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Legends of the Old West

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Classic tales of the Old West and stories long forgotten. Famous lawmen and infamous outlaws; the towns, people and events that shaped the American west. From Wyatt Earp to Sitting Bull to Jesse James, on this show, legends never die.
50 Episodes
Interviews with Ty Sanford, Maurice Miller and Chris Carpenter. Ty Sanford of Deadwood Alive discusses the most cold-blooded attempted murder in Deadwood’s history and then highlights some creepy encounters in the haunted places of the town. Maurice Miller of Black Hills Paranormal Investigations and Chris Carpenter of Scattered Souls Paranormal talk about some of their eerie experiences in Deadwood during a weekend of investigations. For more details, visit
An interview with Carolyn Weber, Executive Director of Deadwood History Inc., about some of the prominent women of Deadwood: Martha Bullock, Aunt Lou Marchbanks and Dr. Flora Hayward Stanford. On location from the Homestake Adams Research and Cultural Center in Deadwood, South Dakota.
The true stories of the fire that destroyed Deadwood in 1879; the flood that devastated the town in 1883; the mining baron, George Hearst, who consolidated the mines of the Black Hills into the richest gold mining operation in North America. Featuring an interview with Darrel Nelson, the Deadwood History Exhibits Director. For more details, please visit
DEADWOOD | Making The Movie

DEADWOOD | Making The Movie


WARNING: EXPLICIT LANGUAGE. Live from Deadwood the day after the movie premiere, actors W. Earl Brown, Geri Jewell and Keone Young tell behind-the-scenes stories of the production and share deeply personal moments about their journeys through the years of the HBO drama that finally concluded with "Deadwood: The Movie." For more details, please visit
"Deadwood" star W. Earl Brown gives us a behind-scenes-look at the TV show and the movie. Earl played "Dan Dority" in the acclaimed HBO drama and he talks about a wide range of topics: the abrupt cancellation of the show, the moment he found out the movie would be made, the emotional reunion of the cast and crew, a preview of the long-awaited film, and much more. He also talks about his band, Sacred Cowboys, and its connection to Deadwood. This is the first episode of a mini series about Deadwood: the TV show, the movie and the real history. For more details, please visit



Texas Ranger Sul Ross makes a fateful discovery during an expedition against the Comanches. He finds a woman who had been captured more than 20 years earlier. But the revelation has tragic consequences and it proves to be one of the most controversial and hotly debated topics in Texas history. This is the full story of the capture, and re-capture, of Cynthia Ann Parker, whose journey was the inspiration for the acclaimed film “The Searchers” with John Wayne. The end of the episode features an interview with Justice Ken Wise, the host and creator of “Wise About Texas,” a podcast dedicated to Texas history. Chris and Ken separate fact from fiction in a discussion about this key moment in Texas’ past. For more details, please visit
The end of the Mexican-American War brings great change to the Texas Rangers. Heroes have been buried; the old captains move on; and new leaders emerge. The U.S. army builds two lines of forts in Texas and finally creates a star-studded regiment of cavalry to battle the Comanches on the frontier. John "RIP" Ford becomes the preeminent Ranger captain of the age as he fights Comanches in the north and Juan Cortina in the south. For more details, please visit
President Polk is furious with General Taylor's ceasefire agreement with Mexico and he orders General Winfield Scott to continue the war. Captain Jack Hays, Samuel Walker and John "RIP" Ford return to Mexico for the final push toward the capital, but the Rangers suffer a devastating loss in the fighting. A brief meeting between Samuel Walker and Samuel Colt leads to the creation of the Colt Walker revolver and revolutionizes the firearms industry. For more details, please visit
Captain Jack Hays, Samuel Walker and a company of rangers fight a small battle with Comanches that has a big impact on history of the American West. The United States goes to war with Mexico and General Zachary Taylor enlists the help of the Rangers. The U.S. army marches into Mexico and the Rangers lead the charge from the Battle of Palo Alto to the Battle of Monterrey. For more details, please visit
After the Texas revolution and the Great Comanche Raid, a Tennessean named John Coffee Hays rises to prominence as the commander of the Texas Rangers. Hays, along with captains Ben McCulloch, Samuel Walker and "Bigfoot" Wallace fights bandits in the Nueces Strip and Comanches on the frontier. The rangers are on the front lines as Mexico sends hundreds of troops into Texas. Texas responds by sending the rangers to Mexico on the disastrous Mier Expedition. For more details, please visit
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Joe Dakota

Great Storytelling about the fight of the Plains Indians for their homeland.

Feb 19th


You had me from the beginning! Such young outlaws who couldn't let go. Thanks for the historical detail! This is so, so good!!

Dec 17th

Kathryn McCorkle

Awesome show and facts. Keep them coming please

Nov 16th

lostkozz H801

amazing eps

Oct 18th
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