adele! Man I got my first job at age 31! I had done a diploma after highschool tarmacked, went back to uni to do a degree, got a job in an unrelated field. I literally learnt on the job, the HR underpayed me by 5K! It was so screwed! Take heart mercy!

Nov 25th

Lincoln Karan

its really sad😐

Nov 23rd

karwi Jackie

Man, I have felt for her. Unemployment is just depressing and I completely relate to her story. Post grad lige is just over-whelming and utterly exhausting. Maybe you could share how we can get to her , if an opportunity comes through. I wish her peace and mental stability man💟

Nov 19th
Reply (1)

Maureen Wanjiru

Thank you Kagwe. For reminding me how self love should be.

Nov 18th
Reply (1)

Njeri Irungu 🍂

Heard this and I remembered Ntv's Degrees of doubt documentary. Ironically enough, I'm a journalist degree student and I don't like it at all.. I wish I dod another degree. This conversation just gave me anxiety mahn. 😭

Nov 16th

Douglas Waswa

I can relate to Kagwe being teased! Being shy doesn't help at school 🤣. Somehow people don't know how artists struggle, they always imagine you still have that 100k you got paid 3 years ago!

Nov 9th
Reply (1)

Nancy Kihiu

This is the first episode I've chosen to skip. I really tried to listen to it. We shall revisit when I feel like I can handle it.

Nov 8th
Reply (1)

Muyeshi Masaba

This was such a heavy episode.

Nov 2nd

Douglas Waswa

She is a strong and wise woman 🙏.

Nov 2nd

Jose Prime

She literally told my story ..some point through her story I could tell how she felt at the moment she was talking about .We really aren't our trauma. Thenx to her I can now tell my story without blaming myself and confidently. Thenkyou Adelle for the platform .I love your podcast.

Oct 30th

Njeri Irungu 🍂

Bro 🤣🤣

Oct 30th

Beatrice Otieno

I've really loved this episode... this girl has always been a motivation and it's nice to hear her story and I respect her more. Bold and beautiful woman.❤

Oct 27th

Siago Whitney

This story made me cry so much.

Oct 26th


Serendipity 🚶‍♂️

Oct 24th

Nyambura Kiruru

Wow Adelle These stories get to me and especially this one. So much to think about people risking their lives for service to the community, mental health, living your purpose even at the most difficult times as in the case of Njeri's husband and having a support system. Man, so much to absorb Thank you for this❤❤

Oct 19th

yvonne radidoh

😂😂😂😂that teng'oing part imenimaliza I love Brian Babu ❤️❤️❤️

Oct 16th

Nancy Mwangi

yaaani I've been holding myself! I really cannot say thank you enough but this right here is what I needed to hear

Oct 15th

Douglas Waswa

It's really like magic!

Oct 12th

Jei Kamau

I totally relate to your grief dip ...lost my mum too the emptiness has never felt so illuminated

Oct 6th

Vicky Nyagaki

She has a very hearty laugh..... I found myself laughing wat her laugh

Oct 2nd
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