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Legends of the Old West

Author: Black Barrel Media

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Classic tales of the Old West and stories long forgotten. Famous lawmen and infamous outlaws; the towns, people and events that shaped the American west. From Wyatt Earp to Sitting Bull to Jesse James, on this show, legends never die.
43 Episodes
President Polk is furious with General Taylor's ceasefire agreement with Mexico and he orders General Winfield Scott to continue the war. Captain Jack Hays, Samuel Walker and John "RIP" Ford return to Mexico for the final push toward the capital, but the Rangers suffer a devastating loss in the fighting. A brief meeting between Samuel Walker and Samuel Colt leads to the creation of the Colt Walker revolver and revolutionizes the firearms industry. For more details, please visit
Captain Jack Hays, Samuel Walker and a company of rangers fight a small battle with Comanches that has a big impact on history of the American West. The United States goes to war with Mexico and General Zachary Taylor enlists the help of the Rangers. The U.S. army marches into Mexico and the Rangers lead the charge from the Battle of Palo Alto to the Battle of Monterrey. For more details, please visit
After the Texas revolution and the Great Comanche Raid, a Tennessean named John Coffee Hays rises to prominence as the commander of the Texas Rangers. Hays, along with captains Ben McCulloch, Samuel Walker and "Bigfoot" Wallace fights bandits in the Nueces Strip and Comanches on the frontier. The rangers are on the front lines as Mexico sends hundreds of troops into Texas. Texas responds by sending the rangers to Mexico on the disastrous Mier Expedition. For more details, please visit
They wore no uniforms. They implored no dress codes. But the men of the "spy companies" or "mounted volunteers" were easily recognized by their gruff appearance, superior horses and array of weapons. In the years between the Texas revolution and the American Civil War, these men became officially known as the Texas Rangers. Legendary commanders led the Rangers through battles with Comanches, bandits and the Mexican army. Welcome to Season 5: Texas Rangers.



The final episode of our three-part series on the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo. Former Chief Operating Officer Leroy Shafer tells a great story about the Jackson 5 (1:58) and then we hear from Robert Earl Keen (4:08) and Lyle Lovett (15:31). The two legendary Texas musicians talk about the Rodeo, music, songwriting, books, horses and much more. For more details, visit and 



The second episode of our three-part series on the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo focuses on the rodeo. Catherine Schultz, Managing Director of Sports and Events Presentations, talks about the unique features of the Rodeo (1:57). Then five-time world champion steer wrestler Luke Branquinho discusses a range of topics, from the need to keep the cowboy culture alive, to his first experience at RODEOHOUSTON, to the time a steer almost ripped his pants off, and more (14:08).
The first of three special episodes that go behind the scenes of the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo. We learn about the history and agricultural mission from President and CEO, Joel Cowley (3:05); we hear about the army of volunteers from Chairman of the Board, Jim Winne (24:57); and we finish with the story of George Strait's legendary 1983 performance, as told by former Chief Operating Officer, Leroy Shafer (35:42).
RED CLOUD'S WAR | "Endgame"

RED CLOUD'S WAR | "Endgame"


The army is shocked by Fetterman's Fight. The following spring, Red Cloud resumes his attacks and politicians in the east are stunned by his ability to keep a multi-tribal coalition in place for two fighting seasons in a row. They see no end to the bloodshed, so they finally agree to Red Cloud’s demands. A Native American army forces the United States to sue for peace for the first and only time in its history. For more details, please visit
After months of continuous attacks by Red Cloud’s forces, Crazy Horse argues the time is right for an all-out assault. It is winter 1866 and the small army outpost is virtually isolated on the High Plains. On December 21, Crazy Horse lures American soldiers into a trap and Red Cloud unleashes his war party… For more details, please visit
In the summer of 1866, an untested colonel leads a battalion of infantry onto the High Plains. His mission is to open the Bozeman Trail and build a series of forts in the Powder River Country. Red Cloud issues a declaration of war to protect his cherished hunting grounds and begins a campaign of harassment that takes a heavy toll on on the soldiers. For more details, please visit
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Joe Dakota

Great Storytelling about the fight of the Plains Indians for their homeland.

Feb 19th


You had me from the beginning! Such young outlaws who couldn't let go. Thanks for the historical detail! This is so, so good!!

Dec 17th

Kathryn McCorkle

Awesome show and facts. Keep them coming please

Nov 16th

lostkozz H801

amazing eps

Oct 18th
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